Sunday January 30 2022

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Hi Tweety

Stars glad the knee is settling down

NJ22 glad you had fun with the grands

Amo glad you found that tool, sometimes I find pop tops hard to open

Productive morning yesterday, did the baking and the laundry.  Met dad for lunch, he has a new car, same model and color as the old one, though the 2019 model.  Exercised and watched Svengoolie

Today going to church early, they moved the service up an hour as the annual meeting is afterwards, hopefully it won't be too long.  Meeting J for brunch afterwards, don't plan on making it a habit to meet Fri and Sun but given our long absence it seems appropriate.

Will start a crock pot recipe before church and finish is once I get home from brunch.  Not much else planned except exercise

Will get into the upper 20s today



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Good Morning!

Joe, hope the meeting goes well and you have a nice day.

The weather is the news here.  Well, actually the news is whether quarterback Tom Brady is retiring or not.  It was 37 degrees here this morning.  The panhandle gets into the 30's all the time but rare here so it's news.  My heater can't keep up.  It's been going nonstop all night and still hasn't reached the temp I have it set for.  Hate it.

Had a decent solo day off.  Got some rest and went to yoga.  Going over to best friends for lunch and a movie.  

Covid rates are falling significantly but the death rate doubled here.   A friend of mine has it.  He worked two years of ICU travel nursing to covid units.  He now works in a clinic as a aesthetics nurse (gives botox and stuff) and has it.  I'm still waiting my turn.  



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Hello all!

Tweety, enjoy your day!  Hi to George!  What didja have for lunch, and what movie did you see??  At least at home you can bundle up if you need to, if the heater doesn't quite bring the temp to where you want it.

Joe, what did you make in the crock pot?  I, too, think it's great you and J get together more often, to make up for the long stretches when you didn't see each other!  How is the solo practice coming? 

It is 72 degrees here, with occasional cirrus clouds which makes for very pretty sunsets.  Snow is receding on the mountains; we hope to get at least one or two more rainstorms (snow for the mountains) before summer sets its claws in and we are once again up to triple digits.

The city recently made a walking track at the park across the street.  dh has tried it out, going once around with the little doggie.  Says it's maybe quarter of a mile long.  Well, I walked 6 laps on it last night and I got different readings each time, with my phone's Fit app, which tracks steps.  Apparently it isn't as accurate with mileage!  One lap I did, rather quickly (for me): 0.22 miles.  The next I did slower, cooling down: .33 miles!!  So, I told dh it is probably a quarter mile, give or take, lol!

We had a quiet day yesterday, attended Zoom Sabbath School, then watched an episode of The Chosen, then attended the Jamkazam jam. 

I made camping reservations for two weeks in June, same as last year: at Heart Bar campground.  Our friends B & P will come up the second week and camp near us.  Some of the group that camped near us the second week last year, are planning a caravan trip up north to the Grass Valley Bluegrass Festival.  So, it may just be the four of us that second week.  Though we will miss seeing all of them, we will enjoy whatever time we have up there, and whoever we're with!  We like to play with P (she plays guitar and sings GREAT, a real country voice), and B likes to listen.  We played folk songs one night last year, around their portable fire pit -- all the old ones we grew up with.  B LOVED it, he kept asking, do you know this one?  Do you remember this one?  It was a lot of fun, and we look forward to more this year. 

We will also go to the Big Bear Alpine Zoo again, and probably go to the Nepalese restaurant there in Big Bear.  May go to their Visitor Center too, on the north shore (if it's open).  The city is about a 20-min drive from the campground.  Anyway, we love being up there and will enjoy our time up there!

Today we will meet fiddler (K) at a restaurant and maybe jam a little at home.  We were going to meet another mutual friend there, who was going to drive out to see his wife, who is in a care facility nearby (their home is in the high desert).  But, it turns out the facility doesn't allow guests on the weekend.  So he will come out during the week, and meet up with dh and they will go out to lunch then, and maybe jam afterwards.  He is a multi-instrumentalist, and we have played with him at a lot of church programs.  He just spent a day at the recording studio, and is in the middle of deciding which of the 17 pieces he recorded, he wants on a CD!  We were invited to listen to the "raw" material, and add what we think might be useful.  A work in progress!

OK, better get the laundry going, it won't wash itself!

Have a good day!

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Hi to all-

We're digging out after our blizzard, bombogenesis, bomb cyclone, whatever you want to call it.  We ended up with 28 inches of snow.  Fortunately, we never lost power, although many towns did, especially those right on the coast.  Those towns also had a lot of flooding and damage.  The puppy loves the snow.  We had to snowblow trenches in the back yard so he can run around.  He keeps asking to go out just so he can play in the snow.

Joe-what are you cooking today?

Tweety-I hope you warm up soon.  Covid rates are going down here, too, but I'm surprised that the death rate is as high as it is.

Dianah-You have some fun times scheduled!  It's good to have something to look forward to.

Hi to Stars, J22, and Amo.  Hope you are doing well.

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Yikes! Tweety, Hang onto your iguanas! I hear they are keeling off the trees down there, due to the cold. At least it doesn't kill'em, but man it is bizarre!

Joe, Thank you for posting that you did your laundry! I immediately jumped up and got one load out of the dryer, and put another load into the dryer. I only had 4 loads, but thanks to you I will be done with the last load before Nannie goes to bed. (The washer and dryer are in her room).

We didn't get our trash pickup on Friday, but I gotta empty all the wastebaskets tonight, so I hope there is room enough in the big bin! Nannie's wastebasket is in the "runneth over" mode, it seems like alllll the time! I am not just a laundress, but also a janitor. But I don't do windows. Occasionally I will squeegee the glass doors, but I think it was summer the last time I did it. Lately it's been too cold to work outside, anyway.

dianah, SOME day, hubby and I plan on taking some little trips together, and maybe we can buy, borrow, or rent an RV and toot around all over more than anyplace else! You sound like you guys have such a good time! My hubby doesn't play a banjo or any other musical instrument, but I'm gonna keep him anyway; he's a good driver. ?

BCg, I've been watching videos of dogs playing in the snow; you gotta love how much they love snow! Such enthusiasm!! // I come from the 1950's snow- shoveling days, clearing the driveway with dad and then helping get rid of the two foot pile of snow at the front of the driveway after the plows have made a few trips. It would've been great to have a snowblower for the driveway! But on the edge of the road it wouldn't be of any help. All the plowed snow turned to heavy slush and the slush turned to ice and more snow continued to get piled up on the edge of the road. And after the first day, all that snow was gray and dirty! You know how that goes, I'm sure! When I lived in Cambridge, walking several blocks to the subway was always fun (NOT!) because the sidewalks weren't hardly ever cleared. In my home town they had an excellent reputation for taking care of the roads. It was always said that you could always tell when you came to our town-line. Even our secondary roads were taken care of pretty quickly. 

Success! I got Nannie to take off ALL her clothes and put on some pajamas! Then I picked out clothes for her to wear tomorrow. I had said, "Nannie, I don't want to make you mad, but you've been wearing those clothes for 3 (really 5 or 6) days now, and I need you to take them off so I can wash them tomorrow."  I also pulled off the hangers some of the clothes that constituted some of her favorite "outfits" and added them to the washing machine. I'm sure as soon as I get her clothes washed and dried and put back up, she will change back into a 'favorite' outfit. I don't care what she wears, but at least let me wash some of the stuff at LEAST once a month!

Hubby has been crabby today but trying not to be. I know he buys those little liquor bottles and 'hides them' in Nannie's car. He then has some reason to go out to the car for something, and it is easy to tell after he's had a couple of those. He gets irritable instead of being jollier, so what's the point? I know, I know, it's a sickness and an addiction; though sometimes I'd love to say "Well, do you feel better NOW?" ...or tell him it obviously doesn't really help his depression. I reckon he knows but can't admit it to himself. And he is still smoking like he always has. When he sneezes he gets a sharp pain at his left lung (the one that collapsed twice)...I'm almost sure it is because of the scar tissue. You can tell it hurts. But he goes on smoking ... he says he is down to "almost 1/2 a pack", but I think it is more like a pack and a half. It is such an automatic reflex to reach into his chest pocket and get a cigarette and the lighter. 

I do a lot of letting go about him, as AA says to do. He very seldom has moments of light-heartedness. I feel sad for him about that. So, I continue to "give it (and him) to God".

Tomorrow is supposed to be in the middle fifties and then by Friday, maybe 60! I'll soak it up while I can. 


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