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Sunday July 4, 2021

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Good morning and Happy Independence Day!

Ted, those are some things to consider for sure.  Odd they have only a 32 hour a week schedule but I guess it works for them.  Our Shift Directors work 3 12 hour shifts.  When I went from 40 hours to 36 I remember having to make an adjustment.  Since it's really non-negotiable I'm sure they will honor your vacation requests.

I weighed in today, feeling guilty for having a (vegan) cookie and a bag of chips when I stopped for gas and coffee, not that it would have a big effect a day later.  Actually a little lower but in the same range.

I had an ordinary day yesterday.  Did some laundry, went to yoga and relaxed.  Today hope to get to the beach for fireworks weather permitting.  Last year it was canceled due to covid.  Covid is on the rise here in Florida, but no one seems to care.  

The hurricane is still a concern, but I most likely will not be evacuating as it doesn't seem to be that intense, but it's all uncertainly.  The latest map has the direct hit moved north of here instead of directly on us now.  Time will tell.

Hope everyone has a great day.


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Good Morning -

Tweety - Those hurricane projections seem so unreliable, and there's more than one projection too, which only seems to add to the confusion. This is true for our local TV news station, at least, when they present the country's weather forecast. I wonder which is more reliable? The U.S. hurricane projection or the European one?? (There're a couple of others, too.) Please. Just stay safe.

We've been getting LOTS of rain these past few days. Today isn't going to be different, it seems. The rain is good for the crops. One can almost see the newly planted corn grow in the near-by corn fields. (The growth of the corn can be noticed over night, which is both weird and interesting!) But the rain makes the lawn grow, which will need mowing. Again! And the rain makes the puppy wet (along with her parents)!! (Ugh!)

Had a nice day visiting with family, yesterday. Amy's two sisters and two nieces were at our home for most of the afternoon and early evening. The puppy LOVED the new faces and extra attention! Twice, we went out for ice cream! (Not the puppy! LOL!) (I see that I gained back a couple of pounds since yesterday! Ugh!) One niece has been staying with us these past few couple of nights. She's been sleeping in my room, while I sleep in Amy's room, wearing my CPAP of course! Amy said that if I wear my CPAP every night I'm home, then we could sleep in the same room more often! LOL! 😛 I do seem to get a better quality sleep when I wear the CPAP. So, this is a consideration. But we've been having our own bedrooms for the past 15+ years. It's nice to have my own bed (which is currently occupied by a family member). We always cuddle before going into our own rooms. And when we sleep, we sleep. So, changing bedroom arrangements doesn't seem to be something that we'll be doing in the near future. Gotta admit, though. Amy's King-Sized bed is awfully comfy!! (It was an expensive bed when we bought it  several years ago.)

(Now you know our bed-time stories!! LOL! :D)

Today?!? Church this morning, of course. Family coming over again for a 4th of July lunch/dinner, complete with hot-dogs and hamburgers. (Don't know if we'll be going out for ice cream. Again. LOL!) Hope to be in bed by 2:00 PM for Second Sleep before going to work tonight. I doubt that I'll get Call tonight. There're two patients in our teeny-tiny ICU which generally requires two ICU Staff Nurses. (Although one patient does NOT need to be in the ICU. At all!!)

This week is going to be a busy one, work-wise. I wish there wasn't a need to pick up TWO extra shifts this week. (I am NOT an "Overtime Junky"!!) But our staffing situation is temporary. Hopefully!! Really can't think about it too much. Just gotta take one freaking day at a time, and do what needs to be done. 

I hear our niece stirring. Hopefully she got a good night's sleep, with all of the commotion this morning. (Amy and I got up around 5:00 AM to a wide-awake puppy. The puppy was excited to see us, as she does EVERY Morning, complete with LOUD Barking!!)

Peace! 🙂


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Tweety hope you get to see the fireworks

Ted hope they don't end up calling you in

Nice day yesterday.  Out early for coffee and birdwatching.  Notice the last 3 weeks or so more variety of birds present.  Stopped at the farmer's market too.  In the evening exercised and did embroidery and watched Svengoolie.  Might need a new antenna, have been getting poor reception for the last few weeks

Today I have in person church and coffee hour.  It's early so I might have time to do cooking before church.  Going to be a hot day today, up to 93, so if I can cook earlier I will

J and I are going to skip the fireworks given the heat.  We'll get together tomorrow as he's meeting a friend for lunch today

Not much else planned for today except for the usual exercise and embroidery

Might take a bit of a break from some forms of news and social media.  Have to think more about where I'm headed in life.  Have been listening to some podcasts from prominent priest and peace activist, which have been interesting

No rain expected today, just sunny and quite hot.  If I didn't have church I would probably head out birdwatching again this morning.  Might do that tomorrow instead


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Morning, and Happy 4th of July!

I think we are having the coldest holiday weekend on record.  It's been raining since Thursday, and temps have been in the 50s.  I think the rain has just about stopped now.  We should see some sun tomorrow.  Yesterday we took a little road trip to a winery in CT with some friends.  It was a good way to spend a rainy cold afternoon.  We may go to a cookout tonight.  I think most of the fireworks in the area have been postponed due to the bad weather.

DS will be stopping by in a little while.  Today is his birthday and he turns 29.  I think he'll be staying over tonight, which makes me very happy.  DD is working hard over on Block Island.  She says it's been very busy, and she's making good money.  I hope to go over to see her in a couple of weeks.

Ted-it's nice that you're having family visit.  Enjoy them, and the ice cream!!!

Tweety-I hope you get to see the fireworks.  I also hope Elsa is not a major storm in your area.

Joe-It can be a good thing to take stock of your life.  My mid 40s brought major changes for me.  Enjoy your day.

Hope all are having a good day.

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Well, d'Oh! I just posted two posts at the end of YESTERDAY'S Daily Diary.

Tweety, Our weather-guy just said that Elsa "has ISSUES" (!!!!) but "It still has to go across Cuba, so we'll just have to see how things work out." Well, d'Oh! Silly weatherman. That's not whatcha call a forecast!

Mother Nature just said, "TSK!" and hissed, "ISSSSSSUES?!" as she turned her face, with a withering last glance at him.

Folks across the street (the younger brother of the a-hole w/ the pit-bulls, goats and chickens ...and I think something 'got' their rooster! I haven't heard it for several days!) Anyway the younger, saner young man and his girlfriend got a new puppy, and it looks very much like the dog I had for 10 years, who was such a good buddy to me. I told hubby that were it not for Nannie, we could go steal their puppy! But Nannie is such a 'back-seat-driver' with regards to pet care and what they 'need'....OY! I don't need any more points of irritation here at present, so we are agreed that we cannot steal their dog. Ohhhh well!

We still want to get a Maine Coon Cat kitten when we get a buppy (puppy or young dog) so we can raise them together. Okay, Stars, dream on, as the timing is not right.

BCg, I'm still jealous that you guys went and ate fried clams the other day!!!

Getting sort of dusk-ish outside; time to pull the drapes and give Ozzie his Rescue Remedy. I don't know how many people in the area are going to be playing with fire-crackers or how close any of the "BIG" fireworks shows are going to be. 



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Betcha dint know - take a guess.  What's a 'TITTLE'?

It's the little dot above the letters I & J.

Was watching a rerun Jeopardy this morning and it was on.

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And an 'aglet' is the tip at each end of a shoelace, making it easier to thread through and lace up yer sneakers!

(That was running through my brain just now as I read your post.)


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