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Some Medicare Premiums Could Spike

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Medicare Part B Premiums May Increase - Doctor Visits, Outpatient Care - AARP

One in 7 Medicare beneficiaries will see their Part B premiums for doctor visits and outpatient care jump by an unprecedented 52 percent next year — by far the largest hike in Medicare's history — unless the government intervenes to somehow soften the blow.

While the vast majority of beneficiaries are expected to pay the same Part B premium in 2016 as this year — $104.90 a month — certain groups of people will experience a dramatic rise, to $159.30 a month or even higher, due to an obscure part of the Medicare law that ties the cost of living allowance (COLA) in Social Security benefits to Part B premiums.

For people already paying higher-income premiums, the 52 percent increase will be "eye-popping," Neuman says. Those in the highest bracket would see their premiums skyrocket from $335.70 to $509.80 a month.

If the COLA for SS benefits is zero, people whose state pays their Part B premium or who pay standard Part B premiums and have them deducted from their check will see no increase in premium.

That means an increase is spread among the rest of the members. Worthwhile read if you have Medicare Part B or are close to getting it.

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