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Saturday November 13, 2021

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Good morning!

Stars, how nice to see that deer.

Working today.  It was officially announce that the coworker was promoted to Assistant Manager.  We haven't had an Assistance Manager before.  It's part of the new organizations.  I won't be in charge as much and will just fumble around as a floor nurse.

Meeting my student that I'm precepting today.

Slowbro is feeling better and I haven't noticed any emesis or diarrhea.  Hopefully it's passed.  He still thinks his kibble is poison and he's eating canned which is irresistible.  Hopefully he'll stay all right and no emergency room visits are pending to get some flagyl or other medication for colitis.

Hope everyone has a good day.  

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Tweety glad Slowbro is feeling better

Dianah that sounds like a fun day

NJ22 has been rainy here too

Amo I think your doctor would want to try other things before transfusion

Stars that was cool that the deer is still going despite the injuries.  Dinner was delayed to Sunday as J wasn't feeling well

By the end of the workday I wasn't feeling that great either, woke up with a slight headache that got worse by the end of the workday.  The most intense workday I've had since starting, lotta work that I had to get done.  And I got it done, although I know I slipped up on one or more things. Hopefully nothing major.  But it was a lot

Thankfully after work was over and I had some acetaminophen I felt better.  Exercised and did some crafting.  Took a bit longer than usual to get to sleep but slept well

This morning the ache seemed to have moved to my neck, but some topical cream seems to have helped

Today will visit the arboretum.  Like a lot of places they have timed entry.  Wish they had 8:30 available, which would be perfect, but only 8 and 9, so I chose 9.  Cloudy day in the 40s so probably won't be many people there

Meeting dad for lunch as usual.  Might cook today or might leave that for tomorrow

Tonight Svengoolie has The Indestructible Man, which I'll watch, might have seen it before

Hoping the rain holds off, but will be quite cloudy today


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Good morning all!

Joe, is the work ramping up or was it just a busy day?  Enjoy the Arboretum!  Hi to Dad! Do you meet at a usual spot or do you vary the restaurant?

Tweety, hope Slowbro is, if not improving, then maintaining.  Re: work: maybe this is a good partial fix (besides adequate staffing), to have an Ass't Mgr rather than pulling one of you to be Charge Nurse?  Hope the day goes smoothly, and how did the precepting go?

We had a good time yesterday, were pretty tired so didn't stay for fireworks.  We agreed, it was good to be there, especially to see all the decorations and lights.  But it's still different.  Did see the Dapper Dans singing by the Fire Station, and later heard the Bootstrappers band sing/play, in New Orleans Square.  We miss hearing the two jazz bands play, though.  Don't know if they will be re-instated, am guessing not.  Kids rode the train through Primeval World display.  Most everything else they wanted to go on, the lines were too long (we got there around 1230).  There is no longer a Fast Pass system.  The two "big" rides in Star Wars area are virtual queue but no others.  So, even though less ppl are in the parks, the lines are longer due to no Fast Pass system.  If we wanted to go for rides, I would opt to BE there when it opens, and run around doing rides first thing.  Then, later in the morning as it's getting crowded, back off and relax.  As the system stands now, dh is NOT interested in getting any long-term tickets, not unless we can go spur-of-the-minute (he does NOT like reserving time to go). 

Hello to BCgrad, nursej22, herring, siri, amo, and No Stars, and anyone else who pops in! 🙂 

Today we will relax in preparation for tomorrow's playing from 12-3 at the apple ranch.  Dh says he has a lot to do to prepare the little sound system (I think he intends to change all the batteries) and load the bass, etc.  Plus we're recovering from all the walking yesterday!  Not a lot of stiffness so far, which is good!

Have a good day!


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Joe - I'm trying to make light of my anemia issue. I just feel sooooo blah! Trying some other things first, but blood sounds so delicious!

Any news re Ted & Amy?

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