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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - May 15th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It looks to be another lovely day today. The sun is out with few clouds, with the temp going up to around the low-70s. Seems to be a perfect day to video-record a dance recital held outdoors. (I'll be leaving in about 45 minutes.)

Yesterday. . . Wow! Did LOTS of Spring Cleaning. More precisely, cleared out a whole lot of "junk" that's been stored in our basement for years! We nearly filled up a semi-large metal container, that we're renting, with this junk! We still have our garage to clean out (which Amy will be doing while I'm doing the video-recording thing). Any old electronic equipment (like non-functioning HDDs, non-working keyboards, old non-functioning audio equipment, non-functioning TVs, etc.) we put in the back of my Jeep and drove it to the one transfer station that accepts these things. . . for free. That transfer station was nearly 40 miles away from where we live. What was cool about going to that transfer station was that it's located near where the dance recital is being held today. . . but across the Hudson River. So we drove across the Hudson River, and to the outdoor venue where the dance recital is being held. It is beautiful! The venue is on a park, right along side the Hudson River! The dance students were practicing their "dancing". . . well, they were bopping up and down NOT to the beat of the music. (LOL!) Also, I saw where I'll be setting up my video-recording equipment, which will be under a tree (thankfully). Afterward, we went to an Italian restaurant, which we haven't been to in decades, and had a really delicious Italian meal. (Yum!) All-in-all, it was both a productive and really beautiful day, yesterday!

Well. . . I gotta get going. Hope all have a nice and restful weekend today. And to those who have to work, I hope work is kind to you.

Peace! 🙂


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Ted glad that you were able to get rid of so much stuff.  I did something similiar this spring

Tweety glad you were staffed well.  New hires quitting does not seem like a good sign

NJ22 I think having a coworker like that would drive me crazy too

Stars I tend to avoid screens at night as well

Dianah hope you get some better rest tonight

Yesterday was fairly good at work, no additional work received and got everything done without rushing.  Although more work coming down the pike, hope it won't prove to be too much.  And that they take into account that I've taken on work from coworkers who have left

Having intestinal issues yesterday, kept me running to the bathroom in the afternoon until I took something and things settled down.  Same thing happened Monday too, and part of Thurs.  It could be the new recipe I made,  which I had for the first time on Mon.  Though not sure why that would set me off

Went to the laundromat after work and exercised.  Slept decently too, despite a bit of a stomach ache

Today was planning on birdwatching but it looks like rain will be arriving this morning so that may not work out.   Also have to get my hair cut and buy a new vacuum cleaner.  Might do some chopping in preparation for cooking tomorrow

Will watch some of the Stooges later, at least their earlier episodes.  And Svengoolie has Fiend Without a Face, which I haven't seen before

Weather will be up to 60 today, will  get into the 70s tomorrow and the 80s towards the end of the week


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Good morning!

Looks to be a gorgeous day here, too.  Should get up to around 70.  I finished my telemed calls a little early yesterday, and then picked up my sister for our annual plant shopping extravaganza.  We went to a wonderful nursery that had a huge variety of plants. I bought both perennials and vegetables.  I can manage planting the veggies in my raised bed, but fiance will have to dig the holes for the perennials as I am still on "light duty" post-op.  Afterwards, my sister and I stopped for a light dinner outdoors of tapas and a cocktail.  It was a perfect afternoon.

Today, I plan on relaxing.  My deck is off limits, as a robin decided to make it her nesting place, and she freaks out every time we step out there.  I'll sit in the yard and read, after I finish planting.  Tonight we're meeting friends for dinner.  I love science and vaccines!

Ted-you were so productive yesterday!!  I hope the recital goes well.  Should be a lovely day to be by the river.

Joe-I hope your belly is better today.  Sorry you can't go birdwatching today.

Tweety-New hires quitting is not a good thing, although I supposed it happens everywhere. I hope your staffing improves.  My current NP student works part time on a cardiac floor at a large hospital.  She told me they hold at 1:4, 1:5 at the most, and the charge nurse is a float with no patient assignment.  Imagine that?

J22-Your co-worker would also drive me nuts.  I probably would snap at her at some point.  I hope you have a great weekend.

Stars-I got some of those reading glasses that supposedly block blue light.  I cannot go to sleep without reading my Kindle in bed.  Hope you don't have to listen to a lot of inane mumbling today.

Dianah-I hope your legs calmed down and you were ale to sleep last night.

Hi Amo-hope you're doing ok.

Hope all have a great day.

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Woke up early-ish, took my meds and went back to sleep; usually by the time I wake up and get up, the gypsies have quieted down for the day. THIS morning, however, when I got up expecting to have the aches and pains quieted down, NOPE! My lower back, both hips, back of thighs and knees were just aching and aching. Not terrible PAIN, just things complained when I was standing up, and it was quite wearing and tiresome. 

So, instead of attacking my room to straighten things out, and  what I had been planning to do, with some furniture moving to rearrange my space....it's been called off. Phooey! The spirit is willing, but the body gets the vote ... which is emphatically "No, Uh-uh, fuggedaboudit!"

I am currently stretched out on my bed. Decided that SITTING was NOT going to help my hips, etc,  ease off. Even propping up my laptop on my knees doesn't feel too good or last too long, before I have to straighten them out for some relief.

The good news is that I don't have to listen to the Nannie Musings. I told her that I was sorry (but didn't say "not very") that I had to desert her today because I needed to rest my bones in a horizontal position, on my bed. I also didn't say: w00t!

So, I've read everyone here who has posted so far, and I may be back later, but for now I'm putting the computer down and picking up a book. I'm reading some Lee Child's JACK REACHER books. Y'know, I know that Clint Eastwood is too old now to be "Jack Reacher" in the movies, but he is who I picture as I read....although Clint isn't near tall enough or muscled  big enough as Child's books describe the character, but I gotta say ...Tom Cruise just don't cut it as Jack Reacher in the two (3?) movies he's made as that character. It's  PREPOSTEROUS that a guy who is barely 5'8" tall is cast as someone  who is s'posta be 6'4" tall! But Tom's ego may be that tall, so.....

Okay. Toodles!

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Very pleasant day here. dh and I are planting the vegetable garden, but I'm taking a lunch break now. i planted 8 new raspberry plants, green beans and peas. dh is working on his numerous tomato plants. After my morning run I stopped by the pharmacy yet again to see if my rx was ready, but the dr. office still hasn't responded after 1 1/2 weeks and 3 requests from pharmacy. they have been giving me 6 pills at a time as emergency doses, but this is ridiculous. 

I hope everyone's woes are subsiding. 

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j22, Go stand in front of your Dr's office desk, demand your prescription be faxed to your pharmacy.....WHILE you watch. Jiminy-Crickets, it's worse than pulling teeth, and you can tell 'em I said so!!!! They should be ashamed.

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Good evening.

Home having dinner.

J22, I tried the let the pharmacy contact the doctor thing on scripts and it gets ignored.  Now I request it on my app and then call my doctor's office and leave a message "please renew this script that I used my app to request it from CVS".   I also have my doctor's cell phone but haven't had to use that for scripts yet.  But it's not life sustaining medication like yours.  

Stars, hope you got some rest and the gypsies went outta town.

Joe, sorry you're feeling bad.

Ted, sounds productive.  I tend to not be a pack rat and things but I do need to do a spring cleaning every few years.  I noticed I had five phones in my closet.  DOH

BC, enjoy your gardening.  My niece has a nest of something in her garage so they on top of the door opener.  They leave the door open for mamma and the eggs have hatched.  Funny where they take up residence.  

I had 6:1 ratio again today.  I'm not sure what it is about me and that ratio that I can't seem to get a grip on but it wrecks me every time.  I discharged three patients and got dinner at 5:00.  What kind of job makes you work nearly 10 hours without a break???  Started with a rapid response on a patient with syncope and it looked like he was seizing during PT.  He's okay.   I even made one discharge wait until I had lunch before I would let her go.   They tried to give me more patients and I asked them professionally and nicely not to and they agreed to hold them to the next shift.  Glad I didn't have to get all postal on them.  I called in for tomorrow.  I need to reset.


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Glad you didn't go postal, and proud of you for calling in for tomorrow! 🔆

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Tweety - you might be able to DONATE your old phones to various programs that accept them for Domestic Abuse Shelters. They get re-furbished for emergency use only. Phones used to be dropped off at my local police station for that use. Also I gave a couple old ones to a coworker's daughter who collected them for a Girls' Brownie Group project/badge program.

Relax for tomorrow. You sometimes just need to recharge yourself!

stars - thinking of you. Found some more outdated pantry items. Did you try those frozen Whips yogurts? My Meals-on-Wheels has started to supply yogurts on occ for desserts. Not the good kind though!

For y'all with the twitchy legs problems. I feel for you. They are just MISERABLE when they are so jumpy. I have gout issues so that adds to my jumpies at times.

And am envious of you folk who are gardening-oriented. Never had any real interest when I was healthier, but I guess I miss it more NOW.

And the spring-cleaners. For that I am SUPER-envious. I need to start thinning my things out. But like NSIME commented, 'the spirit is willing ...'

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