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Sunday February 21 2021

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NJ22 that seems like excessive for a volunteer application

Hi Herring

Amo I can get cold at night too, but I find  that wearing more to bed seems to make me too hot, but extra blankets don't, which is odd

Hi Dianah

Stars I tend to live in my head as well.  Trying to do that less with mindfulness

Vestry online retreat wasn't bad, only three and half hours, less than was expected.  Lots of talk about various spiritual matters, our own history and the church's history, etc...only significant discussion was about repair to the rectory and whose bid to accept.

Ran some errands afterwards and later exercised and did a little cross stitch.  Watched Stooges but skipped Svengoolie

Slept good last night, went back to regular melatonin and added mag ox.  Stomach seems fine

Today will be going to in person church followed by virtual coffee hour.  Have some cooking to do afterwards, along with the usual cross stich and exercise.  Have some errands to run too

Have been trying harder to practice mindfulness during the day.  Also trying to pay more attention to breathing, was reading a book on how importance it is how you breathe

Weather will be in the upper 30s, quite a bit warmer than it has been. A few inches of snow expected this afternoon/evening but it won't be much 




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Good Morning -

Was placed On Call, last night. Did not get Called In. It's always nice when that happens. Overall, had a fairly good night's sleep (although I did wake up around 4:30 AM, as I often do).

I am off from work for the next couple of nights. However, I told the night Shift Director that I'd work for her tonight if she needed the night off. (She's the one who needs a kidney transplant. Her week-ends involves 12-hour shifts which are hard for her.)

It's a BEAUTIFUL sunny day outside, today! It's also cold, but not as cold as it has been. Amy and I might go for a walk outside, later today. In the meanwhile, we're getting ready to video-record (yet) another one of Amy's cooking segments. 

Nothing much else going on. I hope all are well, and all keep well! Peace! 🙂


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Hello Joe, Ted, Tweety, No Stars, nursej22, Rose Queen, amoLucia, and whoever posts later.

I was half asleep listening to the radio in bed. They were interviewing some of the Washington D.C. teachers and school employees waiting to be vaccinated, and waiting 15 minutes after.

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Hi. It is not sunny here, nor beautiful, or even cold. It is raining: drip, drip, drip. I started to clean up a work space down stairs, and someone is now in a snit because I moved his stuff and he told me he would clean it up. And yet he is watching cooking shows on the television. I am hoping to get seeds planted today. I am not sure if I wait for Mr. Huffy to clear the space, or just proceed with my seed planting. 

Youngest ds and I went to breakfast for the first time since early December and it was pretty good. We had our usual waitress who is funny and friendly. I had my usual plain waffle and bacon. I only eat one piece and the rest comes home for dog treats. Ds still feels really tired from his 2nd shot, but no fever or pain. 

We went to 2 plant nurseries in the Seattle area yesterday. I got some violas because they are tough enough to put out now in my deck boxes, and a new sage plant for my herb planter. I grow, sage, rosemary, oregano and parsley on the deck just outside the kitchen so I can do a quick snip when I cook. dh purchased some flowering bulbs. And we stopped for a late lunch/early dinner at a steak house. He had salmon, I had a blue cheese pecan chopped salad. 

I have sort of slacked on mindfulness. I use an app on my phone that reminds me to breath. It coaches you through a minute of mindful slow breaths. I seem to be having more episodes of a fib, and the controlled breathing seems to help. 

Anyway, have a good afternoon/evening. 



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Late afternoon, early evening

I yam EX-hausted! I did a LOT of the cleaning/dusting in my horror of a room. Nowhere near done, but had to call it off because I had said I would put together a casserole for supper. It'll be ready in about 10-15 minutes.

I will tell you something weird --- I sleep-ate last night. In other words, I apparently decided to eat a piece of chocolate, and then fell back to sleep. This morning when I sat up (no dizzies) I looked and thought I had bled all over my pillowcase and the corner of my comforter! Nope. Not blood. Chocolate!!! EGADS! I should not be allowed to leave any food near my bed if that's going to become a problem! I just couldn't believe it, but as they say on all those crime shows we watch, "Forensic evidence doesn't lie." How completely  embarrassing!

The robins have arrived en force ... they are EVERYWHERE!!! It ain't been '6 more weeks of winter' as foretold by Puxatawney Phil, unless he was 'reading' the upper-middle USA's shadows. Hard to do from the state of PA, I would think.  Anyway, I believe the robins.

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