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Sunday June 8 2014

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Wow, first on the GM thread, that doesn't happen that often

A fairly slow day for me yesterday, got outside in the morning and saw dad later on. Felt pretty tired the rest of the day and didn't do a whole lot else. Watched "The Billion Dollar Brain", a 60's spy movie with Michael Caine, was odd but OK. Didn't watch much of Svengoolie, the movie was pretty bad this time. Hopefully he'll have something better next Saturday.

Did the cooking yesterday too, so today is pretty free. Was thinking about visiting one of the churches I was looking at, but my sister's in town and will be by my dad's house in the early afternoon. Dad's supposed to call when she arrives and I'll stop by, and I don't want to be out when he calls. I might see if there are services early enough for me to get back to the house by noon.

Though I feel more like heading outside for a bit, yesterday was hotter than expected and I was kind of tired. Today is cooler and I have more energy, so I might head outside instead and hit the churches starting next week.

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Where is everyone today?? Get up!!!!

I came home from work yesterday to an impromptu gathering of 16 of DS's nearest and dearest friends. Hmmmmm...I don't remember being asked if he could have a party. Fortunately, they were all well behaved and respectful and everything was all cleaned up this morning. DD's graduation is at 2. It's a bit on the warm side and will be outside. That beats cramming everyone into a gym that smells like dirty socks. Then DS will leave for his new job and new apartment. Sigh...it's a tiny bit bittersweet.

Off I go...have a great Sunday.

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'Mornin' everyone.

BC, is ds your youngest?

(sigh) another milestone for him and you...

Congrats to the graduate!

Joe, hope you get what you want to done today.

I was VERY lazy too, yesterday.

Finished a book in the morning, and relaxed in the afternoon.

Dh and I went to a church "jamalong."

Held in a very nice backyard of friends, chairs were arranged in one area for the strummers (us and others!) and singers, and then chairs across from us, for attendees.

song sheets with hymns and camp-meeting type songs were passed out and while we played, we all sang.

Then had (vegetarian) hot dogs and potluck at 7pm, followed by gabbing.

Some of us played more.

Dh, two guitarists and I played with another attendee who had brought his guitar.

We hadn't seen him in 25 years or so, was good to catch up.

He likes to do Dylan, S&G, Joni Mitchell, etc. ;)

We finally left around 11.

Today is the usual errands and cleaning here 'n there.

We are letting the kittens out in a confined area, VERY supervised (house isn't kitten-proofed yet).

They LOVE it, and are SO entertaining to watch!!

Now when we approach the door of the bathroom in which we keep them (there is a tall barrier at the open door; mama can get in but they can't get out ---- YET!), they all perk up and run over to greet us, mewing.

I'm sure they are begging to be let out, lol!

It will be VERY difficult to give ANY of them away.

We are such softies....

Youngest ds flies out to Cleveland this Friday, to begin a 10-week internship.

The first to leave the nest, if only temporarily (not that we see either of them that often but they still come home to crash, at least!).

Will miss having him around...

Y'all have a good one!

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I just woke up. I worked break relief last night 11:00 pm to 4:00 am.

I'll take a nap later if I need to, but that would make it harder to sleep tonight.

My stiff neck is better, but I have to be careful how I move.

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I did wake up early! But went back to sleep until 0900!! :facepalm: Everyone else was asleep too. Hi Joe, BC, Dianah, herring!!

Spidey went to a graduation party with dad last night - I didn't go because it was out of cell service area and I'm on call. Instead, I had some quiet time at home, watched a movie, dyed my gray roots, ate some pistachios. I'm an easy keeper.

Today - church in 20 minutes and then another graduation/goodbye party that I can attend.

Dianah - those kittens look so cute! Hard to resist.

See ya!:wavey:

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Done paying bills, found some things I'd misplaced (new solar phone charger, checkbook... yah, what can I say?? At least I found them!).

Soon off to do errands.

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