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Sunday March 3 2019

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Productive day yesterday, lots of cooking in the morning and some cleaning too

Met dad for lunch.  Apparently we won't have a family reunion this year, the people who were suppose to organize it were just too busy with other things.  We'll try for next year most likely

Spent some time posting my resume on Indeed and changing my LinkedIn to show I'm actively looking.  Will do some more things today to get myself ready for a job search

Went bowling to the closer of the 2 meet, was a little dull at times but got to see people I don't see at the farther meet

Today the usual choir and church and brunch with J.  We're going to see a movie after brunch, Isn't It Romantic

Weather going to get quite cold after today but then warm up by the weekend

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Good Morning!

Joe, sounds like you had a good day and sounds like the job search is gearing up.

I had a good day yesterday.  The exhibit by my friend's friend was about ten photographs and were quite clever.   His website:  http://thomaslindley.com

The library they were at was quite busy which was interesting to see.  I never go to libraries.  Then we headed for a walk around Lake Tarpon, one of the big lakes here which was nice and then headed to the beach but had lunch at a Greek place first and it was good.  The beach there is just a really small island and was packed because the weather was so nice and it's a weekend.  Went swimming in the ocean for the first time this year!  Loved it.

All in all a good day.  Not much going on today.  Hope to make it to yoga later and going for a jog this morning.  Really have to me more disciplined.

Herring, I had to look up at man and he does look good for 60.  Puts me to shame.  I've read that with the recent rains most of California is now out of it's drought situation.  

Dianah, hope that you got some sleep and that cruise sounds like fun.  


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We're gearing up for more snow tonight.  I'm hoping for a delayed start to work tomorrow as it will snow right through the morning.

Went to Lowe's yesterday and bought a new front door and new doors for the upstairs bedrooms and bathrooms.  I also need to paint DS's old room before we can get the floors refinished upstairs.  We will be moving our bedroom from downstairs to upstairs when all is said and done, and the tax refund is completely spent.  I'm pleased with my first attempt at hanging wallpaper.  My bathroom has a pink tile floor that I didn't want to replace, and I didn't want a complete pepto pink room, so I went with a dark charcoal gray wallpaper that that has pink flamingos on it.  It sounds kitschy, but the birds are depicted true to life, and are not cartoonish.  The fixtures are white, and I painted the trim white and it looks really nice.  

Joe-Have a good day today with J. I hope your job search is successful.

Tweety-Sounds like you had a nice day yesterday.  An ocean swim sounds wonderful.

Hope all have a great day!

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Today's trinity, Joe, Tweety, & BCgradnurse did a lot yesterday. I admire Joe planning and making good choices. Beautiful photos Tweety! The bathroom sounds nice. 

The first time I papered on wall in our tiny bathroom It was realistic pictures of big African mammals looking at the person on the toilet. Husband put up with it and kids loved looking back at lions, tigers, elephants, a rino, a gnu and others. 

Now it is white tiles.

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Which reminds me of a Smother's Brothers song, the line of which I remember is "Hey-ho, Boatman row, sailing up the river on the Ohio"... and then Tommy sings, "I'm a boatman, gee I'm sore, I came home without an oar..." (tee-hee). I really liked the Smother's Brothers. 

Joe, Sounds like you are getting organized and active in your job search. I'm from the days of newspaper ads and no reason for a resume;  on the application (pen and paper), it was just, "These are the places I went to school, these are the places where I worked, and when; and a yes or no that you can contact them. Much simpler days. If I had to come up with goals and mission statements, I would be very tempted to do it satirically. My goal would be to work at a decent place and get paid a sufficient amount, and my mission? It would be  impossible for me to come up with something NOT hokey. 

Tweety, You don't go to libraries?????? I guess a lot of people don't. They have always been a haven to me, and a place to go if I didn't know what to do with myself. I really liked the photos in the link you added to your post. / Can't think of the last time I had toes in the Atlantic; seems like forever ago. / And if you find some spare discipline, send some to ME!!!

BCg, Your "new" and "improved" bathroom sounds very nice. Glad you decided not to go "all pepto" 🤣. I had a friend who did her bathroom in shiny black paint, with black toilet/sink/tub, and had gold-flecked mirror-squares stuck in 'artistic' patterns (barf) on the walls, with gold-ish wall-to-wall shag carpeting. Quite a horror!

Nothing big planned for today or tomorrow, or the next day, for that matter. I am living in the moment because that's how it is these days. Too bad 'the moment' isn't much fun or interesting. Oh well. Could be worse, don't we all know! 

Speaking of snow, my sister says they have been having "3 annoying inches" every now and again, but are expecting more ... IF the forecaster's are correct this time.

Have a nice Sunday, y'all!

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Hi folks, 

Spent a good deal of yesterday washing clothes, and cleaning up the kitchen after youngest ds was here by himself for 5 days, 😂. We were going to go to MIL's house to prune her trees, but dh fell asleep. We got home quite late on Friday night due to flight delays. We still have remnants of snow, weather is clear and cool. Eldest ds stopped by last night on his way home. He is talking about selling his home that he bought a year ago to move to a place on the outskirts of town. He lives on a busy street with a tiny yard now. He also has a new tattoo of an insulin molecule. He says now he always has "insulin on board" (he has DM1) .

Tweety, thank you for sharing your friend's website. Very pretty! 

BC, your wallpaper sounds lovely. I could see how pink tiles could be a challenge to work with. And Herring, my kids would have loved the animals, too. 

Joe, enjoy the movie. The previews look fun.

Time for a dog walk, and then I suppose some yard cleanup.




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Hello all.

I acidentally hit a sad face, when I attempted to "like" Joe's post. Unfortunately, I can't undo the sad face.

Sorry, Joe.

The snow is coming down fast and furious here.

We should receive one to three inches, nothing compared to BC.

Work is so-so this weekend. My patients haven't been horrible, but my co-workers have struggled.

I helped various co-workers Friday and Saturday nights, with dressing changes, bed changes and pulled NG tubes.

Some of my co-workers sit on their hands and offer no help.

I am happy to help whenever I can because I know it sucks to drown alone.

I looked at jobs at the large teaching hospital in Lexington, and there are several worth pursuing.

I need to update my resume, now that I have held a nursing job for a solid year!!!!

I had the lying tech last night.

She tells you she emptied Foley drainage bag.

She did not.

She tells you she took out all room trash.

She did not.

I have a 26-year-old patient who is a pervert.

He hasn't made inappropriate sexual remarks to me, as I am out of his age range, but he has made crude remarks to techs and day shift nurses.

He will be perfectly quiet in the room, but when he knows I am there, he whimpers like a baby.

Hired someone at the barn to do Biggie chores this weekend, in an effort to get more rest.

I am slightly better rested. Slightly.

I miss my Biggie, but not having to do a bunch of physical labor before my shift feels great!

Safe travels.

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Hi all . . . quickly checking in and then out.  Headed on a hike to see our local falls which are bursting with H2O.  

Tweety - I did check out the gallery of photos . . . I want the one of purple grapes with drops of water.  Perfect for our 90 year old grape arbor and the way I decorate with grapes.  

Have a great day.  I'm off into the gray possibly stormy day to hike.  

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