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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Sunday - April 25th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

Tweety - I read the post that you wrote, yesterday, on FB (and that you wrote here). Please forgive the cliche, but we are only human. It seems that your assignment was unfair, quite frankly. In general, these are difficult times. I truly believe that, as a nation (and as a world community), we are or will be suffering a certain measure of PTSD from the pandemic. So, fried nerves is almost to be expected. So, enjoy the next few days off from work. Relax and unwind.

We're still seeing people walking through our ER doors who end up being newly positive for Covid-19. If they're (relatively) stable with minimal symptoms, then those individuals are sent home. If their symptoms are more serious, they're transferred to our larger sister hospital. It's not as prevalent as it was a year ago, thank goodness. But the pandemic lives on. In our area, there's an up-tick of positive cases, which is disconcerting. People are not wearing masks, and/or congregating in larger groups. It seems that people are letting down their guard. All of this makes me a bit anxious, for sure. Amy and I are faced with the real possibility of re-re-rescheduling our trip to Italy (currently planned for this fall). Again. Hopefully we'll still be able to go as planned, but Italy, and many of the European nations, are also seeing an up-tick of this virus. Please forgive me for venting, but it's all so very frustrating.

Aside from living life through this pandemic, all is OK. Although Amy and I did our 2-mile power-walk, yesterday was a day of rest. Yesterday afternoon and evening we binge-watched "Schitt's Creek" which is comedy show. It's freakin' hilarious, actually! (Warning: If you decide to watch it, expect "adult language"!) Friday night, I was placed On Call and did not get Called In. THAT was very much welcomed!

Thursday night, I played the role of Mr. Shift Director. Although the hospital was relatively "Q" that night, it was a night from hell from an IT/computer software/Omnicell point-of-view!! Thursday night into Friday, there was a planned Downtime! (I forgot all about this when I chose to work as Shift Director!!! Ugh!!!) Downtime is when our entire healthcare system updates/upgrades its software program that involves charting, MD ordering, eMar, etc.. (We use Meditech Expanse, which is a software program from hell on a normal day!!) So, in addition to the Downtime, there was an additional issue where the pharmacy could not get newly ordered medications to be obtained (by the nurses) from our Omnicells (which "houses" ALL of the medications!). Not Good. I spent a good portion of the night attempting to problem-solve this unfortunate issue with pharmacy (which happens to be the pharmacist at our larger sister hospital - located about 27 miles away - during nights and week-ends). (That particular pharmacist at our larger sister hospital, that night, was NEW!! He had to consult his supervisor to help problem-solve our issue. Ugh!) (Lots and lots of phone calls!!) At least the patients in the hospital were OK. (My nerves were fried, though.) Downtime ended about 5:00 AM the following morning. The frustrating issue with our hospital's Omnicells also ended around that time, too.

Today? There's church this morning. I'm scheduled to work tonight as Mr. ICU Nurse. Hopefully work will be "Q". 

I hope all have a restful weekend. Peace. . . 


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Ted I hope your trip to Italy doesn't end up being rescheduled.  We have a family reunion in 2 months, remains uncertain whether or not we are going to go ahead with it

Amo visitng providers are a rarity today, glad you found one

Stars hope the family drama dies down.  I hope your step dgt can find some relief, despite the doctors not being helpful

Yesterday turned out OK, despite having some unexplained anxiety and a feeling of being "off" somehow.  Rains held off so I was able to get outside in the morning.  Did some cleaning and exercised.  Chopped vegetables in preparation for making soup today.  Watched Svengoolie though the movie was only so-so

Slept better as I went to bed a bit later in the evening.  But had some strange and disturbing dreams, which is unusual for me.

Today have church, bell choir is performing this morning so have to get there a bit early.   Easier now that we've gone back to having 2 services and playing at the later one.   Have to make soup today and exercise

Will be cooler today, in the 40s.  But later this week will be much warmer, up  to the 80s by Tuesday I think


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Good Morning!

Stars, sorry to hear about DIL's troubles.  

Amo, good luck with the provider visits.  Agree it's quite unprofessional to not return phone calls.

Joe, hope you have a good day.  I might make some soup today myself.

Ted, thanks for the kind words and support.  Covid is alive and well here as well.  Florida had nearly 8,000 cases on Friday.  sigh....  The good news is we have the best vaccination rate for seniors in the country and I think demand is still robust.  Hospitalizations remain manageable but stubborn.  I think it's the same in Europe.  Hope things settle down so we can travel.  I decided I going to try to go to India next because I must the see Taj Mahal again.  I saw it as a kid vacationing when dad was stationed in Thailand.  Then was reading about covid in India and they've had a million cases in just three days and are in crisis.  OMG.

Going to work in a few to catch up on my education that's due in a few days so I won't be hassled by management and snap back at them "when the f do I have time with these unsafe and unmanageable working conditions, and I'm not saying after work when I work 14 hours a day".  LOL

Going to watch one of the Oscar nominated movies on Amazon with best friend tonight.  Haven't decided which.  I won't stick around and watch the Oscars.  Too boring but will check in the AM who won.

Have a great day.




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Cool and rainy here, after an absolutely glorious day yesterday.  We visited Fiance's parents yesterday.  They have aged in a year.  His father cannot walk for any distance anymore.  It's sad to see.

There's been lots of drama here with my BIL with cancer.  His PET scan of his brain was clear, but he seems to be decompensating mentally.  He's being very mean to my sister and has become extremely paranoid.  My sister had to get out of there.  She's currently out of state visiting a cousin.  His sisters are going to talk to him today.  In other circumstances, I think my sister would ask him to leave, but he's so sick.  My priority is her, however, and my other sister and I will do what it takes to help her maintain her well being.  She is somewhat fragile emotionally under the best of circumstances, and these are certainly not good circumstances.

I'm scheduled for my fundoplication revision surgery tomorrow.  I'm on liquids only today, so I'm grouchy.  I'm going to treat myself to a smoothie from local place for lunch, and I'm making carrot soup for dinner.  I will be glad to have this over with.

Ted-We postponed our Europe trip for August, and rescheduled for May 2022.  It's disappointing.  Sorry you had such a crappy night with technology.

Joe-I hope the bell choir's performance goes well today.

Tweety-I wish things at work were better.  I really liked "Nomadland".  I also want to see Minari.

Hope all have a good, relaxing day today, whatever you're doing.

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I’m sitting and waiting for the vaccine clinic to open. I am only here for the morning and it’s possible they may send me home early due to low number of appointments. That is disappointing but at least we will get some doses given. 
Yesterday was dd’s 40th birthday. Once she gets shot #2 she is going to visit friends on Portland. We are going to her house tonight to share the cake her boys are making her. 
Stars, that is rough for your DIL.Our state has had medical marijuana for years and it has helped many. We have recreational mj too and we never got the predicted rise in crime and MVAs. 
BCg, your Poor sister is having a rough go as well. Luckily she plenty of support. 
Tweety I’ve been following the mess in India. So sad. 
Ted, EMRs are the devil. And then to screw up your Omni cell seems dangerous. 
Hi Joe, Amo, and Dianah. 


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Ted, dh (a retired systems analyst = "computer guy") shook his head as I was reading your post to him.  He reiterated, ANY facility needs to have a solid back-up system if the computers fail.  Fax the paper orders, whatever it takes.  And practice it, till everyone knows what to do.  You had at least TWO strikes: the initial Downtime (well, a not-real-reliable system, but we won't count that 😉 ), and the Pharmacy person who didn't know what to do.  Fellas, don't put a noob on a Downtime shift, In CHARGE!   Perhaps at this point, his "uppers" have realized their error and will incorporate more training for him or assign a more experienced person in his stead.  He might, by now, BE the most experienced person there, after this shift!!!   Anyway, enjoy your days off!  Walk sounds wonderful, you live in such a beautiful area.

Hi nurseJ22, and others who pop in!

Joe, enjoy church and playing in bell choir!  It's so satisfying to play and have it go well, to make beautiful sounds!

Tweety, dh has been reading about troubles in India, r/t Covid.  And Iraq.  Very sad.  Perhaps things will be better in 6 mo, in a year?  I sincerely hope so.

BCGrad, sad to hear about the troubles with BIL and family.  Will keep them in prayers.   And you: hope your surgery goes well tomorrow!  Enjoy the carrot soup.

No Stars, sad to hear about your dil's pain, and the trouble with the medical system set-up.  😞  Hope today yields better news.

Not much going on here.  Dh has switched the cats' food, to include half Blue and half Purina kibble.  We have one aged female cat who looks just skin and bones, has always looked bad.  She is a frequent vomiter, and I suspect she has some digestive condition.  Dh feeds her small supplemental meals of canned food and sometimes a little cheese, just to keep her calories up (and keep her from staring at him, which indicates she wants something to eat).  She may have been allergic to the previous food, I don't know.  It's so hard to do a differential diagnosis on a cat!  Anyway, she is vomiting MUCH less (went three days without vomiting!!), and seems more satiated after she eats.  I hope this change continues to be good for her (and maybe even fill her out a little).

Today I have planned just the usual: a little laundry, and perhaps a run to the grocery store.  We have a Zoom planned with the kids for early afternoon, to discuss youngest and dil's early May visit/make plans.  I took a couple days off while they're here, in case they want to do an outing.  They have both been vaccinated, and are flying out.  Looking forward to seeing them both at the Zoom and here!

I might join dh at the Jamkazam session, to keep callouses on my left-hand fingers, in preparation for June's camping vacation.  Last year when we camped, we played every day.  This year, with jamming friends coming up to camp in the second week of the vacation, we will be playing at least once a day, and probably for longer periods of time (sometimes we will play 3-4 hours.  After the first two hours, if your hands start to hurt, in my experience just keep playing, the hurt goes away!  But boy are they tender the next day!!!  It's all good to help build up the callouses!).

Hope you have a good day!

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I, who thought I had a calm handle on 'things' going on here, and therefore unbothered by it all, had one hell of a time trying to fall asleep last night. In my head I was trying to go through all the alternative possibilities step-dgt (BTW, she is not my dgt-in-law)  might try for some relief from her pain; I was, in my head, blessing out unknown numerous gastroenterologists and viciously lambasting ER personnel, and wishing she did not have to be at the mercy of Medicaid/public health docs. There must be SOMETHING they could do for her pain besides the narcs they say they will not give her, even for a short period of time. SOME doctor out there must have a mind that is not locked in on the "no" attitude and anti-drugs law they are obeying. The law doesn't say 'tough s**t for the patient'. Whatever happened to 'do no harm' ? 

The thing between the brothers doesn't worry me too much right now, only in how it affects my hubby. The trouble w/his bro will come when Nannie passes and her will is read. The brother maintains that my hubby 'stole' everything from him, and thinks we are spending all of his deceased father's money and their mom's money. Never mind that her checking acct consistently has had a balance that is about $6,000 higher than when the brother was in charge. And never mind that hubby and I are still living on the hairy edge financially, because we fully pay our share and are ONLY living on/depending on our Social Security. We do NOT take advantage of Nannie's $$$. If hubby predeceases Nannie, I'm sure the other son's family will come at me full-tilt-boogie. But our lawyer says 'we' have it locked solid, and nothing the bro tries can push us (me) out of the picture. I hate this kind of crap. But time enough to deal with that when the time comes. Augh. So stupid. 

So, I last night heard hubby yell at his bro about how he (my hubby) is ten years older, and has diabetes, copd, emphysema -------, and CIRRHOSIS OF THE LIVER???? That's one I didn't know, as he never told ME that. Sometimes he keeps things from me because, he says, he doesn't want to 'worry me'. Other times he might add a little something to exaggerate the conditions he has. His point to his brother was that, even with all these co-morbidities and his greater (by ten years) age, he (my hubby) does so much more for their mother than the brother ever did or was willing to do.

So, the things I thought didn't bother me so much, actually kept me awake for so long that, at 3 AM I actually went and sat out on the front porch and smoked two cigarettes. It was about 4 AM when I gave up and took another Xanax to turn off my mind. So I feel sluggish, sleepy, irritable and weary today. 

 My husband's family are a bunch of idiots, particularly his brother, and that's just a fact. This too shall pass, so the saying and my hopes go.


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Ted, we've had a couple of times when new meds ordered weren't available on the Omnicell and we just had to go to a universal list and get them around about way and be careful what we were pulling.  We become so reliant on computers it's crazy they go wrong.  

On top of me going 6:1 almost every single day I have an issue with the computer.  The computer on wheels periodically just decides I am not to pull up the charting and emar and I have to keep running back and forth to the nurses station.  Of course I have all the time in the world to talk to IT that fixed it once, but it keeps happening.  Every.  Single.  Day.   

BC, so sorry to hear about the mental status changes of your sister's husband.

Dianah hope the food switch can keep the cat in enough calories.   Hope your evening went well.

Stars, all your husband's family drama makes me appreciate my siblings are somewhat level headed.  My brother has already said he doesn't want my parents house or anything.   We will probably let my sister have it.  But I dread the day, but you have to think about these things.  I always hate to hear stories about money ripping apart families.  Good thing my parents are working class and really don't have anything.  LOL

We wound up watching "Nomadland" and enjoyed it.   I made a nice sweet and sour noodle soup with tofu for dinner.


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