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September 2018 Caption Contest: Win $100!

Lounge Toon Contest   (12,351 Views 75 Comments)
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Select your favorite caption(s)...

  1. 1. Select your favorite caption(s)...

    • You're new here, right?
    • You must be a new grad.
    • I'll take an eclipse any day of the week!
    • The newbies always get crazy during a full moon.
    • You must be the guy that said tonight was pretty quiet.
    • Who are you and what have you done with my coworker?!
    • Clearly, this is your first time working on a full moon night.
    • Umm... any time you want to clock in, we could use a little help.

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Yeah and just think how special it would be if this was a real window

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Not anymore, Nurse Hotshot, a paintball gun to improve call-light response...REALLY ?!?

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