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Senator Elizabeth Warren women with a plan?

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There is no question that Senator Elizabeth Warren has a plan for everything, however, she does not practice what she gives lectures to the American people. She wants the world to change, but she is not willing to start we deserve better in our next president. Is the environment really important to Senator Elizabeth Warren? Does that even add up? Is diversity really important to Senator Warren and her campaign? Does she really understand the economy? Yes,  she is the woman with a plan, but the change does not start with her or campaign? 




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I haven't looked into it much.  But really the only way any of her plans would work is if she wins the house and the senate also.  Republicans will never go for any of this.  

Also the American people, myself included probably, aren't like the Germans and the Danes and have a stomach for higher taxes.

I would be concerned that her spending out paces the revenue, although in theory I'm all for universal healthcare, the environment, and the billionaires paying more in taxes.

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