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South African Nurse's mission to get to UAE

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I just need to vent right now.....


The process started in Feb 2018, I had the most amazing interview, followed by the most amazing job offer...

Then I started scrambling to get all the documentation, reference letters, certificates, transcripts etc etc...and heard NOTHING from the prospective employer.

I had a choice: stick it out or apply somewhere else. I chose to apply somewhere else.

Now I have gotten so far in the process called "Primary Source Verification". Most people I know had their process completed in 3 weeks...21 days to be exact. Mine is now at day 39 and it is not completed yet.

To say the least: I am frustrated...

Everyone says "it will come through" or "don't worry" but the truth of the matter is that - in the event that the needed verifications are not done by 1 Oct 2018 - they will label it "unable to verify" and I need to start the entire process again from scratch...including paying the fee!!!

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