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Sunday - March 24th, 2019 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Recently rolled out of bed, fed the dog and drank First Coffee. It's currently 7:29 AM (EST), and I have about 1/2 hour to do the "Three S's" before heading out to church. One-half hour is a lot of time, so I thought I'd start today's Daily Diary. L O L!

Hope everyone is peacefully catching their ZZZZZZs. 

Had a restful day, yesterday. Didn't go anywhere. That 4+ inches of snow on the ground was very uninviting to go outside. A good portion of that snow has already melted. Hopefully our 2+ mile-long private dirt road ain't one long rut. (I'll find out in a little bit.)

I realized that I haven't shaved all week long. Besides my mustache, I'm actually growing hair on my face and chin!! I never grew a beard before. Amy asked if I was going to grow a beard. I'm not sure, to be honest. Right now, my face looks scraggily. I think while doing one "S" (shower), I'll decided whether or not to do another "S" (shave). 

Oh dear. . . First Coffee working. . . That third "S" is saying "hello". . . 


See you all later. Off to get ready for church.



Edited to Add: I shaved. Looked in the mirror and saw that usual small patch of skin on my right cheek (of my face) where no hair likes to grow. THAT is the major reason why I don't sport a beard. Just bringing you all up-to-date on life, the universe and everything! 😄

Off to church, now! 🙂

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Morning Ted

Tweety I'm glad he didn't suffer, though it can be harder when a pet death comes unexpected

Yesterday was pretty good, morning was spent cooking.  Met with dad for lunch, went for a walk, then didn't do much the rest of the day.  Skipped Svengoolie, instead watched Dad's Army

Today have the usual choir and church today, then meeting J for brunch and a musical.  Going to see Mamma Mia.  

Going to be a rainy day most likely.  Will be a little cooler the next few days, the 50s and 60s will hold off for a few more days

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Good morning!

Tweety inspired me with his cooking, so I'm making Shakshouka for breakfast, but not the vegan version.  Most of the snow is gone andit's supposed to hit the high 50s today.  I'm hoping to get some yard work done.  I also want to make some soup that I can take for lunches this week.  

Fiance has to go to NYC for work the beginning of May, and well go down on Saturday, and I'll drive back Sunday.  he'll take the train home Wednesday.  We just did this thing called Broadway Roulette, where you pay a discounted price for tickets, but they pick the show for you.  You can eliminate up to 6 shows that that you don't want to see.  We'll find out next week what show we got.  We could go stand in line for day of show tickets, but this was kind of fun, and the price was right.  

Ted-hope your road isn't ruined. I hope you have a restful day today.

Joe-I love Mamma Mia!  It's one of my favorite shows.

Tweety-How are you doing today?  

Nel-I see you down there.  Did you make it to RI?

Hope all are doing well today.

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Ted, glad the three s's worked out so well today.  I'm a big fan fan of beards but remain close shaven myself.  

Joe, I'm actually buying tickets to Mama Mia being put on by the local theater and being shown in the park this year.  I've seen the Broadway touring show and the movie and am a fan of ABBA.   Let us know if your furry picture gets posted by NPR somewhere.

BC, isn't shakshouka good and easy to make?  Low carb if you stay away from the bread they use to eat it with.  One of these days, maybe eating out I'll try it with eggs as it's supposed to be eaten.  But it's good that way.  The Broadway roulette sounds good.

J22, hope the treatment helps for your husband...what an odd diagnosis unless he's a walker or runner.  Never heard of that one.  Hope it heals up with time.  I only know how to cook vegan, so when we cook at Ted's we need someone to bake, someone to cook carnivore to keep us all covered.  

Nel, hope work isn't too dreadful.

NSIME, sounds like Nannies confusion is bad.  She doesn't have a UTI do you think?  Or is it a natural progression to be expected?

I slept in after feeding SlowBro around 0530.  Didn't think I was going to be able to sleep so took the benzo and slept okay.  Glad I don't have to work and can process and regroup and move on from Billy's unexpected passing.  I'll sure miss his antics.  Thanks everyone for your kind words.



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Lots to do today. I plan to go to the gym. 

Change sheets, sweep and mop. Cleaned kitchen last night.

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Good morning all!

It is sunny and expected to be in the 70's all week.  I'm sure snow in our mountains will be melting fast.

Today is chore day, then we may meet the ds's and dil for dinner somewhere. 

I ordered (and received) three loaves of "paleo bread," thinly sliced and only 6 carbs per slice.  But once I tasted it, I realized I don't care for its texture or flavor.  Am eating some for breaky with pnut butter and a tich of jelly on it.  For palatability, y'unnerstand.  I can still taste the bread.   Oh well.  It's either gotta be eaten or thrown away.  It's in the freezer.

We are excited for a bluegrass cruise to Alaska in September.  Biggest hurdle (besides saving money for it!) is: what instruments to bring?  If we bring the bass/banjo/guitar/mandolin, we need to drive.  Three days on the road to get there, three days on the road home after the cruise.

If "we" (actually, dh!!) decide NOT to bring the bass, we could take the train: 1.5 days and more relaxing.  I am just using y'all as a sounding board.  It's up to dh, what he wants to bring.

I need to change the strings on my guitar.  Our friend and guitar maintenance guy, P, can change them in 2 minutes!!  TWO MINUTES from being perfectly in tune, to being perfectly in tune with new strings!!!  Me?  It takes me probably an hour.  But it's good practice. 🙂

Tweety, it would be harder, I think, if Billy had suffered with an illness.  It's so hard to explain to them what's going on, the why's of treatment and limitations.  Sounds like he was comfortable and in his normal routine.  Good you were able to take some time off.  You are a good doggy-dad.

BC, the Broadway Roulette sounds like fun!  And, it sounds like a fun trip!

Ted is probably done with his S's and is at church now.

I slept in again.  But didn't go to bed till after midnight. 

The weighted blanket is kinda too hot for me.  I am still in evaluation mode, though.

Have a nice day!

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Hello all.

The Providence adventure begins on Thursday, BC.

I think I will end up staying awake Wednesday into Thursday, as I have to be at the airport in Louisville by 0430. That means I have to leave my place 0300. It makes no sense to even sleep!

Southwest flys out of Cincinnati, and I am roughly equal distance between the two cities, but the flight times are worse, so Providence, via Chicago and Washington DC, here I come!

Of course, I will be exhausted.

The Broadway Roulette game is such a fun idea. I like it.

Enjoy Mama Mia, Joe.

I know Ted enjoyed church.

Hope you are having a decent day, Tweety.

Great trip to Alaska, Dianah. How long does it take to drive to Seattle?

It is resurrection day!!!!

Breakfast in the morning, and then I am OUT of that place for over a week!!!

I showed a coworker, a picture of me and Magic, Biggie's part-time neighbor, who I just love. She said: Look how happy you look with your horses. 

I am smiling BIG in all six pictures. I said: I know. I never look like that at work!!!!

Hope all are enjoying the day.

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Three days to drive to Seattle seems long. When we have driven from here to LA, it is usually about 1 and a half days, or 2 max. Train would be nice, but it is slow and stops a lot. When we took the train from here to Portland, it took most of a day. 

I am pruning roses today, and did a run to the dump to drop off brush. Eldest ds and his so stopped by to use our radial arm saw. They had their German pointer pup with them. She is so pretty. Angus kept trying to, uh, "romance" her, but she was having none of that. She just kept bouncing around the yard, picking random twigs and chewing them up. 

Yes, Tweety, I was puzzled about the doc's diagnosis of the calf pain. However, dh had gone to a product show a few weeks ago and walked around for 3 days on a concrete floor, so I guess that might have done it, with his excess weight and all. I found though, that physical therapists can often pin point things better that family practice. So we shall see. 

Dh is currently muttering at the basketball coverage on TV, because it makes him feel old to see his idols are now grandfathers of today's college athletes, 😂. I need to go finish pruning and put my tools away before I get myself in trouble agreeing that he IS OLD.






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The three "S's", eh? I only accomplished one "S"today; A shower. The other "S's"? Well, I seldom shave  😂, and Mother Nature works at her own pace, but we are on good terms, so I'm not worried about that third "S".

You guys keep talking about fooooood and it makes me envious; this town is a very all-American-what-the-heck-is-shashouka kind of town. I suppose if I was inclined to travel into the Big City, I might find something more exotic than cheeseburgers and fries. There are a couple of restaurants with Chinese and Thai food, but this family I married into is not very adventurous, food wise. Nannie had a friend and former neighbor who was from Mexico, who took her to lunch at a Mexican restaurant maybe 8 months ago; Nannie was polite, and tasted a few things, but didn't eat a whole lot. She made some excuse and got the rest of her meal in a to-go box and *I* got to eat the rest of it! I don't even remember what it was she brought home, but it made my mouth happy.

I have FINALLY gotten simple directions how to get to the HFS Earth Fare, so probably Thursday after my SS check arrives, I  will drive there and load up on a lot of their delicious deli foods. I am EXCITED! 

 I did not have success with the stupid google maps....they don't list the smaller streets, only a few main roads and, of course, the Interstates. But no help other than a general area; The road that google said Earth Fare was off of isn't correct, plus, it is one name of a road that gets a different name whenever it over or underpasses the Interstate. So this road becomes that road, which becomes another road, and no turns required. That would be something important to know, IMHO. I like to read a regular map, like what AAA has. GPS? What GPS? Gimme a coupla street maps with all the roads labeled and I can find my way just fine. I'm getting to be more and more of a throwback with regards to a lot of new techno-crap that is supposed to make life easier. 

Tweety, I dunno if Nannie has a UTI, but if they want a specimen from her they'll have to do a straight cath to get it. She wears pull-ups with an overnight pad inside that, and never makes it to the bathroom on time. Plus she is bottom heavy and I couldn't get between her thighs to clean her and hold the cup. She sure couldn't do that herself ... or, well, maybe she could but I wouldn't promise it'd be a clean catch! Anyway. I'll keep an eye on her confusion with that in mind and suggest a visit to her doc about it if needed. I think, though, right now she is just going through another stage of mental slippage in her dementia.

As usual, Ozzie is hollering at me that he thinks it is time to eat supper. I can't do anything without him interrupting!

*time out for dog supper to be served*

Oh! I saw a large deer way down in the back of the back yard last night at midnight when I was sitting outside. At first I couldn't tell what I was looking at. I moved closer, and it's head came up and he turned just his face toward me; I was still a distance from it, but when it stood tall, I could see it had a long broad neck, big ears and antlers on it's head....yep it was a buck, and a beauty at that! COOL!

*several hours have passed since I started this post and  when I reopened my laptop, I realized it was still unfinished. But just as I started to finish it, well ...

Good ol' Nannie had another "fall". Had gone into her bathroom to undress and then back to her bedroom... in JUST her slippery socks, on the uncarpeted floor. She reached up to pull the chain on the ceiling light to turn it off, just before she sat on the edge of her bed ... misjudged when she sat and only got half of her butt on the mattress and slid off. Next thing I hear is "HELP ME!" I ran in and saw her on the floor. She said she'd hit the back of her head on the floor. I hadn't heard any thump of a fall, and there was no blood; hubby came in shortly after I got there (he was up on 3rd floor). We checked her out, which kind of irritated her, sat her up for a minute , then both of us took her under an arm, and told her to pull her feet under her. So, after she was upright she said, "Now turn me loose so I can do this myself!" I said, "No way!",  held her hands and turned her so her back was to the mattress, and said, "Sit down." Then we got her pitiful, familiar refrain: "Don't get mad at me because I fell. I couldn't help it." Well, she could have helped it, but she doesn't like to be told what to do and what not to do. If you say "Don't", she'll purposely do it. If you say "Do", she doesn't think she needs to, so she won't 'do' whatever. Like a superannuated teenager!

Hubby said later, "I'm going to have to have another talk to her tomorrow about using the walker ALL THE TIME, and if she doesn't want to hear it from me, I'll take her to the doctor and HE can tell her. And if she doesn't want to hear him, there's always a nursing home." Oh,  I told him about the symptoms of and possibility of a UTI, and said if he did take her to the doc, he should request they collect a specimen.

So, this is the second fall within a few days. Now we're wondering if "the third time" being the 'charm' , ie a definitive one. OY!

It's already tomorrow. I'm heading up to read more of the Dennis Lahane novel from the library, Praying For Rain. He is such a good writer and his characters are well-fleshed out, and their dialog is well-written also.

SO! That's THAT, and it is QUITE enough!

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No Stars, will mention of a nursing home cause Nannie to "straighten up and fly right?"  If this is indeed dementia, veiled threats may not have much effect.  I hope your dh can prevail upon her to use her walker and wear some grabby socks -- not slippery socks!

We had a nice late-ish lunch with the ds's and dil, and a nice visit.  We are all looking forward to taking the Alaska cruise.

And yes, dh and I talk about wanting to take three days for a more leisurely drive to Seattle in September, not a breakneck pace.  However, once we are on the road, we may change our mind. 🙂  Ds's and dil will likely fly from Ontario, dil talked about finding some good deals from Ontario to Seattle.  They will not have instruments to transport, so it's easier.

I trimmed the bushes out front, then paid bills.

Oh, and when dh took his shower before we went to lunch, he revealed we have NO hot water!  None!  It was, needless to say, a very cold shower for him!

Apparently the water heater pilot isn't staying lit.  It sparks every now and then but doesn't stay lit.  Something wrong with the piezo or something or other.  He called the fix-it ppl, who will be here in the morning.

So, after trimming the bushes I decided to wash my hair in the kitchen sink, with water heated on the stove, cooled down by mixing with cool water in a pitcher.  

Well, I set the water to boil on the stove and went in the other room for a bit.  Came back and yes, it was boiling.  The top wasn't on  the pot very well, though, and water had boiled over the stove and there was a puddle on the floor.

I cleaned that off the floor, then washed my hair in the sink.  Cleaned that up afterwards (I made a little mess).  😉  Changed the sheets and towels.  Took a very cold shower.  And now I'm ready for bed.  

My TV wouldn't pick up my Star Trek episodes at first.   I usually exercise while watching the various nightly Star Trek episodes.  After I changed the sheets, apparently the problem had been corrected, for now I have Star Trek on. 🙂  

Our 25# manx cat, Toby (a gray tabby), is cuddled next to me, kneading one of the pillows on the bed.  He is supremely happy.

Have a nice evening!




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Yeah, dianah, I think Nannie needs to be watched more closely and have things corrected (like the socks thing) before anything she "can't help" has a chance to happen. We're going to have to help her remember a lot more often. May not go over well, but too bad. I am always for parking her walker in front of her at all times, facing out, with the brakes on. She likes it parked on the side of her chair, facing inward to her right arm. She likes to stand up, turn around, and walk over to the side of the chair, take the walker handles, and BACK UP! Stoopit, but "it looks better there." Like "looks" even MATTERS!!!

Jeez it's 1;30 AM. I got to go upstairs and get into bed!

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