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Sunday January 5, 2020

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Good morning!

Herring.  Hope the healing continues.  Thanks for the vids.  

Stars, I remember "The Real McCoys" but only vaguely.   I think my parents watched it.  If you want to feel old, some of the surviving cast members are in their 70's and 80's now.

AmoLucia, what did you wind up making?

J22, I know what you mean about wanting solitude.  Hope the bum knee doesn't get worse.

When I make a soup recipe I always cut down on the broth to make it more like a thick stew.  Not much into soups but I do make a lot of soup recipes this way.  

Didn't do much yesterday but relax and go to the gym.  Spent a good deal of time looking at places to stay in Fort Lauderdale next month.  Many are booked and rooms are expensive.  One place I almost picked had a four night minimum for over $1200.  Most places are expensive this time of year due to it being the "season".  I don't want just a room with a bed, but room to relax and perhaps cook light meals.   Seems a bit extravagant.  I'll ponder it some more, but might just continue to save the money for either another trip overseas.  

Not much on the agenda today.  I want to take a beach walk but it's barely 50 degrees and the "cold" would make it unpleasant.   High of only low 60's.  It was 80 degrees this weekend when I was working of course.  Yesterday it rained and it's cold day.   Bleh

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Morning Tweety

Much of yesterday was spent at my sister's, or driving to and from.  We finally got a chance to open Christmas presents.  Spent a lot of time reading to my niece and her showing me all of her Christmas presents.  I figured if I spent time with her that would give my dad and sister more time to talk.  A bit unusual as I didn't think I was good with kids, but maybe I was wrong 

Rest of the day I reserved for cooking and watching anime and relaxing.  Ran an errand or two in the morning before I left

Today have choir and church. No anthem today so the choir will meet briefly to practice a hymn for today that the congregation is unfamiliar with

Gay group meets this afternoon so J and I decided to meet for an early dinner instead of brunch.  He got back from CA yesterday morning and is still pretty tired

Weather wil be over 40 today but in the 30s the rest of the week

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Good morning all!

herring, I love the music histories you post!  Any stories...  Our friend C, a pastor and a musician, is very knowledgeable about music history, much as you are.  He always has some story or tidbit to throw in the mix!  He is fun to play music with.

Tweety, good you did your beach outing, even if it was 50 degrees!  The beach is still beautiful!

Joe, nice of you to give your niece your time, and the adults time to talk.  I'm sure it was appreciated on all levels. 

J22, hope your knee is stable.

Dh and I dressed dapper and went to walk around Disneyland yesterday late afternoon.  Wanted to see the lights/decorations one more time, and to re-up our passes.  It was a beautiful day, and was pretty crowded but we enjoyed just walking (11,000+ steps), and people-watching, and listening to music! 

We ate dinner at a buffet at a restaurant in the Grand Californian Hotel, and afterwards wandered through their huge lobby.  It is decorated Art Deco and Craftsman-inspired PLUS at Christmas they make and display a huge gingerbread house -- lights and all!  AND sell hot drinks (cocoa, hot cider, coffee, etc) and Christmas confections.  Last year we discovered the gingerbread men, and ARE THEY GOOD!!!  We bought a dozen to take home!

Got to see the light show on the castle, twice!  And rode the train around the park to see the lights on It's A Small World and ride through the Primordial Forest and Grand Canyon dioramas. 

One disappointing thing happened.  With the crowds, everyone is intent on having a good time, and overwhelmingly are patient having to stand in lines and endure other ppl -- we are all there for the same thing!  Well, while in line waiting for the train to arrive, a man walked around those sitting on benches (in line) to make his way to the front of the line.  He bypassed ppl who had been sitting there before WE arrived.  Dh spoke to him as he passed us, asking him about it.  "Well, I'm in line," he said, and continued on his way.  His family followed.  It was very rude, and sad to see.   Disneyland is not the place for conflicts but in thinking on this (dh and I have talked, and really, nothing done would have helped the situation -- which is the man's attitude!) -- when we were let through the gate for boarding, I should have hollered for everyone to let him on first, he is VERY important!!  Well, that would not have helped him, I'm afraid.  And I would have come off as rude!  Best to let it go. 

Dh got a chance for a long chat with J, his friend who plays bass in the Royal Street Bachelors.  Oh my they did talk! 

We were stopped by the Storm Troopers in Galaxy's Edge, who were looking for "a wookie.  But if we don't find him, you'll do!"  (dh and his long white beard and his top hat!!)

So, next time we go all the landscaping will be changed, and the Christmas lights and decorations will be gone.  They are up for almost two months, and come down after 1/7.  One of our favorite banjo players will be back then.  Banjo doesn't go with Dickens-type arrangements, so he is kind of on hiatus until after Christmas.  Then we can catch him and the Strawhatters playing on Main Street.

We got home around 11pm. 

Hope you have a good day today!

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Good very late morning. 

Here is another example of a beautiful melody sung with different lyrics over the decades and a couple centuries. Here are very old lyrics from Ireland. Scottish people sang different words long ago:


The next is how I first heard the song at Gerdes Folk City in New York when we drove cross country for the 1964 World's Fair. As sung by Bonnie Dobson it was written by John Calhoun to commemorate his friend Peter Emberley, who was killed in a lumbering accident. A true story of a disaster. She was a beautiful redhead with a beautiful voice:


Bob Dylan used the tune for two songs. The first was "The Ballad Of Donald White":




He altered the melody a bit and gave it a different beat for "I Pity The Poor Immigrant"


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Good Afternoon -

herring_RN - I appreciate the videos that you post here! Thanks! Gonna listen to them later this evening.

Just got back from a brief "power-walk" with Amy. It's COLD outside!! But we needed the exercise. (Or at least I needed the exercise!!) It's tough to get motivated to go outside and do our power-walk thing with the cold, wintery weather.

Church was nice. The choir sounded lovely. They'll be learning new anthems to sing for the Lenten/Easter season. Not sure what I'm going to do for the rest of this afternoon and evening. I might finally focus on finishing a composition that I started several weeks ago. Right now?!?!? I feel like taking a nap. I just caught myself falling asleep at the computer (again) as I was typing this post. L O L!

Hope all have an uneventful afternoon and evening for what's left of this day.


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Geez, Tweety, "if you want to feel old..." Really? Might I remind you, in a snooty tone of voice (and a big smile) that I already AM now 70 years old, so I could qualify as a "surviving cast-member,"  if I'd been on a TV show. Honestly, you young whippersnappers of age 60  ...tsk-tsk! No respect! 

There is an even older show...Jungle Boy, or Jungle Stories ... that played on Saturday mornings. I remember some weird character's voice saying, "Twang your Magic Twanger, Froggy!" and then there was a camera shot of a frog, who was saying, "Hiya, hiya, hiya." To tell you the truth, it creeped me out, and I was pre-adolescent before I stopped screaming if my brother chased me with a frog in his hands. Never was afraid of spiders or snakes, just frogs and yellow- jackets. Being older now, I'm over the fears of those two.

And, by the way, when I make soup, I usually ladle out the food and leave 96% of the broth behind. (Scientifically measured, of course.)

We had another unpleasant 3 & 1/2 hour tantrum from you-know-who, as a continuation from last night's debacle; she continued to pack to go....nowhere, actually, as there is no other place for her to go. But telling her that is like throwing light-bulbs at a cement wall. Then she pretended to nap, and 30 minutes later was all loud and cheery and complimentary. During the worst of it,  I was quite EXCELLENT and did NOT say any of the sharp, mean, wicked, ugly things that went through my mind. I just prayed for God to help me keep my mouth closed. 

So, anywayssssss... I guess it'll soon be time to turn on America's Funniest Home Videos for what's'er'name.

Tawk whichoos laydah awn.

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