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Sunday March 30, 2014

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Good Morning to you all,


It is blowing such a gale that we both got up out of bed, the dogs were unsettled as well. I could not open the storm door to let them back in after their constitutional so hubby had to come to the rescue.


No hiking in this wind or I may become a distant memory for my hubby. LOL I have never heard such continued gales like we have at the moment. So I guess I will continue cleaning the house later today and have it all ready for a showing tomorrow.


Enjoyed cleaning out the loft yesterday while hubby did the windows in the living area. Sure looks nice and clear looking outside with no doggy nose art on the doors. LOL


Shall do some hair and nail maintenance this morning and watch The Voice while I get the ironing taken care of after that.


Hopefully this wind will abate so we can get the dogs out for their exercise if not we will try and give them a game outside later on just will have to wait and see what this horrendous wind does.


Hope you all have a most excellent day.


Joe I hope those migraines have settled for you.


Stephanie how did the hospice dinner go? I hope it was a lot of fun for you all.


Hmmmm wonder what Davey will come up for us this day. I cannot wait to see it none the less.


Smile and be happy.


Much love to you all.

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doggy nose art


Hmmmm wonder what Davey will come up for us this day. I cannot wait to see it none the less.

Good Morning, Sabby, and Wait No Longer!


Thanks for the Fodder, Sabby!

Have a Good Day!

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I'm about to leave to go with DD to Accepted Students Day at her college of choice. It's not blowing a gale, but it is monsooning and we may need an ark. I'm not looking forward to a 2.5 hour drive in this.

Yawn.....I'm never up this early. It hurts.

Have a great day!

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Good Morning! :)

Sipping on First Coffee is a wonderful thing! Gonna take a shower, eat a bowl (rather than a "bowel") of cereal and head off for a morning of choir rehearsals and church. This evening, I go back to work. As SpongeBob SquarePants would say, "I'm ready. I'm ready. I'm ready-eady-eady-eady-eady!: LOL!

Finished editing that in-service video project for work last night. Did it all by my lonesome. Hoping that someday I'll be working with (collaborating with) some other nurse-fellow with freakishly talented "eye-hand coordination" who might do some cool illustrations or even simple animations for these video projects. It's awfully lonesome attempting do these "one man show" projects that really come out looking best with a team effort of some kind. :D (Hint, hint, Dave! ;) )

Sabby_NC - Gosh, I hope no damage was done from the gale winds! Our two canine-family member get all scared-like when the winds howl, or when the thunder booms, or when a butterfly flutters by, or when Amy or I get up from the "Dog petting couch" and leaves them all alone and abandoned-like. LOL! (But they will run after deer. Mayson, the "black-lab-mixed-with-whatever" dog, actually ran after a bear once! Yikes!)

Davey-Do - Cute dog-nose art! LOL!

Well. . . gotta go and get "ready-eady-eady-eady-eady!" LOL! Peace, folks! :)


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Morning Sabby Davey BC Ted.

Damn just erased my whole post. Have to remember to use the full sized keyboard instead of the touch cover on my tablet...

Anyway, finally got rid of that migraine yesterday, just in time to get to my dad's for my nephew's birthday party. A small and fairly quiet affair, which was good as I didn't have a lot of energy. Did some CEUs yesterday and not much else. Didn't stay up for Svengoolie, he had "The Invisible Man" which I've seen before.

A bit cold this morning but will be much warmer later today. Still a bit tired today, was going to try out that new church but I think I'll wait until next week. Will try to get outside today.

Planning to start working from home sometime towards the end of May. Would like to get a second cat before that happens. Would like to go to Wisconsin before that. So perhaps I'll head to Wisconsin at the end of April. Hopefully the weather will be good. Would have liked to have taken time off before then but not sure if it'll work with my schedule

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It is gray and overcast here. Good morning!

Hi Sabby - yes, it was well-attended and the food was amazing and everyone had a good time.

Spidey and Dad attended the fish taco and lobster tail feast put on by my second oldest son and his childhood friend. I showed up just as everyone was leaving but got to talk with my son for awhile.

Spidey and Dad will be heading to the big city shortly for AAU Basketball and my other son and his friend (the coach of the bball team) will be right behind them.

For me? More coffee, then a shower and church. After that, who knows? Still on call.

The blustery winds blow right though this old house but so far today, things are calm. Dogs are out and fed, cat is fed and about to be tossed out to play with the dogs.

Ted - you and Davey could do a very funny cartoon video.

Ok - the second cup of coffee is calling to me and I have to say good bye and good luck to my Spidey.

Enjoy your day!:wavey:

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Good morning. Our wind is about 20+ sustained and monsoon rains. My dog did the fastest turn around ever. The neighbor's Pomeranian loved it and wanted to take a leisurely stroll. Fortunately our friend was here to do the honors so neither my neighbor nor I had to do the soggy bottom bit. I think the rain is worse today than yesterday. I think we got about 2-2 1/2 inches yesterday. Seems like we are getting that much each hour now.

Going to lunch with the girls today. Rarely do this and really looking forward to it. Lobster fest, here we come!

I just consider nose prints as another form of art in my place. Hers are low enough that they do not bother me much.

Yesterday I took much of the day to read. It had been years since I read anything about the Anti-Rent War and each time I am shocked by some other thing that crosses my mind. This time it was that although my great-uncle had a leading role and his father is quoted a couple of times, my great grandfather is never mentioned. I really need to do a bit of a search to see how the family fit together. Seems likely the rest of the family must have been involved. Perhaps I will do a quick search now and see how far I get.

Good thing to do on such a nasty day.

Best warm up the coffee and settle in if I am to do much research. Have a safe day and enjoy.

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Good morning Sabby, Davey, Joe, Steph, AKY and those who cone later.

I went to early mass this morning. It is a Spanish mass.

Ted: When I first read your post I thought it read, "Finished eating that in-service video project." :cheeky:

Yesterday we noticed our trim and shutters are peeling. I thought about prepping and painting myself because DH shouldn't be up on a ladder any more. But i think I'll work a few etra shifts instead. I plan to use the same color. And do the whole exterior.

The last couple years i've been "practicing" for retirement by working per deum for about the same as I'll get from Social Security, but in about six months I'll be 70. Then I may as well collect because the amount won't go up.

I'll just plant some flowers in the front yard.

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Good morning, have read all the posts.

Stay safe in the winds and weather!!

Partly cloudy here, rain promised on Tues and Wed.

A friend is in the desert for a motorcycle race and reports downpour this morning, preceded by high winds all night and into the morning (which in the desert means flying sand and pebbles!).

Again: stay safe!

Helped with some music yesterday, had lunch with youngest ds and his gf (oldest at rehearsals and had two gigs with one of his three bands).

Rested in the afternoon, drove out to Knotts Berry Farm in the evening to catch Krazy Kirk and the Hillbillies' shows in the Bird Cage Theater.

Their last show at Disneyland was in January (corporation decided to delete their contribution).

Knotts picked them up and this is the first time we FINALLY drove down to see them!

Got season passes so we'll be back.

Another favorite group, the Miner 49ers, plays at Knotts during the summer months and Christmas season.

We look forward to seeing them too.

After much discussion we will likely let our Disney passes lapse or get a less expensive pass.

Haven't decided yet.

Kinda more focused on camping and jamming these days.

We'll see.

Paid the bills.

Today is the usual: laundry and grocery store.

Hope your day goes well.

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Popping in to say hello.

We went to the first service at church. There was a barbecue at church so we are fed and now relaxing. When we got home my son and I finished a Monopoly game we started yesterday. Monopoly is my son's favorite board game right now. The problem is it is such a long game so we don't play with him as often as he wants. I would much rather play Life as it is less time and still fun. I wan to buy the game Payday. We had this when my daughter was young and enjoyed it.

Yesterday we saw the movie Divergent. My son and I read the books so this was one we were looking forward to. We would have seen it last weekend but I don't like to go to a movie on its opening weekend. You should have seen the line for Noah. :no: Next on our list is maybe the Muppet Movie, Noah, and the new Captain America movie coming out soon. Oh, there is also a Christian movie out called God's not dead (with a cameo by the Christian group The Newsboys) that we plan to see too.

Well, time to do some AN browsing, I read you all. Praying for all that are in bad weather to stay safe and dry.

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