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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - September 26th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's peacefully quiet here at 3:37 AM (EST) in this part of the world. . . .

Been up for a few hours editing and sequencing (recording) original music to some drone video that I recorded yesterday afternoon.  The weather outside was comfortably cool. So, I decided to fly my happy drone. I was amazed to how much color the tree leaves have changed so early this fall! There's so much Fall Colors already! It was a nice surprise.

It's supposed to be another beautiful day, today. Amy and I have decided to stay home, take advantage of the nice weather, and do some light yard work to "pretty up" are little area of the world. But the FIRST thing we have to do, this morning, is audio-record a hymn for this Sunday's on-line church service. To be honest, I forgot that it was our turn to audio-record hymns this week. Oops! (We've been alternating recording hymns with another individual, every other week.) Two of the three hymns are already recorded from previous weeks. This leaves only one hymn to record, thank goodness! 

I'm not sure what the weather is supposed to be like for tomorrow. Hopefully it'll be nice enough to do some hiking.

Yesterday, Amy spent most of the day getting ready for the surgery to her left foot. (She's having a nasty bunion removed to her foot). She had tests done, and visited two different physicians, including the surgeon doing the operation, in preparation for this surgery. Because there'll be surgical rods in her post-op toes (OUCH!!!), she won't be able to put weight on the foot for close to 2 months! We're pretty-much done in getting things ready for healing-time spent at home. She's gonna be a hurtin' puppy for a while.

In the meanwhile. . . Amy wants to do the things - now - that she won't be able to do after the surgery. This include some light yard work, and, hopefully, some light hiking. She especially wants to enjoy the Fall Season while she can. It is a lovely Fall Season, so far.

So, below is the short video that I did yesterday. It showcases that lovely fall colors. We do live in a lovely area of the world. Hope you enjoy the video.

And. . . I hope all have a pleasant day and week-end.

Peace! 🙂



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Good morning!

Ted, that's a great video with good music.  Enjoy the day.

Stars, I'm pretty disgusted with people myself, but I've never minded crowds.  I'm one of those weird introverts that likes being lost in a crowd and which makes it easier to ignore people than when you're in a small room with people having to make conversation.  

Amo, that's a good Hgb.  Good luck with everything.

Herring, hope eventually DH gets that license.  Sounds frustrating, but I suppose dealing with the DMV usually is.

Yesterday I was good, did a couple of loads of laundry, did a 7 mile walk, and lifted at the gym, and cooked a healthy meal.

Today, I'm going to mow the grass and then have lunch at a Jamaican restaurant (lots of Jamaicans here in Florida) and hike one of the parks on the other side of Tampa Bay from me.  

Supposed to be a nice day, up to 86 which is actually cooler than the usual 90's we have this time of year.  Our version of "Fall" seemed to arrive a bit early this year as well.

Hope everyone has a good day.


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Thanks for sharing the video Ted

Tweety it'll be nearly that warm here today

Work was decent, a little busier than I would've liked but not bad

J's allergies are still really bad so we decided to hold off on getting together until next week

Was a fairly quiet day yesterday as a result, went to the library and watched some Yes Prime Minister

Got books about St. Therese of Liseaux and Gandhi.  One good thing about this pandemic is that it's caused me to have a kind of spiritual revival

Today have birdwatching in the morning, then lunch with dad.  Since he prefers to sit outside I suspect we won't be able to do this for too much longer.  

Svengoolie has Son of Dracula, which is pretty good for a sequel.  Is odd that Lon Cheney Jr's Count has a slight southern accent

Will be up to the 80s today, possibly tomorow, but cooling down next week

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Tweety, You are right about being by yourself that way...I loved living in Cambridge, Mass. I would pretend I was invisible, because, (and it was wonderful!) nobody was paying any attention to me! Just another person in a city of many persons. When I moved to Nashville, TN, it blew me away that I would see people I knew from different jobs, meet folks that had previously lived in whatever apartment I was living in at the time; and weirdest of all, would see people while driving around almost anywhere in or around the city, who waved at me 'cause they knew me from somewhere. Of course back then, in just about any small town or city in TN, everybody also waved to everybody, regardless. I got used to it; I'd 🖐️ wave back, smile, murmuring "hello, whoever you are!" 

And regarding being in a small room having to make conversation: WELCOME TO MY WORLD!  I believe you would find almost any length of time spent in this den, well, 😖😩excruciating!!🙃

 The only people I 'know' here besides immediate neighbors, and a few of Nannie's church friends, are the ones I deal with at (YES, amoLu!) the pharmacy and grocery stores, and I've never bumped into any of them in their everyday life, being 'civilians'. 

Ted, Loved the drone video/music. Kind of afraid to show it to hubby lest he start that "I want! I want!"  like a little kid! I guess he'll get a drone sooner or later, it seems inevitable. Ah, me, OH WELL! 😊

Once again (and not complaining) here I sit on the sofa, with Ozzie curled up beside me, the Braves are playing on TV (but not too well, at present!), Nannie has gone to bed, and hubby wandered upstairs to sit in the window in his room, watching his "children"  (aka "my livestock"); earlier he'd put out corn and protein pellets, plus some little acorns have already started to fall. We've had the preggers doe, who had her babies, arrive back with them (no more white spots on their fur), and also several bucks, one with an impressive rack that we count variously as having 8 or 10 points. And there are two bunnies out there nearly constantly, they and the deer don't find each other scary or annoying, they all just eat and eat and eat! Hubby doesn't put out feed every afternoon, but he does put out more in "deer season" so they don't have to wander far and wide and risk getting  hit by a hunter. We have enough woodsy areas around here so there are places they can lay down during the day, and then, it ain't far to The Diner, know whut I mean?

Hubby and I were reminiscing  about some of our favorites of my private duty patients, and he said, "You really need to start writing about them!" I said, "Yes, but you do know that doing so would require a lot of quiet time alone. You can't write in 20 minutes spurts of time and then go do something else, 'y'know."   It might take that much time to get warmed up, as it were. I got me LOTS and LOTS of stories about all my PDN's, The Tiny 90's, and all the ones from before....So many nice wonderful, fun and funny people (and just only a few abominable ones) I could write for days once I got going! weeks! months! 

Well, back here on earth, Nannie just got up to pee and stick her head out here to inquire about the ballgame score . Something nice about since she's come back, not only is her mood better, she is strong enough to go to the bathroom, get herself ready for bed, and go to bed, all without wobbling or needing any supervision. THAT is a welcome relief!!!! AMEN!


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Today was a gorgeous day.  We went for a 5 mile hike in the woods.  I needed to get up and moving.  Last night was warm, so we had a nice outdoor dinner at a wonderful Cuban restaurant.  The food was absolutely delicious.  Tomorrow is also supposed to be warm, so we may squeeze in 1 more beach day.

Ted-I loved the video and music. I hope you and Amy get out tomorrow to enjoy the nice weather.

Tweety-Hope you enjoyed your lunch and hike.  

Joe-I am with your Dad.  I will not sit inside a restaurant.  I hope your area has continued good weather so you can meet outdoors with your Dad.

NSIME-I'd love to see all the animals that come to the "diner".  I just put up anew bird feeder, which is providing loads of entertainment for the cats.  I agree with DH-I think you should write down some of your stories.

Wishing everyone a good night's sleep tonight.

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I'm impressed with you folk who regularly put nibbles outdoors for the critters. My sisters have multiple bird feeders that they tend in the yard. And my neighbor used to put seed out.  Me, I'm going to throw away a bag of sunflower seeds that I bought.  I didn't realize they were NOT shelled. Like no way am I going to shell pumpkinseeds. I guess the squirrels will benefit as I think they'd be too big for birds.

And I used to always buy those autumnal corn cobs that hang on the door. Only critters started attacking my door to get at the corn. You could see a clear line of demarcation where they were able to jump up to reach & nibble.

I know you guys sometimes have sleeping issues. Past week or so, and esp last nite, I just keep waking up and am just not comfortable in my elec recliner. I'm fearful to take something if I were to become wobbly/unsafe.

Want to utilize my new little crockpot. Not sure what I want to try. I'm thinking a crab spaghetti sauce - just dump the stuff in the pot. We'll see.

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I enjoyed reading and watching your posts.

I posted about felling well yesterday. Last night husband couldn't sleep again and became SOB (CHF)about 2:00 am. He was frightened. To the ER we went. No sleep for either of us. As of 4:oo pm he was much better, but still couldn't sleep. After he got a tele bed I couldn't be with him until the Coronavirus test came back negative this afternoon. I dove back and forth bringing his phone, partial, and then PM eye drops to the hospital, the same route I unsed to take to work at night.Waited for doctor, but he was so busy he just called me. He will refer him to an ear clinic for the tinnitus. GREAT!

Probably coming home tomorrow. 

My stepson is a cameraman. This is a news report about his most recent completed work. He is proud to have helped.


SIL, DIL, and granddaughters love dogs. This is his newest. This is his newest video:


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NSIME - The drone that I purchased (several months ago) is DJI's Mavic Air 2. with the accessories (like extra batteries and propellers, it costed me roughly $1,000. It was not a cheap investment, for sure. BUT, there are much less-costly drones to consider that provide good photos & videos, as well as tons of fun when flying them. Regarding Nannie. . . I hope her better mood continues for her and for your sake. We've had family members stay with us for extended period of time. It can be very stressful, as you know.

Tweety - The pictures that you shared on Facebook of your hike were lovely. Hikes of any kind, anywhere, are good for the soul.

Joe - It's sad to read about J's allergies and that you two postponed a night out together. I hope J's allergies subside soon. Seems like you had a nice day, though. Glad that you were able to spend time with your Dad.

BCgradnurse - Glad you had nice hiking weather. Hope the weather is nice for you tomorrow so that you can get another hike in!

amolucia - Seems like you have delicious plans for your new little crockpot! The crab sauce sounds wonderful! (Yum!) It's currently 11:33 PM (EST) in this part of the world. For almost any part of the country, it's time for sleep. I hope you're soundly and peacefully in Slumber-Land now.

herring_RN - (((Hugs))) Please know that your husband and you are warmly held in Prayer for Healing and Comfort.  Glad he's recovering! Hope you're able to get some sleep, too!  After I'm done typing here, I'm going to watch the video that you shared of your son's work. Very cool that your son is a cameraman. 

Peace, folks!

Edited to Add:
herring_RN - LOVED the video! Besides working behind and operating the camera, your Son looks and sounds great in FRONT of the camera. I hope his campaign goes well and that your Son is able to complete the larger video project. (We're dog-lovers, too. We always adopted "Rescued Dogs".)

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Joe, hope you enjoyed your lunch with your father.

Stars, that sounds like a nice way to relax, watching the "livestock".  I do have to ask what is "PDN" mean that you have stories about?

BC, glad it was a nice day and you got out.

Amo, sorry you're having issues with sleep.  I know the feeling well.

Herring, sorry to hear about the CHF exacerbation and tinnitus of your husband.  Hope he gets well soon.  Lovely videos!

Ted, quality techno stuff these days is expensive.  But if you're going to use it, you may as well get something good.  That's what my mother always said.

I did indeed have a good day outside.  Lovely weather but got very hot in the sun.  About half of the hike was in the shade though.  Lots of sunscreen used.  It was an area where the Manatee River meets Tampa Bay, a park 40 minutes away but one I hadn't been too.  

I ordered the wrong food at the restaurant for us and thought I was getting a sampler plate and got a jerk chicken sandwich instead.  It was good.  It was the first non-vegan food I'd eaten for a few weeks and really filled me up.  

It was strange being in a county without a mask ordinance and the waitress wasn't wearing a mask.  We were the only people in the dining area (there were people at the bar) so I felt okay.  But it's interesting to note they have a 10% positivity rate for Covid and my county with the mask ordinance has a 3% and we are next to each other.  Still people are furious about the mask mandate and there are people vowing to vote out the two democrats coming up for re-election over the issue, like the mask ordinance is the single most important issue.


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