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Sunday July 18, 2021

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Good morning!

Dianah, happy belated birthday to your son.  That's quite an entrance into the world from such a petite mother.

J22, did you go truck shopping?  Some friends recently got a small trailer to tow around and are camping right now at a state park north of here.  Lots of places to camp around here but this time of year it's too hot.  But they were anxious to start using it and are dealing with the heat.  Also I think summer rates here are cheaper due to less demand.  I hope as time marches on you enjoy it.  

BC, hope you enjoyed the party.  I don't know what a fire pit is but sounds like you're happy to receive it as a gift.  

Stars, was glad to hear that Tampa Bay won.  They seem to be having a good season.  Their stadium is here in St. Petersburg actually and not Tampa.  For several years they've been complaining about it, treating to move, and want a new venue but they have a contract with the city.  I think it's inevitable they get their way and get a new stadium especially if they can brag about being a winning team.  The city is already making plans what to do with the stadium when they leave.  Hopefully in another city.  Good riddance.   Our weather is like yours...hot humid good chance of afternoon showers and repeat.  Unlike some of our northern friends we aren't going to really get a break.  Our break comes a bit when it rains and "cools down some".   Glad your husband got the vaccine despite the rhetoric. I think in his heart of hearts he knows if he got covid it wouldn't be a good course of events.

The official number for covid here last week is over 45,000 cases which is double the week before.  231 deaths.  For the sixth straight week vaccination rates have fallen.  And so it goes......

I'm up early so I can get to bed at a decent time for an overtime shift tomorrow.  I plan to mow.  During the rainy season I have more much more often which unfortunately is during the heat.   Yesterday was an okay day.  Went to the gym and washed sheets so goals were accomplished.  I stopped by the store on the way home from yoga and got some pad Thai that was vegan and splurged on some "Korean sunflower seed sprouts" which basically is seasoned sprouts.  It was all good.  Had a cookie for dessert.

Have a great day.


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Good Morning -

Time is flying by, it seems. Last week, I worked 5 shifts in a row, which is a rare thing for me. The first three were 12-hour shifts in the ICU. The last two were 8-hour shifts as Shift Director. So, it's been the usual "Eat, Sleep, Work" thing, but with the additional "Take Care of Puppy" thing thrown in for good measures. Happily, Saturday was my 1st night off from work. Today - Sunday - is my 2nd night off from work.

A number of us are picking up extra shifts to help fill all of the Shift Director holes that exist. It seems like it's never going to end. I inquired about officially starting the "full-time" position as Shift Director. THIS would help with all of the staffing holes for this role. The "DON" (Vice-President of Operations) told me that she did not want to compromise staffing for the ICU. She added that the month of August will be treated like the month of July, with capable people picking up extra shifts. For the record, there's a Per Diem nurse starting, next week, for the ICU, and there is another nurse starting out the 1st week of August who will be one of our ICU's full-time staff nurse. So, staffing is looking good for the ICU. I'm failing to see the problem of me FINALLY taking over the role as Shift Director in August. One thing is for sure, I do not plan on working 54+ hours a week again any time soon, like I did this past week. I don't even like working "just" the extra 48 hours per week, which I did the previous week (after working 54+ hours the week before that!!).  I am already a bit burned out, to say the least.

The puppy. . . We eagerly await her adulthood. She's calming down a bit. But she still get a little nippy-bitey sometimes. She's cute, though. (But do NOT let the cuteness fool you! She's a devil in disguise!! LOL!)

Yesterday, Amy and I have been re-arranging our home to accommodate the puppy. We put Amy's audio/video studio workstation upstairs, back into her room from the room we made for her downstairs. Hopefully this is only temporary, but Amy isn't able to get any of her video projects done with her workstation downstairs near where the puppy lives. Later today, we hope to re-arrange our living room furniture so that the puppy can see and be seen easier while we relax on the couch and watch television. One couch is dedicated for the puppy to sit with us as she chews her chewy-sticks. It's a nice and relaxing time for all of us, until the puppy gets all nippy-bitey. 

It's been raining a lot these past couple of days. It's supposed to rain for most of the day, today. It's supposed to rain most of this week, actually. Why isn't the rain happening to the parts of the country that actually NEEDS the rain?!? We all are tired of it!! At least our basement is not flooding again, thanks to the new pump that we installed a couple of weeks ago.

Later on today, I'm going to try to catch up on reading this past week's Daily Diary posts. I hope all are doing well, and all keep well!

Tweety - I hope your overtime shift, tomorrow, is kind to you!

Cheers! 🙂


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Tweety I think a lot of areas are seeing increases in Covid with the new variant

Ted that is a lot of shifts, hope things settle down and you start the shift director position soon

NJ22 I have been seeing more birds in this area in the last month, but it seems cyclical so chances are soon I'll start seeing less

Dianah thanks you!  I will do so.  I have been listening to some of the more indie/contemporary groups, like I'm With Her and The Wailin Jennys

Stars I think that is pretty common, getting questionable information from highly partisan sites or social media.  I have been reducing the sources of information I have to ones I know are most reliable

Got my coffee and stopped at the farmer's market before the meeting.  Wished I had time for birdwatching

Had our special vestry meeting yesterday.  Was quite helpful to talk about the issues the church faces long term.  In the future we might completely replace the rectory, or maybe sell it outright.  In the future we might go with a part time minister instead of a full time one. We're planning to do a town hall to see where the congregation stands, as the vestry is not in agreement yet about our long term plans

Met dad for lunch at an Original Pancake House, which replaced our longtime Baker's Square.  Was nice but a bit noisy

Came home and exercised and watched Svengoolie.  Ran my crock pot overnight for a burrito filling recipe.  Hardly ever use the crock pot, except for this one recipe.  Need to either convert other recipes to the crock pot, or covert this one recipe to the stovetop and put the crock pot away

Today have church and some cleaning to do. J seems to have some sort of flu like illness, though it doesn't seem to be Covid, so we're not going to get togethr until his symptoms subside

Nice day today, in the low 80s with little chance of rain



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