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Still need help for the mentioned husky

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Okay, I really don't need an education campaign, as I found out the hospitals are doing as they should. The mother was just extremely irresponsible.

Anyway the 1st hearing was today. Although the dog is safe for now, he is still in quarantine until Apr 5th. This is bad for dogs in general let alone huskies. On top of which the media is reporting that we've gotten 10,000 from PETA which no such thing happened. We did happen to raise 3000.00 but more is still needed, so they need to get their facts straight. We have close to 4,000 signatures but could always use more. Am I allowed to post a link? If so, I will bc I don't always check this site that much. If not, PM me as some of you had. Again, as I apologized to those of you that have, I'm just not on this site as much.

This dog was "maybe" (there's not even proof it was him, as there was another dog in the room at the time) involved in a dog bite. Not a dog "mauling" as the media would like to hype up, bc the mom left the baby carrier on the FLOOR.

Anyway the dog is getting a raw deal. He was released as it was deemed an accident and he was not a "dangerous dog" even though the guy that adopted him has 35 years dog ownership experience with many big dogs, it's not making any difference.

OH and the dog's broken forepaw? It's broken in TWO spots his ulnar and radial bone. So even though it's in a cast now, he actually needs very expensive surgery bc it needs pins!! You wanna tell me nothing shady happened to this dog to sustain THAT kind of break?

I'm trying to think who else I can contact that can plead the case, this kind of isolation is horrible for the dog. Thanks for anyone that signs...and please let me know if it's permissible to post the link.

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