Sunday January 2 2022

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Tweety those temps sound nice

Dianah I feel the same way about snow

NJ22 I'm always impressed by those who do the polar bear plunge

Stars hope the dizziness passes

Amo I'm praying the same

Rather cold out in the morning for bird watching, were hardly any birds out anyway.  Came in and worked on bread making, seems easier now that I've done it a few times.  Starting  to run out of room in my freezer with all of the baked stuff.

Rest of the day was quiet, stayed in due to the predicted snowstorm.  Watched Svengoolie, had a decent movie on.

Woke up about half hour or 45 min early, wasn't able to fall back to sleep.  Have been looking at my sleep schedule and am making adjustments in when I take meds and when I fall asleep.  Probably need to get up and read or start the day early if I wake up and am not tired, that's the primary rule of the cognitive behavioral approach to sleep, and I haven't  been good about following it.

The predicted snowstorm looks like it was pretty mild, only a few inches.  Should have no  problems getting to church.  Will stop at Trader Joe's for a salad, might pick up some lemons and vodka so I can start on the limoncello.

Have to work on changes for the New Year too, will take some time and some research, and of course taking Covid into account.

Will  be in the 20s today, will be colder tomorrow.  Hopefully I'll be able to get bird watching in tomorrow but we'll see how cold it gets



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Good morning!

Joe, hope you have a good Sunday.  That sure is cold but it is January.

I made the regretable decision to cancel and request a refund for a trip to Costa Rica I had paid for.  It's not until March but Costa Rica, along with a good deal of the rest of the world is on the "do not travel" list.  I think in March the current surge will have ended and I probably should have waited and went but I hope to get most of my money back.  What spooked me was the return covid test to re-enter the US.  If positive, I wouldn't want to quarantine by myself there.  

I'm sure things will settle down and I'll feel good about traveling abroad again soon.  Maybe even the summer or fall.  

The lines for covid testing here are crazy long.  They are opening up more testing sites.   I read of two separate incidents of people collapsing in the long line and having to be taken to the hospital.  I missed the boat on getting a home kit as they are not to be found. I think when the CDC distributes kits I'll sign up for one.  Good thing for me is I can get tested at work Monday through Friday by calling a hotline and booking an appointment.  My boss called them Thursday and got right in an got her results within an hour.  She was negative and thought she just had a cold.   It's where our pre-op patients get theirs done before they come in for surgery.   There is so much covid around, I'm almost presuming I will get it.  

I'm still going to yoga class as I'm happy with the spacing there and I made it through the Delta surge this summer.  Then I'm going to best friend's for lunch and we'll watch a movie and head to the beach for a bit.   It's already in the 70's here.



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Good morning!  Unable to get to sleep last night so I just played solitaire.  I cleaned out most of the bedroom closet yesterday-- that probably got me wired up.  Watched some George Burns and Gracie Allen and then some Jack Benny.  Such a different time. 🙂 

Ds's gf's stepdad just tested positive for covid.  He has a sore throat and a little cough, nothing to be hospitalized for.  They (and ds and gf) are fully vaccinated, so I anticipate the illness will be light.  Ds is self-isolating, cancelled going to work (bartender) just to be safe.  I stopped by with some more N95 masks, some food, and some home covid tests, plus some cash to get them by.  We'll see how this pans out.  I'm with you, Tweety: take all precautions but assume one will get it and hopefully it will be a light case.  Dh hopes out loud that Omicron cases will be lighter when one gets them (not have to go into the hospital), and that afterwards that variant will confer protection against the other variants.  I think he thinks the more he talks about it, the stronger is the chance it will come to pass as he says. 😄 😄

I have to take a bunch of lightly-used clothes (from the closet clean-out) to Salvation Army.  And maybe stop by the grocery store.  I have a few more things I can go through, in the same closet.  I am good at ignoring things/procrastinating, and I guess this closet is my *ahem* reward.  No rest for the wicked, and the saints don't need any.   😉

It should get to a high of 58 today, no clouds forecast -- only sun.

Joe, that bread smells good!

Tweety, enjoy your yoga and say Hi to Smiling George for me/us!  What movie will you see (or do you know yet)?  Sad you cancelled Costa Rica but I certainly understand why, and it's good you got your full refund.  Bide your time just a little longer...  to be safe.

Have a good day!

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It's been rainy and relatively warm for January in New England-upper 40s.  We didn't do anything yesterday.  Today we took the puppy for a walk in a nearby park. We met a lot of dogs and their people, and Remy was covered in mud by the time we finished.  He's a very friendly dog and loves to jump on people to say hello, so we are working on more polite, less messy greetings.  He got a much needed bath when we got home.  Other than that I watched football, reviewed my patients for tomorrow, and did laundry.  Tomorrow will be cold and there's a chance of snow.  I guess winter had to show up at some point.  

Joe-I hope you can figure out the sleep stuff.  Limoncello sounds good.  I do love a lemon drop martini.  

Tweety-It's disappointing to have to cancel a trip.  I totally understand your reasoning.  It would stink to have quarantine away from home.  We have a trip to France scheduled in May.  I think the odds are 50-50 that we'll be able to go.  It's good that you can get tested at work.  I'm also assuming that I'll get it at some point.

Dianah-Sorry to hear about DS's GF's step-dad.  I hope he does well, and the rest of the family doesn't get it.  I have the same hope as your DH as far as the immunity thing.  Believe it to achieve it, lol! I hope you sleep well tonight.

J22-You crazy!!  I can't get myself to do a Polar Plunge.  I'm ok with cold water; it's the getting out part I don't like!

Amo-I hope you get to see the Mummer's parade.  

Stars-Hope you had a good day today.

See you all tomorrow!

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BCg, If you've swum at Good Harbor Beach in Gloucester, have done a polar plunge! That's some mighty COLD water to swim in; I speak from experience. But we didn't plunge until we were numb up to our upper waded in a little at a time. Once we plunged, we came up gasping! But, I, too, admire and think j22 is crazy for doing an Official Polar Plunge!

Tweety, I have a feeling that you won't regret canceling your trip to Costa Rica. I mean Omicron may 'fade', but I think the variants will continue to have variants which will continue to have variants. Kind of pessimistic, I know, but you are right about not wanting to have quarantine there!!!

Joe, I would have no objection to receiving frozen home-made bread....just to help you out with the lack of space in your freezer, mind you. 😋 I'm a good, helpful kid, you know; my mother used to say so. // I, too, along with you and Tweety, am going to attempt to have better sleep hygiene. I have been staying up until 3 AM reading, getting up again several times...for either my bladder or for Ozzie's bladder's demands. Then I sometimes get up a while after that, give Nannie her breakfast, take my daytime meds, and go back to bed to give the meds 'time' in which to work. By the time I wake up again it can be 12:30 -1:00 PM, and I really don't want to sleep ALL day!!! Here's hoping, and fingers crossed I can succeed.

I was proud of myself for starting today's 2 loads of laundry around 2:30 PM. Then, I switched one load to the dryer and the other to the washer...and promptly forgot all about it until Nannie was going to bed around 8:30 PM. ( The washer and dryer are in her room, which used to be the sewing room and laundry room.) Well the things in the dryer were dry but wrinkled, and of course the stuff in the washer was ready for the dryer, BUT! I just gave it up and will (hope I remember to) toss the dry stuff with a damp towel, and then when that is done, put the washed things in the dryer. I think I have some kind of thing about doing laundry because I am sooooo excellent at forgetting to finish it all.

Today was our last warm day at 73 degrees. Tomorrow I think the high will be 48 (ugh) plus we will be getting a LOT of rain!

Very proud of myself tonight, because my clumsy thumb pressed a wrong button on the remote and totally lost the audio. I eventually, after failing 3-4 times at restoring it, found a place on 'settings' to REBOOT the cable box. So I hit that button and after a minute the screen said "Your TV will return in a moment." And lo and behold, it did, WITH the audio restored. I amazed myself!

Hi j22, dianah, amoLu, and all ships at sea!

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