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Saturday 26th of June

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good morning/ evening to you all on this quiet saturday,

woke up early so here i sit catching up on my posts etc.

hubs and i worked with a friend for several hours cleaning up the mess down the front.

put a huge dent in the mess there with 4 large trailer loads of stuff carted off. have probably one more load left then i will mow to clean up the leaves etc.

we then put on some marinated baby back ribs for the guys to chop down on, they said that they were good. i made some coleslaw and had fresh corn with it. they were very happy campers after a good meal.

finishing off the house work this morning then it is relaxation time for hubs and i. hoping to go for a nice long bike ride today up to floyd va. i pray the weather is going to be good up there as there is nothing worse than being caught in a down pour. :lol2:

hope you all have a wonderful saturday and spend some time doing something you really enjoy. :redbeathe

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Good Morning! Good Evening!

Sounds like a nice day Sabby planned today.

It's my weekend to work. Have a great day!

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Hey Sabby and Tweety! Hope y'all have a great weekend. Sabby, your day sounds great!

I'm headed here:


The mountains are real but the lake is manmade. My maternal grandmother's side of the family holds a reunion there annually, and I'm headed up tonight.


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Good Morning!

been neglecting this site as i have been on fb and farmville!;)

Sabbby..looks like you had a lot of work to do..both you and hubs need to take it easy!!

I am on vacation this week! woot!! took dgs to the beach yesterday. then dd#1 had a false alarm;we were in the hospital l&d for 4 hrs; contrations d/t dehydration and a uti..so no baby yet!

dh and i are headed to york maine for the weekend... a long awaited time awaY!:yeah:

weather is warm and sunny so we are off!:) will drive up the coast to get there so should be a fun day!meeting some work friends of his for dinner as they are staying nearby. Hope its a great day for all!!:redbeathemary

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Moooooooooorning !!! :yawn:

Feeling lazy this morning... been up for a good while, but can't seem to quite wake up yet. Unusual for me. 'Nuther cuppa coffee might do the trick.

Sabby... what a mess indeed. We did all that early this spring, remember? Had to hire a couple guys to come help us as well. That was from our ice storm damage. Weather can be messy, for sure! Hope you guys have a quiet and enjoyable day today riding... Floyd is beautiful! Have good familiy friends out there who moved to VA and bought a huge place out in Floyd a year after we first moved to VA nearly 30 yrs ago now.... wow. I've always loved the Floyd area, and the small town itself is very "artsy" .. lots of transplanted folk there.

Camaro.. lovely lake ! Enjoy your family gathering! Hope you get to swim and fish and canoe and eat, eat, eat !!! :lol2:

Mary.. I'm jealous. ha! Enjoy yourselves thoroughly. Did you pack yer bibs? Or did you think I was going to tend to your crops while you were gone? :rotfl:

Tweety.. hope you have a decent weekend. I feel for ya. ;)

Well, off to do my usual Sat. a.m. stuff here at home... then enjoy the afternoon out back. Tomorrow I'm off to dd's to visit.. her dh's grampa-in-law lives in a beautiful brick mansion house just up the hill and they have an in ground pool for all the family to enjoy anytime they want. It's ready to be used now, so that's where I'll be spending most of my weekends again this summer. :yeah:

You can walk right up their driveway to the pool from dd's place, so it's super easy access. We'll have fun with Gavin, of course... he has lots of floaties... :D

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Greetings friend's .... it's that time of night here and I'm headed to bed but wanted to pop in and say G'day before shutting the computer down for another night.

I'm somewhat erratic with my posting of late, lots happening and dealing with challenging times, but I do like to catch up with the AN mates.

Sounds as though everyone is busy and has some nice activities planned for the weekend, ... Have fun! :)

I've been busy most of the day working on the quilt I'm making for DD. It's getting closer to completion and I'm quite pleased with it.

DS arrives home on wednesday and we're eagerly awaiting his visit. He'll be home a week. Dreading him leaving, but all we can do is hope and pray.

Please hold all those who are serving in their countries defence forces in your thoughts and prayers. Military life calls for personal sacrifices by it's members and their loved ones. And while serving might be the free choice of the member, that choice often places the loved ones in positions not of their own choosing, and that can be a tough thing sometimes.

We've received good rains over the preceeding 24 hours, and the predictions are for more. Winter is well and truly here!

Our new - first ever female - Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, is calling an election in the coming months. She wants [ hopes!] to be elected PM by the people as opposed to having stepped into the job as the result of the ousting of [now former] PM, Kevin Rudd during the past week.

So now we'll be inundated with election promises and propaganda in the next few months! :(

Last thing I'm interested in is to hear their diatribe!

And to think someone stated the other day how many days it is until christmas!

It was in relation to the interviews for the annual christmas pagent queen!

Doesn't anybody live in the present anymore?!

Christmas is SIX months away fer goodness sake!

Meanwhile, the immediate priority for me is to have a broken tooth repaired!

That's what happens when you clench, grind, saw your teeth at night while you're supposed to be sleeping! :/

Speaking of sleeping ............

Goodnight folks! :)

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Grace I'm glad your DS is coming back for a visit.

Jess my father's side of the family has something similar: A reunion of all the cousins in the area every two years or so. We also periodically have a smaller reunion with just his brothers and sisters.

Morning Sabby Tweety Mary jnette.

Back from another shift that started bad (anxious needy patient) and ended up not so bad. Was late leaving but I hung around to help. Interesting how the last couple of shifts have started bad but ended up OK.

Heading to bed in a few minutes. Stopped at a farmer's market on the way home, bought some yellow patty pan squash. Never heard of them before, not sure how to cook them.

Off to see my dad tomorrow, work again on Monday.

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GRACE...... I was just outside on the porch lifting you up in prayer ... jsut prior to coming in to fetch a glass of iced tea, and found this post of yours. ;) Yes.. we know your heart is troubled, and understandably so. Will continue to pray for comfort and for peace of mind, heart, and soul over these next few weeks especially. We miss you, but we understand. ((((((gentle hugs))))))

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Good morning all!

Have enjoyed reading thru your posts and updates.

Prayers going out for all. :)

Camaro, what a lovely location for a reunion!





Tweety, hope the shift rolls by smoothly.

Joe, I googled patty pan squash and found TONS of recipes!

We always called it "summer squash," although I have no idea why, as the "other" squashes (zucchini, yellow, etc) are a summer crop too!

I do see them year-round in the grocery store, whereas the patty pan squash IS seasonal.

Enjoy! (share your recipe!)

((((((((((( Grace ))))))))))))

New PM, eh?

Agree with you about the propaganda. :rolleyes: :rolleyes:

I honestly have a difficult time during election time.

Ppl can say anything they want just to get elected, lots of ppl don't check out the facts ------ speaking of which, HOW do we know what are the facts and what is fabricated???? I certainly don't know!!!

Very frustrating for me.

Then again, I was miles away (not just behind the door!) when the political brains were handed out. Not my cuppa.

As always, prayers going out to all our troops ("our" = globally, whether US or Aussie or ? ? ? ).

Jnette, have fun in the water and with dd and Gavin!

He's such a cutie!!

Sabby, hope you won't be too sore after all that cleanup work!

FOUR trailer-loads?????? :eek: :eek:

This morning will go help a friend w/a dressing change, then dh and I will head out to help w/Sabbath School music.

We leave RIGHT after that to drive to Hemet to help w/music at a memorial service.

Background: A member of the Hemet jam (every Wednesday) died two months or so ago; services were held.

This service is for his dd (in her 40's??) who died about a month after her dad. :(

Very sad.

From what I hear, she and her dad attended the jam regularly.

(Dh goes to this jam; I attend very infrequently)

Thoughts and prayers going out to the family at this time. :(

Forecast calls for 89 degrees today.

(but it's a DRY heat!!! :lol2: )

Y'all have a good one!

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Morning everyone from sunny California :)

Camaro - we do the family reunion every summer around the 4th of July. During the day it is a picnic/potluck where we all get caught up, look at photos, hang the family tree that some very nice person made . . it is as big as a bedspread. THEN . . in the evening we head over to my sis-in-law's for Mexican food. Her husband makes homemade flour tortillas and has pans and pans full of little round balls of dough - he teaches you how to pat them into big tortillas and then cook them over a . .. well . . hard to explain . . it is a burn barrel with a large round metal piece on top where you place the tortilla just for a few seconds on each side . . . many folks make their first tortilla and just put butter on it right then and eat it hot. Yum.

Now I'm hungry. ;)

Today looks like a lazy day - probably some yard work and a trip to the dump. I had 3 calls from patient's families last night - one for pain and two for confusion. I had a dream later that I'd programmed the CADD Pump wrong because the pharmacist used a different cassette and I hadn't look at the label and assumed it was the same concentration when it was actually more concentrated and so I was overdosing my patient.:eek: Hate those kind of dreams you get as a nurse - med errors!!!:uhoh3:

Tweety - hope your day isn't too too hectic w/o an aide and that your charge helps out more.

Sabby - hope your bike ride isn't rained out.

jnette - that pool sounds wonderful.

Joe - I love squash but the joke in our family is how my nephew refuses to eat any kind of squash/zuc's because he is sure they cause cancer. ;)

Di - have a lovely sabbath day.


DD - the baby will probably come because you are going out of town - have a great time regardless!!

Is that everybody? Whew . .. that can be tough to address y'all.

To everyone who comes after - Happy Saturday!


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Summertime, Summertime, how I love Summertime !!! :yeah:

I love to watch the birds enjoy the bird bath I set up for them...... makes my heart happy. :redbeathe

Joe.. I love to look at Pattypan, but have never cooked them. Let me know how you do with them! I'm curious.. I might have to try them once. I love Acorn squash and Butternut the best. I used to plant Spaghetti squash... those were great... pull out the "innards" (looks like linguini or angel hair pasta) and top it with your favorite sauce... yums !!! :p

Di.. wow... I am so sorry to hear about your "jamiin' friends"... how sad that is !!! :crying2:

I'm sure they will hear your playing for them, and will be strumming along in the heavens..... I'm sure you all will make the memorial service extra special. God bless the family.

Steph... wicked dreams, indeed ! :uhoh3: Now get busy in that garden of yours !!! :dance:

We dug out a couple tiny "new potatos" yesterday... wheeeeeee !!! ;)

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New potatoes and baby peas (maybe in a cream sauce)!!! :up:

Oh yeah.

I'm doing low carb.

Well, whatever. :D :D


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