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Sunday, July 20, 2014

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Good Morning!

You know the drill; Carry On and Mind The Gap!

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Good morning. Up a little early. Too early for coffee or food so that will come later.

Had a great time at the Army retirement party last night. Everyone danced and had a silly time including the grandparents. Took lots of pictures. Will post some pics to Facebook later today.

Wishing all a blessed Sunday.

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Good Morning NSIME, NF and all who pop in,


I have been a busy gal since getting up this morning. Ironing taken care of, have baked thick pork chops on the bone sprinkled with parmesan cheese, coriander and caraway seeds with baked taters as well as some fresh asparagus. I think hubby will enjoys those meals.


Brushed both dogs with lots of fur flying. LOL


Cleaned up the yard from doggie doo doo and swept the porch and walk way from the carport.


I am now officially tired again, have not slept well since hubby has been in hospital. Oh well I can nap later on but hopefully if hubby did well overnight the Cardiologist plans on sending him home today instead of tomorrow. I cannot wait that he will come home today, praying so. Hopefully he will feel up to a nice stroll with the dogs as we all need some fresh air and gentle exercise.


Hope you all have a most excellent and blessed Sunday.


Much love to you all.

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Yay, Sunday!!!

The weekend has been great so far-beach and dinner Friday, spending time with my mom yesterday and a fabulous evening out with SO last night. The only glitch was my graceful fall in the shower yesterday afternoon. One foot slid one way, the other foot went in a different direction, and my butt and hip landed hard on the side. I'm sure it looked hysterical, but thankfully there were no witnesses. I'm stiff and sore today, and sporting some lovely watercolor bruises on my toosh. Getting old really does suck...LOL.

Sabby-I do hope Joey can come home today. If not, can I come over for dinner?? Hi Frances-sounds like the party was a huge success. Hi NSIME-hope you have a good day.

Off I go (albeit slowly!). Enjoy your day and whatever it brings.

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Good morning.

Quick drive by as I get ready for work. Nothing exciting happening here.

Have a wonderful Sunday. Yeah, Joey! Hope he gets home soon so Sabby can get some sleep.

Care and Share.

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Sabby I hope Joey can come home today.

Morning Stars NF BC AKY

Well, yesterday was fairly quiet. Went to the arboretum in the morning, walked a bit but got tired quicker than I thought so I headed back early, ran some errands and then visited dad. Was disappointed to hear that my aunt and uncle are not coming to the reunion next week, they had originally planned on going. Oh well, at least lots of other relatives there.

Did packing for the toiletries and medications, had to do some shopping to make sure I have everything. Like to be ready for anything, from sunburn to stomachache to migraine. Also made sure I had other non-clothing items too. Now I just have to pack the clothing after I do laundry next week, and I'll be ready.

Watched part of "Revenge of the Creature" on Svengoolie, wasn't too bad but not that interesting (but better than the third movie)

Got up after 8 this morning, but must have needed the sleep because I feel very awake this morning. Will probably head out to do some hiking. Also going to do some research on what activities there are near our family reunion site. I remember some but I'm sure there are others I don't.

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Good morning to all, sleepyhead or not!

Sabby, I so hope Joey's heart cooperates and remains in SR so he can come home today!

Joe, I think in my mumble-mumble years, I have attended two family reunions.

Should be more!

I like your family's tradition!

Hope the trip is safe and a good reunion.

We reported to The Big Church yesterday at 2:30 pm, dressed in black slacks and black long-sleeved shirts, teal tie for dh and teal scarf for me.

Carried in our instruments and stands, set everything up, got set up with the sound ppl, went over the intros to all 25 hymns, and the vespers program started at 5pm.

Played for this singalong for about 1.5hr, program went fairly well. ,

All old hymns, was a "heritage" program covering around 1840-1915.

Stayed after to gab.

Met up with some friends of friends we knew 30+ years ago, when newlyweds living in Glendale (CA). :) They had come to the singalong, didn't expect to see us! Was a nice surprise to see them and catch up with the doings of our mutual friends.

Got home around 7:30, had a relaxing evening.

Today is errand day/pay bills day.

Y'all have a good one.

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Good morning!

Sabby: I hope NSR prevails and you two can go for a nice walk

NSIME: Carrying on.

BCgradnurse and Dianah: Glad you had a great time yesterday.

NF_eyenurse: Enjoy your Sunday

Joe: A family reunion is such a special time. I hope there are lots of pictures. Maybe someone will call your aunt and uncle during the reunion?

AKY: Have a good day at work.

Some of us remember 45 years ago today. We watched at my grandparents. My grandfather remembered before there were automobiles.

My then baby daughter fell asleep on the carpet. We adults were too enthralled.

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Good afternoon!

Sabby - I too hope Joey stays in SR and comes home to that lovely dinner. And as BC said, if not, she and I will be glad to come to dinner! :yes:

(You are amazing - you brush your dogs???)

Spidey came home this morning and sat next to me in church with his head on my shoulder. Kissed me on the cheek too. Hope that doesn't change but he turns 13 on July 22 so . . . . . who knows?

Dh and I will head down the mountain to get him some birthday presents shortly. He's going to another friend's home for the afternoon.

Enjoy the rest of the day!

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