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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Sunday - April 20th, 2014 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning! :)

Happy Easter! :)

Just woke up, fed the dogs and set-up the coffee to brew. Amy and I will be getting ready for our Sunday Service soon. Lots of music, lots of celebration, lots of prayers.

Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace to all who travel here. :)


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Morning Ted

Happy Easter

Up early today to go to the 8am service with dad, then the Easter breakfast afterwards. I don't think my sister will be there, she'll be with her in-laws in Indiana.

Nice day yesterday, got outside for a walk and rode my bike for the first time in months. Did a little shopping, and watched part of "Daughter of Dracula" on Svengoolie, couldn't watch all as I had to get up early.

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Happy Easter to you all,


Good Morning Ted, Joe and all who pop in.


Will be heading out soon for another hike then will watch the Easter service on TV.


Had a lovely day yesterday although we had another showing of the house so hubby and I worked really hard having this place immaculate. Although I was very crabby when we got home as they French doors were left unlocked, cupboards left open and my towels strewn in the bath tub instead of being nicely folded as they were. Look like these people that came through had a nice time investigating our home! Have let our agent know due to the real estate agent leaving our property unsecured. We were not happy about that at all.


Had a great time on our hike yesterday and looking forward to another lovely hike today. Glorious day, sun is shining and I just cannot wait to get out and enjoy the fresh air, a little ironing to do then a little cooking to make some tater salad, slice the ham etc has hubby will cook pork spare ribs slowly on the grill for his supper.


I am tired although I slept better but I feel another afternoon nap coming on today.


May you all have a most excellent and blessed Easter Sunday, hunting for eggs or what ever you do to celebrate.


Much love to you all.




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Good morning, and Happy Easter to all who celebrate it.

Sabby, how disrespectful by those invaders. I suspect they have no interest in buying, just being "looky-lucys". Hard to believe the real estate agent would allow them to do such things.

Ted, enjoy your services. I won't make it to church, but will think good thoughts. For our congregation it is bitter sweet. Our pastor is leaving and he is truly loved.

No major plans today. Have been enjoying the music my DS sent via fb. He is in South Korea and love world music so I get many languages and sounds from him. Mongolian throat singing to ABBA, I get it all. Others have shared some more common Easter music. All of it is appreciated. I love music, although there are some that my DS finds I think should have been left lost.

Special request of my neighbor for me to make macaroni salad today. No problem. will also fix a couple of other things for a special dinner.

Have a wonderful day.

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Good morning and Happy Easter to all who celebrate. I hope the day brings peace and joy.

My bunnies did not bring me chocolate this morning. Slackers!!! I'm waiting for it to warm up a bit, and then I'm going out for a long walk. After that, more work in the kitchen. I'm hoping to at least start laying the new tile today. I have to wait for DS to get his heinie out of bed, and move the stove and fridge for me.

Tomorrow is the Boston Marathon. Please keep my city in your prayers that nothing bad happens this year.

I hope everyone has a happy day today.

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Good morning. Happy Easter!

Good grief Sabby - are you sure you weren't invaded?? That just sounds wrong - no good realtor would allow that behavior. :no:

Some high clouds this morning but sunny and will be a nice warm day. Spidey and his dad left for the Easter breakfast before the service. I on the other hand stayed home to take my time getting ready. On my 2nd cup of coffee.

That silly Easter bunny skipped our home . . . . (I was so busy with family this weekend, including two little girls under two years of age, that I completely forgot about buying an Easter basket and filling it with goodies).

After church I'll head to the grocery store and get things for dinner (and a Easter basket for Spidey).

Enjoy your day!

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