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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - October 26th, 2019 - Good Morning

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Good Morning!

It's a peaceful and quiet early morning (5:48 AM, EST) in the part of the world. I love these fall-season, early-morning time of days. 🙂

Just packed up my camera and lenses for today's hike in the Catskill Mountains. (Hope to be taking LOTS of pictures and video!) So far, the weather is looking as best as can be: partly cloudy, 0% chance of rain with temperatures in the mid-40s to mid-50s throughout the day. We'll take it!! Amy and I are meeting with a co-worker friends of mine who lives in the general area where we'll be hiking. She's a Med/Surg nurse who also works the night-shift, and we've known each other for the 20 years that I've worked at my teeny-tiny hospital. She and I have been talking about doing some kind of hiking venture for the past few years. We're finally doing it!! Amy and I have done this trail before. It's about 6+ miles, round-trip. It's not necessarily a long trail, but it has its steep and somewhat challenging parts. At the end of the trail is a vista where one can see for many, many miles on a clear day. It is breath-taking! We should still get really nice views, despite it being a partly-cloudy day. The plan is to leave home at 7:30 AM and meet our friend at 9:00 AM to begin the hike.

Yesterday was a nice and relaxing day. The realtor and person interested in purchasing our home came a bit earlier than expected. So, we had the opportunity to meet this person. This gentleman is from NYC (Manhattan), and is looking to purchase a 2nd home, "away from it all"! In other words, he's a "Week-ender"! L O L! He wanted a house on a large plot of land with LOTS of trees so that he doesn't see his neighbors! Well, THAT'LL be our home! L O L! Hopefully he liked what he saw. Our home is in pretty good shape for being 14 years old. Although we purchased it new (as a spec-home), it does have 14 years worth of living. It's priced to sell, well below what we paid for it back in 2005. (If we get our asking price, it'll be a $60,000.00+ loss for us!!) Back in 2008, when the housing market crash took place, we were hit hard with devaluation. Still, we've had 14+ years of life in our home, filled with lots of memories. THAT is what is important to us!

The only thing we did yesterday, besides relax, was go grocery shopping. We purchased extra goodies for Sunday. Tomorrow we're hosting a HOA meeting. I hope people bring an appetite because we purchased lots of good! L O L! 

Nothing much else going on. Gonna get ready for our hike! Hope all have a restful day today! 🙂


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Morning Ted.  Hope the buyer decides to put in an offer

Relatively quiet day at work.  And glad it'll be the last one in the office until next month

J had to cancel dinner again, still having stomach troubles.  Hes figurrd out it was some diet pills he had been taking, has been improving since he stopped.  He should be well enough for us to meet on Sun

Had extra time last night so I did the laundry

Today headed out for a hike before the rain starts.  Going to meet dad for lunch as well and do some cooking

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Good morning!

Ted, have a wonderful hike and enjoy the day.  

Joe, I hope J gets to feeling better.  Enjoy your hike.

Dianah, hope you're not coming down with something.

J22, I've done the "leave my wallet" at home so many times.  I'm thinking of putting Samsung pay on my phone for those days I forget but haven't done it yet.  I rarely forget my phone but often forget my wallet.  Hope the black bean sauce recipe was good.  Funny I was making a recipe the other day with black bean sauce and when it came time I couldn't open the jar I had in my fridge and then noticed some mold and threw it away and switched gears.  When I thought about it, i probably had the black bean sauce a couple of years.

I slept in after getting up to feed SlowBro.  Have the batteries charging for the electric mower and need to mow as some recent rains caused some growth.  It's generally our dry season and I don't mow much.



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Happy Saturday-

I slept in and then went to the gym.  I have grocery shopping to do, along with laundry.  We went to a friend's house last night for dinner and game night.  It was a lot of fun.  We might see a movie tonight, if we can agree on one.

Ted-Fingers crossed the potential buyer makes an offer.  I hope you enjoyed your hike.

Joe-Sorry to hear J isn't feeling well.  I hope that turns around soon.

Tweety-I rarely carry my wallet or a purse.  I have my license and my debit card in a little sleeve that's stuck on the back of my phone case.  Cash can go in the sleeve, too.  It makes my life easier.  I think I have some ancient black bean sauce in the back of the fridge.  I tend to collect condiments, use them once or twice, and then they spend eternity in the back of the fridge.  It's a big waste and I should stop.  Hope you get the lawn mowed!

Wishing everyone a good Saturday!

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Fill the fuel oil tank (no natural gas in interior Alaska), carry signs and promote the recall of the Governor, soak in the hotsprings while my beard and hair freeze into funny shapes, bon fire and bourbon. 

It's going to be a good weekend. 

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Ted: I hope he wants your house. It is much bigger and nicer than ours, BUT our tiny house, without a bathtub, is in Los Angeles two miles from the ocean. 

Tweety: It is so inconsiderate for someone to just leave work like that tech did. I almost never forget my wallet. Good think because i have a dumb phone.

Feel better Dianah!

BCgradnurse: After reading your post I threw out a jar of horseradish that has been outdated in the back of the refrigerator more than a year.

A few months ago my NP suggested essential peppermint oil on my neck and forehead to help prevent and treat headaches. I'm not certain it does that but flies don't bother me when I smell like peppermint!

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Hi, I am just heading out side to hang some decorations, and carve pumpkins, in hopes that we will get some trick or treaters this year. I am also going to try to assemble our new garage shelves. And I have a few treasures that are getting thrown in the garbage can when a certain someone isn't looking. I tried to take Angus for a run at the school this morning on their gravel track (easier on old joints) when it is normally quiet. Except today a group of parents were breaking ground on a vegetable garden for the school. So the dog was distracted, and trying to keep him with me was too much. 

Tweety, that is ridiculous for a new hire to be so presumptuous. But I know you made sure the patients were cared for.

Dianah, I hope you recover quickly.

Ted, fingers crossed that an offer is made, and your hike is glorious. 

Joe, I hope the issue for J has been remedied. I think weight loss drugs tend to make one feel nauseous, in part to discourage eating. Not worth it to me. 

BC, I have become much more diligent about checking and chucking food. But there is always one hiding away. 

TMB, a hot soak in the cold sounds divine. 

Good tip about peppermint, herring. I wonder if it would keep bugs from flying into my mouth when i bike.

ta ta

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Hello to all,

Thanks for the thoughts and good wishes!  I slept well last night and we were up early to drive to Desert Hot Springs church.  Got there in plenty of time.  Got tuned up,  and started music after the preliminaries were finished.  Technically we had 30 min for the "sermon" portion (our music WAS the sermon portion!) but the pastor (who played with us and kinda led out, based loosely on my provided list of songs) went till 1215 before he broke out into the benediction. 🙂  It was a lively and enjoyable program, seems the congregation enjoyed it as much as we did.

Dh and I stopped at Ruby's Diner, a '50's-themed diner, in Cabazon on the way back, for a late-ish lunch.  I had an impossible burger (minus the bun) and he had a caliente turkey burger (jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, tomatoes, lettuce).  THEN we splurged and each got a kid-sized pumpkin spice shake!  It was COLD and DELICIOUS!  I couldn't finish mine.  Ruby's is famous for its burgers, fries, and shakes.  We like stopping there (at the edge of the Morongo Reservation) on our way home from the Palm Springs or Joshua Tree areas.  It's right next to Hadley's, which is famous for its Date Shakes!  Another time, perhaps!

We are home now, and I plan on relaxing.  Tomorrow we will do music from 12-3 at the apple ranch, in Oak Glen.  All four of us will be there, from the band, which will be fun.  Then we will go together for an early dinner/late lunch.

Ted, hope your walk was gorgeous!  Looking forward to pictures!

Joe, enjoy your walk!

I, too, amass condiments in the fridge.  Time to clean it out!

Have a good afternoon/evening!


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