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Share your Tattoos!

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Too many posts about to tattoo or not to tattoo, how about sharing the stories/photos of the tattoos you have for those who have tattoos! I'd love to see the different medical/nursing tattoos especially. Thanks, Nurses!

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I have 2 tattoos, but sadly, no pictures of them. On my left shoulder is a rose, with 3 buds, representing my dh and children. On my right shoulder are a pair of gold finches representing my parents.

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I have one tattoo on my L shoulder that I drew myself. It's a

drawing of a girl embracing a horse, with the moon in the

background. It represents my daughter. I wish I would

have just had her name put on it, instead of "Little Goddess".

I just didn't want her to be a teenager, and all weirded out

because her mom has her name tattooed on her somewhere.

I have over the years wanted to get a tattoo for my son, but

I've never been able to decide what to get.

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Irmgard Hild

1-25-1928 11-23-2015

Bad Hersfeld Oakhurst

Midwife, New Rochelle Hospital

Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden

That's for my grandma

Born in Bad Hersfeld, died in Oakhurst.

She was a midwife at New Rochelle Hospital. I chose to add that because putting it short, newborns and babies in general were my grandmothers passion. Shortly before she passed, she had the opportunity to hold my step brothers baby, Vanessa. I had never seen her so happy in her life.

Ich Hatt Einen Kameraden is a German Army funeral song, with no political meaning. It has been translated in many languages.

It also translates to "I once had a comrade" Which I thought was fitting for the fact she was my rock, emotionally and for life advice. She was my best friend.

The lyrics, in German and English are:

ch hatt' einen Kameraden,

Einen bessern findst du nit.

Die Trommel schlug zum Streite,

Er ging an meiner Seite

In gleichem Schritt und Tritt.

Eine Kugel kam geflogen:

Gilt's mir oder gilt es dir?

Ihn hat es weggerissen,

Er liegt zu meinen Füßen

Als wär's ein Stück von mir.

Will mir die Hand noch reichen,

Derweil ich eben lad.

Kann dir die Hand nicht geben,

Bleib du im ew'gen Leben

Mein guter Kamerad!

I once had a comrade,

You will find no better.

The drum called to battle,

He walked at my side,

In the same pace and step.

A bullet came a-flying,

Is my turn or yours?

He was swept away,

He lies at my feet,

Like it were a part of me.

He still reaches out his hand to me,

While I am about to reload.

I cannot hold onto your hand,

You stay in eternal life

My good comrade

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Mudpinesredneck, That is a very touching story and sentiment. She was such a blessing in your life, it's a great way to carry her with you forever,

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4 more tattoos since my last post :)

2. "La Yerba Mala Nunca Muere"

-Spanish proverb

Means the bad weed never dies. The good die young. The bad just lingers around seemingly forever.

This one is a reference to my dad, who died at 62.

2 strokes on his 50th birthday (what a hell of a 50th birthday present) and a laundry list of health problems and major events.

And to my "step father" who assaulted me, who is 62 as well. Alive and well.

This tattoo represents the 2 Dynamics.

Diabetic. Hx 3 strokes. 1 code in 2015. Pulled his tube out. Icu nurse called. My grandma ran into my bedroom (retired nurse midwife) yelling HES OK HES JUST ON SUPPLEMENTAL O2!!!! Hes ok!!!

Then coded 4 times last year, brought back 3 times then passed finally on the way to ICU to be intubated. Coded sitting on the toilet those 3 times. Just bad.

I'd rather just get sick one day when I'm 70, take a fat swig of Jack Daniels, light a Marlboro, and look at the countryside as I lay dying. Me personally, preferably.

My dad did some dumb things. Nothing worth the life he had and death he suffered.

Then you have another 62 year old. History of prison time. No remorse. Other things. 62, go figure. He's a solid horse. No strokes, no heart issues.

3. My dad's memorial. He told me never get married. the only part of my tattoo that hurt was husband. I firmly believe that was my dad looking down going "Thanks a lot, idiot, I was perfectly happy with being a friend and dad"

Avid amateur radio operator.

My mom never gave him a burial. I have his ashes. I have yet to drive to Mugu Rock and put a small portion in the ocean for him. My tattoo is essentially his tombstone

Wasn't close to my dad as i was my grandma but, God I miss him now that he's passed. I understand illnesses much better after his passing. Physical and mental both.

4. Yosemite

My childhood second home. Mütti is for my mom, a retired ER/ICU/SNF nurse who taught me more than any teacher could ever. Yes, she's alive. It's not a memorial, just symbolic that I opened a case of beer, did some weedeating and got a free redneck tattoo out of it.

She made that redneck of mine. Her creation from birth to the things i do. I doubt four wheelin, fishin, and keeping junk cars in yer yard is a genetic trait

56 is because I got the tattoo on her 56th birthday.

"1" is for the General Lee. Both our favorite show (The Duke's of Hazzard)

5. Toyota Logo with flames. Flames are just for show.

why toyota? because my 2001 Toyota taught me life lessons and skills.

My tattoo represents every minute I have spent under the hood of that damn car working on it.

Listening to nursing or mechanic stuff, sweating bullets, cussing a storm all the while learning how to not pay $90/hr for mechanic work. And get it doke, correctly

When I was 20, a lady friend had to change my battery.

4 years later I'm grunting "Do I really have to spend 5 freakin hours pulling my ****** ***** ***** ************** intake manifolds?"

And that's a big job. I have pulled the top end of my motor off in one night. With the F word said ONLY 1,372 times.

Edit; I just got a spray of WD40 on accident. Yuck. Motor oil tastes better LOL




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Whoever did your tats sure does have a steady hand. Great font choice on your right shoulder! Classy.

I like that all of them have to do with your personal history; no growling tigers and hula girls.

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Thank you! And yes, I try to choose my lettering good.

Grandma's tattoo is the same font as her German newspaper

The Spanish font i do like

My dad was an IT guy

His tattoo is actually a programming font.

My dad hated tattoos. But to me, those memorials have always served a form of closure to me. :)

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