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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Sunday - August 22nd, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning -

First. . . BCgradnurse - I'm embarrassed to admit that I don't remember the exact day, but Best Wishes to you and yours on your wedding. I know that this hurricane is forcing you to make some touch decisions with regards to the location of your wedding. But whatever happens, whenever it happens, you're having a wonderful wedding, and I wish the two of you a lifetime of happiness.

Well. . . I'm at work. It's night two of three in a row. Tonight (now, early morning), I'm playing the role of Mr. Shift Director. However, I spent the first 5+ hours of my 12-hour shift as a much-needed 3rd pair of hands in the Emergency Room. It was just crazy-busy there, for most of the day, actually. Our teeny-tiny ICU got an admission, and the Med/Surg floor got three. So, our entire teeny-tiny hospital was hopping with all kinds of busy-ness. Now, all seems to be settling down nicely. (I won't say the "Q" word, of course. . . ).

The Big News, of course, is this hurricane Henri, which is making its way towards the northeast coast. Our area of the world is expected to get high winds and LOTS of rain. If I understand the trajectory correctly, the area where I live can get as much as 6" of rain. Not good. I really, really, really hope our basement doesn't get flooded. Again! I do have a pump in it now, which I hope will help keep any flooding from happening in our basement. Hopefully the pump will keep up as the rain presents itself these next couple of days. As for work?!? I received a phone call from the "Administrator-on-Call" (who is the Shift Director's "boss") telling me not to put anyone "On Call", and to offer the employees the option and opportunity to sleep in the  hospital after their shift, rather than risk driving home in the high winds and torrential rainfall. Everyone was given this notice, of course. Everyone seems to want to go home after work, though, including me.  Actually, the effects of this hurricane is expected to present itself around 6:00 PM, this evening. This is when I will be driving to work. The winds and rain is expected to significantly subside by Monday morning, hopefully at the end of my shift when I'll be driving home from work (at 7:00 AM in the morning).  Hopefully no significant damage will take place, and that people will remain safe.

I'm off from work Monday. Amy is scheduled to work then. Hopefully she won't have to battle any lasting effects of the on-coming storm.

Taking the puppy outside for potty-time, when there'll be high winds and rain, will be interesting and a challenge. We'll just have to resign ourselves to the fact that we, and the dog, are going to get mighty wet. (Ugh!) (Hopefully the wind won't blow away our beloved puppy!)

Sure do wish some of this rain was happening on the west coast where they need it the most.

If anyone lives near where this storm is expected to land, I hope you all remain safe and sound. Hope all simply have a safe and restful Sunday.


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Ted here's hoping you don't get stuck at work and no flooding

NJ22 hope the technical issues get settled

Hi Tweety

BC you'll probably be married by the time you read this, so congratulations!  Hope Henri didn't end up disrupting things too much

Stars glad were able to get an injection scheduled

Was a fairly quiet day yesterday.  Got out early for birdwatching, but not many birds there.  Wonder if it's just a lull or if they're migrating out of the area.  Rather hot and humid even in the morning

Given the hot weather it was probably unwise to make a sweet potato pie, but I did anyway.  Afterwards went with dad to lunch.  Heard yet more stories about his ladyfriend's struggles with her mentally ill daughter.  Wish I had more advice to give, but I don't have much of a background in BH

Watched Stooges and Svengoolie.  Still having problems with reception, especially for Svengoolie.  Not quite sure what to do about that

Today have church and a special vestry meeting afterwards.  Going to meet with the call committee and discuss the search process.

J and I were thinking of meeting for lunch after that, but his AC has now completed died and with having the windows open his allergies are very bad.  We'll try again later in the week once the AC is fixed

Going to be another hot and humid day I think.  Rain should hold off


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Soooo...we had to go to Plan C for the wedding. There is already flooding at our original venue, so we had to cancel.  We are going to get married at home, where the storm isn't so bad.  The caterer is going to drop off food, my sister got flowers, and a good portion of our guests will come by. We'll have the religious ceremony, but will deal with legalities tomorrow as our wedding license is for another state.   It is what it is.  The important thing is that we'll get married.  I'm no longer stressed.  I had the worse migraine I every had in my life last night from stress.  I'm so glad I feel better today.

Ted-stay safe.  Western MA into NY is supposed to get some heavy rain and wind.  

AMO-I hope you didn't get slammed in NJ.  

Take care all.


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BC congratulations!

Ted I remember one tropical storm when I was working night shift and day shift called off in large numbers but all of us on nights made it home.  One storm my late Cesar went outside through his doggie door oblivious of the wind and rain.  My current too are a bit ire delicate.

Better day today at work but no tech.  

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BC - congrats to you & new dh. Isn't there some truism that bad weather on a wedding day makes for a good marriage?!? Wishing you the best.


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Bcg- Plan C? Well, as long as it's workable, "git'er-done"! And a big  CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! 

I used to kid my kid-brother that he always had Plans A, or A-1-2-or-3, then B, or B 1-2-or-3-, C, or C 1-2-or-3 and D etc, but then he would end up using Plan G-9. Talk about being flexible! (Or maybe indecisive?) He might've known what was happening at any point in time, but he was a bit hard to keep track of; we got used to hearing about...whatever...AFTER the FACT!

So, my right shoulder is wishing it could get the shot NOW, not the 10th of September. I ache down the shoulder muscle to the elbow, all the way back up into my collar-bone and up the tendons in the right side of my neck. I have the shoulder all patched up, but it is difficult to put two patches on and then pull up a bra-strap and get the t-shirt back on without the corners and edges of the patches rolling up. I said very BAD cuss-words while I was wrangling with that! OH WELL. I know my lower back will be happy to get the shot day-after-tomorrow.

Ballgame is over, we won again 3-2 😃 . Then Nannie asked, "What playground are they playing on tomorrow?" 🤣 The answer is, they will be at the home playground in Atlanta; the Braves will be playing The N.Y. Yankees. The word 'playground' IS kinda-sorta ---well, in the ballpark, so to speak....

Guys, I feel crappy, achey and the AM meds have not helped calm things down. It is uncomfortable to hold a paperback or magazine or newspaper. Tried a sling to hold up my arm, but it hurts my shoulder to have pressure on the elbow, but letting my shoulder hang down helps a little bit, but after a minute or so, gotta move it around. Pillow arrangements work the same way ... okay for a while, BUT THEN...!!! As David Bowie and Queen sang, I am "Under Pressure".

No more typing today.

Everyone please stay dry and grounded. Unless there's flooding, then FLOAT! I will be glad when this particular round of weather will leave the USA!

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