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Sunday December 29, 2019

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Good Morning!

BC, take care.  I do hope you're not going to deteriorate.

Joe, butternut squash and orange foods like sweet potatoes lends itself well in dishes that use black beans.  The recipe I wanted to make was a  Feijoada (Brazilian Black Bean Stew) that uses the squash instead of meat.  

Ted, that sounds like a nice vacation with your mother.  That must have been in my abscess as I don't remember that at all.  But memories fades me I've noticed.

Herring, sounds like you've been on a roll with post-Christmas clean up.

J22, glad you're feeling better and well enough to exercise.  Actually the PB&J wasn't too unhealthy....sprouted whole grain bread, fresh almond butter (no salt or sugar) and organic jelly (with real sugar though).  

Stars, all the best.  Glad you found some jeans and a moment of happiness in finding them. These days what makes me happy is pretty easy too.

After bragging about losing four pounds over the Christmas holidays I knew stepping on the scale I would be higher, because that's just how karma works for me.  Yes, I gained a pound in a day.  But that's how things go.   😂

Work was nice.  No admissions and census was low such that when we had two discharges we had to let a nurse go....and it was me.  I had no patients at the time and there was a charge capable nurse that agreed to let me go.  I left two hours early.  Had a nice walk with SlowBro and wasted time before bed.

We'll be slow in the coming days as no elective surgeries, but I am hoping hospital wide the census improves after the new year.  It's our "season" and usually it jumps up but so far it hasn't much.  But really things crank up in January usually and I'll be screaming about being short staffed.

Hope everyone has a great day.  

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Morning Tweety 

Yesterday was fairly quiet.  Too damp and cold to spend much time outside. Instead did some cooking, stopped at the arboretum to check out their gift shop, then picked up some things for New Years Eve.  Going to make mojitos and stay in and avoid all the crazy drivers 

Today have church (no choir today)  Also going to my sister's to open gifts after church.  Won't be there long as my dad wants to get back before it gets dar, which it does fairly early now

Weather will be up to 60 today, we might see some rain

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Good morning-

I'm feeling better today, so fingers crossed I have escaped the flu.  It's sunny but cool, but I think I want to bundle up and go for a walk. I need some fresh air and sunshine.  

A co-worker of mine just got a bad diagnosis, and I am going to try to get her in to see a MD friend of a friend in Boston. My friend will help facilitate the connection. I feel badly-she has no family around here and very few friends.  I will try to do whatever I can to help, and I'm not going to complain about my little aches and pains anymore, at least not for today.

Tweety-I'm glad you got to leave early.  That's always a nice surprise.  

Joe-Enjoy your time at your sister's.

Take care, all.

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Hubby is cleaning the house and just told me I will be 'stuck in my room' for the next 30 minutes, as he is about the wash and wax the floors in the foyer and the kitchen. Ozzie and I are comfy on the bed and looking forward to the 30 minutes of 'forced' peace and quiet. 😊

I have to straighten out my room and the closet. Put away clean clothes and shred some papers. Then, on to the computer links from my sister.

67 degrees right now, with light intermittent rain showers. 71 tomorrow, and sunny after AM rain. 57 on Monday and sunny. No complaints about the weather here. But I saw on-line where a cop up North in the terrible winter weather, JUST escaped being crushed by a jack-knifing 18-wheeler barreling toward him and tipping over as he ran and then leapt out of the way; WHEW!

Anyway, I may stop by later to see what others are up to....Have a good'n, y'all!

Hope all are feeling better or even FINE today.

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I hope we will all be as healthy as possible.

More rain expected tonight. Yesterday evening Duke opened the back gate because the post sunk and created a gap. He was sitting on the front porch. I was really concerned because he is hard of hearing and wouldn't hear me calling him. The gate is now closed with the backup inside bolt. I'll fix it today.  

As Roseanne Roseannadana (Gilda Radner) said,  "Just goes to show IT'S ALWAYS SOMETHING!"


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Good Evening -

Just ate a delicious dinner. Amy made one of her gluten-free pizzas, made with only the finest and tastiest ingredients. Yum!

Work, last night, was somewhat "Q". At the beginning of the shift, the ICU was closed. Because the entire healthcare system is upgrading Meditech, and everyone who uses this program needs to take the on-line "How To Use" course, both of us ICU nurses were floated to the Med/Surg floor so that the staff there can finish these courses. Thankfully, one Med/Surg RN already finished the entire on-line course. The other Med/Surg RN has almost completed all of the learning modules. So, rather than take an assignment, we simply helped answer bells, and helped keep the "natives" "Q". One "native" was thoroughly confused, yelling out and attempting to climb out of bed. . . frequently. We all took turns keeping him safe. (Honestly? I get tired of the dramatically confused patient. So, I moaned and groaned before entering the room. But, the patient received good and safe care.) FINALLY, his psych meds kicked in and he fell to sleep for the rest of the night. Still, I stayed outside this patient's door throughout most of the night to ensure his safety. From about midnight to 0500, the night was "Q". At around 4:45 AM, the night Shift Director came to me, asked if she could go home early, and asked if I could take over as Shift Director for the remainder of the shift. She said that she was not feeling well. Quite frankly, she didn't look well either. All was well at 4:45 AM. I sure wasn't doing much of anything at that point. Of course I said, "Yes". So, at around 5:00 AM, there was the (usual) "passing of the baton", when I took over as Shift Director, and she went home to rest. And, soon afterward, the relatively "Q" night went away. Just after the "passing of the baton", I received word that there would be an ICU admission. It was a "CIWA Patient". (Ugh!) A "Frequent Flyer CIWA Patient". (Double UGH!) My fellow ICU Nurse was NOT happy, mainly because  he was left the task to do the admission process while I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. (That's a long story all by itself which I might tell another day.) Of course, I helped him out as best as I could, give the situation I was facing. Because also at around 5:00 AM, there was a RN who called in sick for the Med/Surg floor, and I was left with the task, as Shift Director, to find a replacement. I made all kinds of phone calls PLEADING to have a staff nurse, on his or her day off, to come in and work either part or all of a 12-hour shift. I left a whole bunch of phone messages to sleeping off-duty nurses, and got a couple of "Hell No's" as well. In addition to these things, I finished up obligatory paper and computer work that the sickly Shift Director left behind. (Triple Ugh!) 7:00 AM finally came around, and I "Passed the Baton" to the Day Shift Director, satisfied knowing that all important tasks were either initiated or completed.

After work, there was the usual Choir Rehearsal and Church Service. The choir sounded great, and the church service was nice. My head finally hit the pillow at around 1:30 PM. I woke up at around 4:30 PM, and I've been up ever since. 

Officially, I am off from work tonight! However, I told the sickly night Shift Director that if she was still feeling sickly to call me and I'll work for her. So far she hasn't called me. I'll keep my phones' ringers on just in case, though. She did not look good this morning. As I've shared here before, she needs a normal functioning kidney. She needs a kidney transplant. It could be years before she receives one, IF she receives one at all. 

In the meanwhile, I'm in my studio. After I'm done typing all of these words here to you, I'm going to finish putting together the "2013 Vacation in Hawaii with Mom" video which I started editing together yesterday.

Hope all have a peaceful night tonight. 🙂


Edited by Ted

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Hullo. We just got home from watching the latest Star Wars movie: Rise of Skywalker. It was pretty good, and I stayed awake for most of it. We met dd, her ex, and the 2 grandsons there to watch together. Near the end of the movie, when a main character dies, I was overcome with sadness for my grandsons, who will find out tomorrow that their school principal and her therapy dog have died. 

Youngest ds and I went out for our usual Sunday morning breakfast, and about an hour later I went for another run. The sun was out and the temperature was mild, so other than my complaining calves and heaving chest, it was quite pleasant. And now, we are preparing to watch the final regular season game of football. 

Tweety, that is pretty sweet that you got to go home early. Your PB&J sounds delicious. I've never had almond butter, but I like roasted almonds for snacking. 

Stars, good for you for getting organized for your phone calls tomorrow. Regarding not being connected via electronics, I draw the  line about having one of those smart speakers like Alexa. And the pacemaker people expect me to have this doodad plugged in next to my bed so it can transmit every night. No thanks, I feel like they just want to mine data. 

Ted, you are a good person for filling in. Hopefully a  kidney is available soon. 

Herring glad your dog is safe. Angus seems to always  find any unlatched gate. I usually find him sitting on the front porch. I worry that he will follow some random person walking down the sidewalk and get lost. 

Joe, I hope you family time was enjoyable. 

BCg, best wishes to your friend. 

Good night

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