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Second honeymoon ideas? We didn't have a first.

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So my husband and I have come into a little bit of money with my mom dying in May and his mom dying in Jan. We'll be going on six years of marriage in the summer on top of another five years of living together beforehand.

Our initial marriage was just that -- a quickie courthouse espoused thing. I had to work that day so we didn't have a party or reception or whatever. Definitely no honeymoon 'cause immigration crap was expensive. Seriously, if the amount of money that you spent on your marriage/wedding is inversely proportional to the longevity of your marriage, my husband and I will be married until the sun implodes.

I'd kind of like to go on a "second" honeymoon. His siblings were kind of teasing us about doing a vow-renewal but I think it's a bit early for that, I think.

BUT -- any ideas on where to go for a second honeymoon? Or...a delayed first? lol. All the articles I read about second honeymoons talks about making it as sexy as the first.

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My first thought is how many days, how much money and what are your interests?

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