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Sunday February 10, 2019

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Stars, my mother does the obituary thing, too!!!

She did it yesterday, with: Did you go to school with a Kathleen Horn? Well, she died.

Okay. Never mind that I don't keep in touch with anybody from high school.

You always share interesting video, herring.

I would really enjoy working only two shifts a week.

That would be perfect.

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Good evening!

NurseJ22 - my son and his family live near Seattle and it has been snowing on them.  They got 8 inches overnight.  Daughter is in Portland.

My grandson turned 3 yesterday.  Didn't get to go see him as I'm covering for our manager while she takes a week off.  

Took my mother-in-law out for Chinese food.  Spent some time with her at the ranch.  She is getting frail and those tremors are getting worse.  Sometimes her leg won't move.  She is tough to get around and the snow made it worse.  Still, she had a good time. 

Sipping wine and thinking about watching reruns of NCIS. Love me some Mark Harmon.  😎😜😍🤣

Hope y'all are good!

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OMG, j22! Thank you!!!  I can't believe you found that clip!   Amazing, isn't he?

 But you know what I think sometimes when I see someone agile and/or athletic 'doing their thing', whether it's sports or entertainment?  I think that yeah, they do that all SO WELL now, and I admire their dedication and hard work, to make something difficult look so easy ... but in their later years they'll be feeling all that previous hard work coming back on them in an entirely different way.

Sometimes I secretly 'hurt' for some people, even when admiring their skills. Or it could be that I am just jealous 🤣 *MY* pain is not from endless training, and nothing so exotic as to originate from doing my own stunts on TV or in a movie might cause.

But that's okay, because I would truly HATE to be famous! Because then I might find pictures of myself in the ENQUIRER about how much I had aged since my glory days.

This fantastical-philosopical flight of a runaway-brain following it's own path is brought to you courtesy of the makers of Xanax. Ask YOUR doctor if it's right for YOU! Furthermore, the writer of this post can not be responsible for any confusion that might ensue.

Beddy-by time!





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