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Sunday April 7, 2019

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Good Morning!

Ted, glad you didn't get called in and enjoyed your hobby and talent.  I know you're excited about the vacation.  I think the Brexit issues by the time I get there in September will be just a little more ironed out but hopefully isn't going to affect anything for my travels.  Last I heard they still don't have a deal in place for them leaving the EU.  Hope your work nights go well.

BC, glad you had a good night out.  Hope the day off of chores was a good one.  I saw a beach picture you put up on FB.  Looked lovely.

Nel, sounds like a challenging night.  I really don't like when Pharmacy is slow with sending up or verifying meds.  I don't think they appreciate us being on the front line and dealing with patients some of whom need their medications (for a variety of reasons) and some of whom are very anal retentive about taking them (which I guess is a good thing that they've listened to their providers about their importance) and that we have to listen to their complaints and deal with their discontent when we have so much to do.  Hope you didn't get that patient back today.  Patients like that should be shared and rotated on a daily basis.

Joe, hope you had a good relaxing lunch with your father and a nice time outside.  Sixty seems too cold to go for a hike, but I suppose it's all relative.  

J22, at least like you said, your job currently is low stress, but some of those ways of doing things sounds a bit off as you say.  Enjoy your weekend.

Speaking of parents, at 59, I still have both of mine.  I called them the other day and they sound well.  It's been a while since my sister saw them in person but when she did she said they are doing amazing.  Dad is 85 and mom is 82.  They've significantly slowed down but both reported good health from their doctors.  Dad has a cardiologist from a heart attack many years ago and got a good report.  Mom is a diabetic and her A1C is healthy 5%.  I needn't worry at this time, but I know the time is on the horizon.  Hard to see them age.  My heart also goes out to those that have lost their parents.  

You're not going to believe this but after going into work with the knowledge the day will suck like 99.999% of my days, it wasn't bad at all.  Lots of drama when I got there because a patient was needed to go to ICU to monitor her low sodium and other issues, but she was rock solid stable.  It was also the night charge nurses 2nd time of doing charge alone, so she was a bit frazzled.  I helped get the patient out.  Our staffing was great.  Each nurse had 5:1 and I was a free charge with no patients!  That rarely happens but it's good it happens on the weekend when there's no unit secretary.    

It was also a slow day for admissions and a very busy day for discharges.  After one nurse discharge four of her five, she got to go home.  They asked her to float to a cardiac unit but she said no because it's not on our "must float to" list and she wasn't comfortable doing that.  A couple of hours later when we had more discharges, I was able to get off early myself and let one of my co-workers take charge.  It was nice to leave around 4:30.  I left them in good shape and the unit only had nine patients.  Hopefully after I left they didn't get any admissions.

Today is the first day of a 12 day vacation.  Tomorrow I leave for Japan for 7 days.  Travel time will be horrendous with one flight being 14 hours long which will be sheer torture (the flight back stops in San Francisco and is "only" nine hours).  I'm at the mercy of the travel agent finding the cheapest deals and getting their discounts which I can't get on my own. Looking so forward to seeing Japan and hoping for some cherry blossoms.  

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Good morning-

Yesterday was a beautiful day.  It hit the high 60s, so we went for a long beach walk.  The water temp was right around 50, so I didn't even put my toes in.  Both DD and my sister stopped by when we got back, and then we had a good dinner and went out for ice cream.  I'm volunteering at a charity event at my synagogue this morning, and then may go for a bike ride this afternoon.  My sister and her 14 year old son are going to China next week.  He is studying Mandarin in school and has picked it up quickly.  He has autism spectrum disorder, and is extremely skilled in math and languages.  He had a difficult time socially this past year, but has made great progress in dealing with his emotions, so this trip is a reward for all his hard work.  It is a group trip with an educational organization and he will be going to school in Beijing for a week and staying with a host family for a few nights.  The parents will be tourists while the kids are with their host families.  I'm so excited for them both.  I wish I could go with them.

Tweety-I didn't realize your trip was so soon!  I hope you have a wonderful time and see lots of cherry blossoms.  Post pics on FB if you can.  Safe travels.

Hope all have a great day!

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Tweety glad you had a good shift.  A 12 day vacation sounds really good right now

BC it was also in the 60s here yesterday when I was outside

Did get outside yesterday, fairly warm for this time of year but nothing blooiming yet.  Will have to check my bird guide, saw a hawk and some ducks at a distance that didn't seem to be the usual type around here

Went to Ikea to check out furniture then had lunch with dad.   Did a little cooking when I got home and watched Svengoolie

Today is the usal choir and church.  Will meet J this afternoon or evening if he's up to it, he got home from CA last night but his stomach was bothering him quite a bit

Today it's going to be in the 60s but will probably rain most of the day

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I successfully got switched off the nasty, elderly patient.

He apparently insulted an MD, Saturday morning. She is foreign, and he told her that he didn't like her voice and mocked her.

I guess she suggested Seroquel during the day, too.

He is racist. He made racist comments the night I had him.

But he has a Filipino wife, who is much, much, much, younger than he is.

He got his Seroquel last night, and from what the LPN told me, was knocked out.


The patient I got in his place was great.

One more night!!!!

Raining here. Maybe storms.

Glad you got off early, Tweety. Yay for 12 days off and a trip to Japan.

Hello Joe and BC.

Time for sleep.


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Good morning from cloudy California.

I was gone all day yesterday due to having to drive my Passat to the dealership which is 2.5 hours away.  I left at 5:15 a.m. for an 8:30 a.m. appt.  Walked over to the high school because a friend at the hospice dinner on Friday had told me her daughter was going to a track meet in that same town and she was leaving at 05 as well.  Spent the day with her watching our local high school's track team.  One of Spidey's good friends was there and I hadn't realized he was on the track team.  

The hospice dinner was great.  Lots of fun, food was delicious.  

herring - love reading your stories about your life.  You really should write a book. 

Tweety - I didn't realize you were going to Japan so soon.  You'll have a wonderful time and are so lucky!

Ted - thinking about you. 

I stopped to see the mom of an old boyfriend from high school yesterday on my way home.  I always try to stop when I go by her town.  We had a nice visit. 

That's about it - gotta get this 2nd cup of coffee down, take my shower, get ready for church.  If the weather holds up, I might walk the falls today. 

You all have a great day. 


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Good morning!

Enjoyed reading about your doings and goings-on.

Safe travels, Tweety, and have a great time in Japan!!  I assume you and your travel buddy are going??  So good to hear your last day at work was a GOOD one!!

And yours too, Nel!  Good they switched patients for you!  Need to see a pic of Wally!

We had a good day yesterday, got all dressed in medieval garb and spent the afternoon wandering and watching at the first, opening day of the Renaissance Faire! Dh and I, youngest ds and his wife.  We spent probably four hours alternately strolling and lolly-gagging, and then sitting and just watching, taking in all the sights as well as the attendees.  

We spotted:

* a man in a Star Trek uniform (at the RenFaire!  Go figure!)

* Shrek and Fiona (I kid you not, they had their little ears and green skin and just the right height and build!  Very cute and clever!)

* various and sundry costumes and garb.  People seemed bent on just enjoying the day, and the booths and the rides (all man-powered, of course)

Ds and I tried our skills at archery.  DIL bought a huge sword, Ds bought a smaller knife.

We enjoyed iced coffee and a hibiscus tea drink, while sitting watching the ppl go by.  I think we will go again, as it is six weeks long (weekends only), and we walked a lot (good!) and enjoyed ourselves.

Left there, got home by 7:45, changed clothes, met ds and dil at a new sushi place and had a great meal there!  Ds and dh had all-you-can-eat sushi, while dil and I had a bento box.  Very good food!  We used to take the kids to the place many years ago, just had not been there in, oh, probably 20 years.  It is under new ownership and the décor has changed somewhat but the food was good and we will be back!

Today I am up and at 'em, need to get the car washed and go to the grocery store then make some cole slaw for a jam and potluck.  We will leave at one pm for that, so I need to get stuff done before we go (and dh needs the car at home before 1pm, so he can load the instruments "just so"!).  Looking forward to the jam, seeing lots of friends, and doing music.

Next week I work three days then am off through Monday, so we can attend (and band will play Sunday morning) the Temecula Valley Bluegrass Festival.  We will camp and jam there too.  It is probably close to 2 hr from us (when we drive the little RV, we go a "tich" slower than driving in the car, so traveling takes longer).

Have a good day!


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j22, after reading yesterday's post, I would be SORELY tempted to revamp the entire paperwork system!  I like using easy-to-follow, and STANDARDIZED, forms and questionnaires and letters.  Yes, one must tweak the patient letters somewhat, but why do all that extra work EVERY TIME???  And I agree with No Stars: a freak, localized cyclone (confined to your co-worker's paperwork area) would at least be entertaining, if not helpful!!  Only a thoughtful co-worker would do such an act!  😄 😄

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Tweety: You have planned and worked long difficult overtime. Enjoy you vacation!

BC: Until I was nearing forty I swam and surfed year round without a wet suit. Commonly winter water was 56 F. Then we went to Hawaii for our son's high school band competition. Water and air were both about 80 F. It was so nice! But it spoiled me. Now I start in late July after the water warms up. And I no longer take chances. If I had been regularly surfing it  would be OK, but I have not surfed in my seventies, and rarely and clumsily in my sixties.

Joe: I may take up bird watching if I find myself with free time. I do keep an OLD paperback bird guide and look up birds I see. Out bird feeder attracts lots of sparrows and other small birds. 

Steph: I enjoy your stories of your job, family, and your thoughts. We are fortunate to get paid for doing good. Nurses work is so very important. We do good even when we don't even want to go to work.

Nel: I'm glad you didn't have to take that patient again. I remember going to a CCU as registry when the charge nurse told me, "I'm assigning Mr. ***** to you because we are all tired of that PIA." He was, so they got a break for that day. 

Dianah: Members of my Star Trek club went to the Faire, but in proper Elizabethan garb. When we had our game booth the kids and I liked to pretend we were Star Trek officers on some away mission as we walked alone in the Witches Wood at night. 

I imagine Ted conducting the choir as his music accompanies them this morning.

Let's have a good enough day.

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My head is spinning from your busy day, yesterday, Dianah.

Wow, you crammed in a lot!!!!!!

You didn't say how successful you were at archery. Was it fun?

I had a patient last month, whose granddaughter was going to state championship in archery.

It wasn't a sport, when I was in high school.

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