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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Sunday - March 22nd, 2010 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning -

It's a quiet 5:38 AM (EST) in this part of the world. Sunrise hasn't happened yet. 

It was chilly outside, yesterday. But it was also sunny. Around 2:00 PM, yesterday, the temperature reached the mid-40s. So Amy and I went for one of our usual 2+ mile walks in our area (practicing social distancing, of course). The fresh air and sunshine was refreshing and invigorating. I'm looking forward to the season of Spring to fully present itself: mature leaves on the trees, flowers beginning to blossom in Amy's gardens, fresh green grass on our lawn, and the sound of birds chirping their spring songs.

We watched our New York State governor give a speech, yesterday. To be honest, it was the first time I ever heard one of his speeches. To say the least, our governor is a bit "controversial", especially for those who oppose strict gun-ownership laws. But his speech, yesterday, was honest, informative and inspiring. Amy and I were impressed! (I think that our conversation regarding his speech, yesterday, was the first time Amy and I ever talked about our current New York State governor! L O L!) At the very least, we both felt comforted and relieved that current governor is at our state's helm.

Not sure what the weather will be like today. Hopefully it'll be sunny and warm. We are supposed to get snow tomorrow, though! (Ugh!) After I'm done typing here, I'm going downstairs, get me First Coffee, and watch the news for the weather forecast. 

I hope all are doing well during this unique and surreal time in our lives. 

Peace, folks. . . 🙂


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Morning Ted

Yesterday was fairly quiet

Picked up some coffee at the local coffeehouse, had an online meeting of the environmental group.  Which I had to leave early as I was meeting J at a local garden center.  He wanted to get some things before they get closed down.  Took about 2 hours but he did find everything he needed there.  

Came home, ordered some take out from one of our local places, stopped at the grocery store, the came home ans stayed there.  Exercised, did embroidery, and watched Svengoolie

Since I won't be meeting my dad until the pandemic settles down a bit, and since J and I are meeting less often, I'm  trying to utilize local restaurants and such for takeout more often so hopefully they'll still be in business when this is over

Another trip to the coffeehouse today, then an online church service via Zoom.  Hopefully it works, the environmental group had problems with that app during their virtual meeting.  Then I'll go out to a forest preserve, then get take out from one of our favorite restaurants 

Going to be fairly cool today, in the 40s, with some snow this evening 

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I'm still isolating and will be until Wed.  My friend is doing ok-no worse, but not a lot better, either.  I am dismayed to hear of people who are just not taking this social distancing thing seriously.  People continue to have family gatherings, go to visit friends, hold parties on their lawns with 30-40 guests etc.  I get that this is hard, but it's not going to be forever.  Better to suffer a little now and live to tell about it.  Off my soapbox now.

Yesterday I got some cleaning done, started some veggie seeds in my little grow box,  and made some pizza.  I think my next purchase will be a pizza stone.  Today I will maybe clean out a closet.  Or maybe I won't.  I have several books on my Kindle I want to read.

J22-I'm sorry someone is sowing dissent in your community.  You must be exhausted.  Please take care of your self.

Joe-Hope the Zoom service works out ok.

Take care all.

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Hi Ted. I heard your governor this morning. Very impressive! He is working hard for the people of New York. I did a cursory search and found most governors of both parties are doing their best. 

I had mixed feelings about our governor too, but think he is doing his best too.

I clipped and mowed half the back pig weed forest. Plan to finish today because rain is expected tonight. 

We have a quarter acre lot. Husband walked around the mowed part yesterday with Duke at his side. Then sat in the sun. He said, "I'm and old man with a good old dog."

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I am at work and super annoyed. I volunteered to work thinking I was really needed, but other than doing 1 specimen collection and fielding a call from another prospective case, I have almost nothing to do. I was promised a clear outline/task list of things to do, but other than an email telling me about the specimen needed, nothing. Because perhaps I am only part-time it was "assumed" I just knew what to do, but I don't. People have been loathe to write things out because everything is changing so much, but this is ridiculous. There is a request to offer available days for the coming 3 weeks, but at this moment I don't think I will volunteer. 

Okay, rant over. The sunshine is slowly going away, and rain is predicted tomorrow. I went for a quick walk at noon, and it looks like a ghost town out there.   I should be home mowing the front lawn.  I had a fun Face Time call with the grandkids last night. The youngest, who is 8, decided to cut his own hair, so he has some verrrry short bangs now. It will grow out quickly. The oldest who is 10, had lots of questions about vaccines so we had a nice discussion about that. My seasonal allergies have kicked into high gear, leaving me with a gravelly voice and occasional cough, which has co-workers giving me plenty of side-eye and social distancing, 😂. 

Well, now it seems that I am going to do some contact investigation, so ta ta. 


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Overcast, cool, and intermittantly breezy, 56 degrees.

And yep, Tweety, 78 is hot, especially with added humidity and glaring sunshine (like 60-something is BBRRRR to you!). Once upon a time when I was in Lantana, it was 94 degrees, and the girl I was talking with said, "I really like this Spring weather!" and I nearly choked. Sure felt like pure summertime to me! Meanwhile, back in Massachusetts where I was living at the time, the COLD was raw, lots of dirty, old, plowed snow, piled on the roadsides, it also was sleeting and just plain mean. On the whole, all things considered, I was pleased to be in Lantana at that moment. However, I find many contiguous days of hot weather to be exhausting not to mention tediously tiresome. // I may have told this at some point in time, but it seems pertinent: One time I got up out of bed, plodded into the kitchen, and said to my brother-in-law, "OH NO! Not another sunny day!" and a beat or two later, we both started laughing hysterically at how stupid that sounded. (But I really did feel that way! I was hoping for a cooler, overcast day, a nice break from summer.

Joe, OMG, Two hours at a garden-center? I would have been insane by the end of two hours. My sister shops that way, carefully and very thoroughly; She used to drag me around in Filene's in Boston ... ALL 5 floors of it! I was all, "Aren't you through yet? Can we go home now?" Guess I'm not what you'd call a  'shopper'. I go in the store, make the rounds through just the Dept's in which I'm searching for something, and if they don't have it, I'm gone!

I didn't hear the Gov of NY speak this morning, but I have been turning TV on, specifically to the news, every night from 6 to 7PM  so Nannie and hubby can be refreshed about the do's and don't's. I know it hasn't completely sunk in ...Nannie askes when we are going, or am I ready to go yet? NOPE! Not goin'NOwheres, honey! And hubby went out , yes, with his mask on, and he uses hand-sanitizer at the stores, but he shouldn't BE in the stores in the first place! See, he began using the Anora inhaler again like prescribed (he had stopped because of what he said were side-effects) and lo and behold, THIS time it worked. So his coughing is MUCH improved and he feels better...but I told him "Don't be complacent!" and he said that with me as his wife, he didn't have a chance! Well, all I did was how my mother raised us kids: she told us once, zipped her lips, and then let us find out on our own. I'd have intervened with strong suggestions had it gone on too long, but learning is very subjective, sooooo...

BCg, I believe 'my' quarantine / self-isolation will be a bit longer than yours . In other words, two weeks? Yeah, I'M okay, but I do not want to bring anything in to these At-Risky-'TSK'-sies here. No outside joyms (germs) allowed! ESPECIALLY for hubby!!!

herring, loved the "old man with a good old dog" comment; I could just picture it!

So, the day's been long and fairly quiet. When Nannie murmurs, I pay no attention at all.

Long moment between above and now; bet you didn't even blink. I'm going up to cruise the kitchen to see what I feel like eating.

Stay safe, stay well, stay alert, stay at home, STAY!

   🐕👈  (GOOD dogs!)

OOPS! I didn't mean to have that finger pointing at that dog in that particular anatomical position, but after a moment of laughing, I decided to leave it as is. Really, it means nothing, but it could be misunderstood, hence this disclaimer! YIKES!

Edited by No Stars In My Eyes
ooopsie; a stuttering finger made an interesting picture, but it isn't and editorial comment!

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78 is not hot even with humidity of which I'm highly accustomed to.  😂.  It's what I have my air conditioning on now and it's quite comfortable.  Later in the summer I'm bump my air conditioner to 80 and be fine.

Work was busy.  We were short staffed but what else is new.   Two directors, two Administrators on duty and the CNO mentioned since we have no elective surgeries (as I mentioned the governor shut all that down) we were take other kinds of patients.  I told one of the directors "really I'm not sure why you have to repeat this as we have a floor full of patients with no elective surgeries, so I think we understand".  

They even said "we'll staff you well tonight so you guys can take overflow med-surg patients".  Great for them because we were short!  An hour later.  "We need your tech to float to take care of a suicide watch".  Ugh...okay.   Ten minutes later "you're getting four admissions".  

The only thing this has to do with corona virus is that we aren't taking elective surgeries, otherwise it's shady business as usual.

I'm just venting, please don't offer suggestions that I look for another job or anything.  I can handle it.

Speaking of Covid-19 Florida saw it's greatest surge in cases since testing began.  We still are relatively low in this county with 38 cases, but a few days ago we had five.

Anyway, I'm off for three days.  


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