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Sunday July 11, 2021

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Good morning!

Joe, glad you had a nice relaxing time with J and hope Saturday was good.

J22, glad the knee is doing better.  

Stars, I might have suggested using online banking before.  Debit purchases are usually credited in real time and rather than rely on receipts solely you can check your account and post your purchases from your husband that way without worrying about receipts if you know your husband it out spending money.    I almost never ask for a receipt (have my grocery receipts sent to my phone but it seemed to have reverted and now I get a receipt that goes in the trash so I have to get that app fixed), and since my bills are automatically paid electronically, don't rely on my memory or handwritten ledgers and just check my online activity frequently.  I know you'll still do it old school but checking online might avoid any mishaps and embarrassment.

Work was a mess.  Started with 4:1 and within an hour discharged one and got one from the ER that had been holding all night.  Did her admission stuff and got her settled only to have the doc later come in and discharge her.  Got another admission and settled her in.  She's nice but in a lot of pain and I had to explain several times that with a small bowel obstruction and NG to suction why she couldn't eat ice cream. Discharged a 2nd patient that was an easy discharge.   Got a third admission in labored breathing, sats in the 60's and after barely getting him off the stretcher called a rapid response and got him to the unit where I heard he was immediately intubated.  

I'm really hoping to get some help today.  I left them with 12 patients and they can't take any more which means maybe 6:1 and probably patients holding in the ER.  We sent a nurse to the ER on night shift take care of holds.  We have only two nurses and no tech.  I'll try to keep my mouth under control if they give me 6:1 without a tech because that would make me furious.  But no need projecting, I'll deal with it soon.  LOL


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Tweety hope you get some help on the floor today

NJ22 glad the new shoes are helping

Stars you're right, she does look so severe in those later movies, with those massive eyebrows

Hi Amo

Was a pretty nice day yesterday.  Went out for coffee and to the farmer's market, then to the arboretum.  Went a bit farther afield than normal and saw more birds than expected

Had lunch with dad, then did some chopping in preparation for cooking.  Then exercised and watched some Three Stooges.  Did a bit of online education then watched the 2nd half of Svengoolie.  The movie was pretty bad, as expected

Will do some cooking before church.  After church will do some cleaning and exercise and work on embroidery

Next Satruday morning we have a special church council meeting to discuss the increasingly complex rennovations to the rectory.  No birdwatching then it looks like.  The next 2 weekends will most likely involve some extra work too

Will be in the 70s again, although with the possibility of rain later on, just like yesterday.  Will remain cool for another day or two before warming up again

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Good Afternoon!

Tweety, Right now I can't get into my gmail acct which is where my banking info resides, so I have to get on the stick and get a tech-nerd to straighten that out for me. Once that is done and I have access online again, I can probably deal with the banking online thing, but I can't have receipts sent to my phone as I have a 'dumb' phone (flip-phone). But it'll all work out, once I can get the gmail  straightened out. Waiting for SS checks to arrive later this month in order to cover the fix; possibly will be getting a new laptop, but even so, the gmail thing still has to be taken care of. 

Hey, Joe.

Gosh, last night in the 5th inning, Ronald Acuna Jr was running and leapt to catch a ball in the outfield, and ended up completely tearing his (R) ACL. He's one of the Braves' (and baseball's) best players, so it is a real hit to the team. 

Weird thing this AM... I went to the mailbox to pick up my Sunday paper; I usually sit on the front porch and take the paper out of it's little clear plastic bag and weed out the sheaf of ads that is with the paper, and put them in the recycling bin. This morning I noticed a FLEA in the bottom of the plastic bag!. Glad I sort the paper outside or I might not have seen it. I crushed it between my fingernails through the plastic bag. Glad I didn't bring it in the house; we don't have any fleas and want to keep it that way! ICK! Hate fleas!!!

The weather continues hazy, hot and humid, with clouds building up to a possible t-storm this afternoon. We had some sprinkles yesterday, but they were too brief to bring any relief, we ended up with steam rising off the roofs and roads, instead.

I have to go make Nannie a sandwich for lunch ---

See ya!

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Going to push hubby to call our PCP tomorrow AM and set up an appt for whatever needs to be done to help lift his depression. I don't mind 'covering' for him when he needs me to, but I can't carry it all, because I am also depressed (though I have a better handle on mine). He had mentioned getting counseling, but hasn't followed through since he decided it might be a good thing to do. I am feeling weary. I can take care of Nannie, but his moping and lack of energy or impetus to DO anything isn't within my pay-grade to deal with. And it is discouraging that he's not able to overcome some of it, so it is time for professional help.


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(((((((((((((((((( No Stars ))))))))))))))))))  Hope your dh will take steps to improve his outlook and mood, and help you in the meantime. 

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