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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Sunday - March 14th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's a quiet 4:15 AM (EST) in this part of the world. It SHOULD BE 3:15 AM, but it ain't. I was at my computer doing music stuff when the computer's clock jumped from 1:59 AM to 3:00 AM. I didn't actually see it happen. But when I looked at the computer clock, I noticed the significant difference. I'm of the camp that we should do away with this "Daylight Savings Time" stuff. I always seem to be home when we lose an hour's sleep, or at work when we gain back that hour. LOL! ūüėõ¬†

Well. . . I finally finished my first composition for 2021! I already posted it on SoundCloud (which is a web-site dedicated to housing original music). Been using this web-site for YEARS. But, it's been getting weird. I just get "likes" from individuals (or entities) of suspicious origin after the music was posted for only a few minutes. My intent on using SoundCloud is simply to share music from one location to family and friends, as well as to post on places like this web-site or Facebook. I might find another place to house my music, free from suspicious people (or entities). Must do more research with all of this. (Ugh!)

Yesterday I spent finishing the composition. Afterward, Amy and I bing-watched re-runs of "Major Crimes". 

It seems that Amy will quit her new job and return to work as an OR Nurse. Unless she changes her mind, it seems that she'll tender her resignation this coming Monday.

Today. . . I'll be going to church. We're still not doing any singing, but it nice seeing everyone in person again. After church I'll be doing some light grocery shopping. If the weather is nice Amy and I will go for a walk. 

By the way. . . some patch-work repair was done to our road yesterday, as is done every year when the road gets muddy. So, now the road is more drivable. I hope that the fool who "reported" us to the police has calmed down.

Well. . . I'm gonna try to catch a few more ZZZZZs. I hope all are in peaceful and restful slumber. 


Here's a link to the new composition. I intend to use this piece as underscore music to video that I plan on recording later. I want record video of the area where I live later this Spring. It's quite lovely. In the meanwhile, I hope you enjoy the music. 


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Morning Ted, congratulations on the first composition of 2021.  

BC glad you were able to recruit additional nurses

Tweety hope Waffle's surgery doesn't prove too expensive

Stars sounds like spring has sprung where you live.  Hasn't quite happened here

NJ22 glad to hear your MIL got the shot

Was a fairly productive day yesterday.  Got outside and out for coffee, did some baking, and did some chopping in preparation for cooking today.  Exercised and watched The Crown in addition to Three Stooges and Svengoolie.  Though I cut SVengoolie short as I wanted to get to bed early to help deal with the moving the clocks forward

Slept fine despite the change in the clocks.  Decided I'm no  longer going to track my sleep, it's pretty much back to normal and I think getting obsessive about it like I have may end up doing more harm than good

Today have church, will go in person as long as not too many people signed up, currently we're limited to 25.  Will also do online coffee hour.  After that it's the cooking

Want to put in 2, maybe 3 hours of overtime today.  Hopefully wont' be an issue trying to squeeze that in

Then the usual cross stitch and exercise.  Will see my nephew participate in a play, streamed online tonight

Will be cooler today, in the 40s.  Will be down to the 30s tomorrow though 50s and 60s later in the week




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Good morning!

Ted, sorry that Amy's new job didn't work out.  I notice on some social media people hit "like" or follow you just to get the attention on themselves and get you to follow them.  Happens to me on Instagram a lot and I usually just block followers that are merely advertising their site.  I'm enjoying the new composition.  I don't always appreciate the volume of work it takes to make good music.  Kudos.

Joe, sounds like a good day.  Glad your sleeping patterns are back to normal.

J22, glad your MIL got her vaccine.  I'm afraid that resistance to the vaccine and generally fatigue for precautions by the young (very evidenced here in Spring Break Land) will keep covid here a while.  Seems like work is planning on that as they've hired a secretary to work the covid unit that's been training on my floor.  Hope the allergy symptoms aren't too bothersome this year.  It's pollen time here as well and people are suffering.

Stars, it's spring training already?  Guess so.

Didn't sleep as well as I have on nights prior and got up early.  

Meeting best friend to visit a local park that I haven't been do.  We have some really nice parks with walking trails.  This one I think is near one of the beaches in the north of the county.  Probably will be an hour's drive away.

Traffic is miserable right now.  This is usually the height of our tourist and snowbird season and I also think locals are enjoying the weather.  BF said the beaches were crowded yesterday with no parking anywhere.  

Yesterday I went for a walk and forgot to wear sunscreen and have a redneck sunburn today.  Not good.  Recently on FB I saw that our old posters jnette and sabby are dealing with skin cancer, and best friend has dealt with that as well.  I know better.  Anyway, I made 7 miles and then went to hot yoga.  Made veggie burgers for dinner.

Hope everyone has a good day.  



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I slept in today and then just lounged around reading for a while.  I treated myself to a pedicure yesterday.  I hadn't been for over a year.  Now that I'm 2 weeks post vaccine I feel more confident being out and about a bit more. Not much planned for today.  I'll make a trip to Trader Joe's before it gets too cold and windy to stand in line outside.  We're supposed to go back down to the teens tonight.  Fake Spring is over, I guess.

Ted-Great composition!  Congrats on completing it.  Glad to hear your road had some repairs done.

Joe-Hope you get the overtime done without too much effort.  Enjoy church services.

Tweety-Gotta remember that sunblock.  Enjoy your trip to the park.

Hi to Stars, J22, Amo, Dianah, and all else who stop by.  Thinking of Herring and hoping she's doing well.

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Hello to all!

Ted, thank you for sharing your talents (compositions) with us!  I enjoy listening to what you produce, and am always amazed at your creativity.  I know it takes a long time to sequence those, and I appreciate the work you put into it!

Joe, let us know how church went!

Tweety, looking forward to reports about the new walking trail.

Hello BCgrad!  and hello to herring (hope you are doing well, recovering!!) and nurseJ22, No Stars, and amoLucia, and all others who stop by.

Yesterday we attended Zoom Sabbath School, and enjoyed it.¬† The guest leader was interesting, quite a character!¬† Some of the area churches are gearing up to hold services (outdoor and indoor), don't know if singing will be part of that. ūüė쬆 Group singing is quite fulfilling, in its own way, as a part of worship or any fellowship (during jams, for example).¬† I will be glad when it is done more.

Speaking of jams, we are going to a jam today!!!¬† (cue the alarms and fireworks!)¬† It is organized by our friends up at the apple ranch, and will be held on their property, in a large building.¬† They got about a foot of snow a couple days ago, so outside will likely be cool (the sun will be shining, to warm things up).¬† It should be beautiful up there, and we will certainly enjoy being with people, and playing.¬† I will wear my "singing mask" (look it up ūüėČ ), dh will wear his (he doesn't sing).¬†¬† Our fiddler and bass player will both be there, and we will go out for a meal afterwards (the jam is from 2-5).¬†

So, that's the day planned out.  It is my 66th birthday today.  Nice day to have a jam!  (it was random, that the two coincided, lol)

A card I received from a friend (long-time, dear friend):160560703_10158602789623937_4259873823002480017_o.jpg.f318c814a32a375d597e35252a23335d.jpg

Have a good day!

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Dianah - Happy Birthday to you!

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Happy Birthday Dianah!  Enjoy the day!


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Happy (Belated) Birthday, Dianah! ūüôā

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