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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - May 24th, 2014 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's 4:17 AM (EST) in this part of the world.

Just woke up. It's quite early here. I was hoping to see the meteor shower that is supposed to take place early this morning! Looked up in the sky and it's all dark. It's too overcast to see anything. Poop. :(

The previous night at work was crazy. Our teeny-tiny ICU was closed (initially), so I was floated down to the E.R. where it was busy. Took care of a 93 year old woman who woke up with left-sided numbness & weakness which had all improved itself by the time the EMT people got to her home. Still had to do a rule-out with the Stroke Protocol. Gosh she was a YOUNG 93 year old! Great sense of humor! I hope that I'm that sharp if/when I'm 93 years old! LOL! Although she was "negative" from the CT Scan results, the consulting neurologist suggested she have an MRI to further rule-out the possibility of some kind of stroke/TIA thing. Unfortunately we don't have an MRI so she was transferred to our "sister Hospital" which does have one. By the time my happy 93 year old was on her way to "Big Sister", the E.R. was pretty much cleared out of all patients. Soooo. . . I was floated to Maternity, of all places! LOL! Our teeny-tiny Maternity floor had lots of babies and mothers! I heard this strange sound which I don't normally hear. It was a baby crying. LOL! I guess the poor thing didn't like getting its diaper changed. LOL! The little darlings are cute, though. They had me take care of a mother who had recently given birth to twins! GOSH! She was fine. Very stable. Fundas was as hard as a rock, about 2 fingers above the umbilicus. As for the lochia? Well, I let one of the well-seasoned maternity nurses assess that situation. (The mom didn't care too much who checked what, but it's been over a year since I floated to maternity and I needed a primer more on how to treat swollen areas - which is with ice in a peri-pad, apparently.) What was interesting about this woman, and the whole reason why I'm even sharing this story, was that she was a surrogate mother! She had just given birth to twins, the natural way, I might add, both of whom ended up with a loving couple who apparently could not conceive their own children. WHAT A GIFT! I was sincerely impressed. It was an honor being her postpartum nurse. The surrogate mom, besides being a bit sore and very tired, seemed quite accepting of her generous role to this whole situation. Her own husband was by her side which also warmed my heart. As for the new "adoptive" parents? They were being the loving parents to their two new family members as one would hope and expect any parent to be. It was an interesting night of floating. It's times like these which make me very lucky and proud to be working for such a teeny-tiny hospital. :)

Had a nice visit with my father for lunch, yesterday. I always enjoy visiting him. He and his wife stay at a camp ground during the summer. It's about 55 miles away (which is a lot closer than when they're down in Florida during the winter months! LOL!). However, I forgot that it is a holiday week-end! UGH! Everyone and their freakin' brother was on the road to experience the holiday week-end. (I normally don't like to drive during such high-travel times.) Getting into the camping ground where my father stays took forever! UGH! Once we finally connected, we had a nice lunch out together.

As for today?? One of our nephews is graduating from college today. Specifically, he'll be graduating from RPI which is kind of a big deal for him. I'm looking forward to watching the whole graduating ceremony like one would look forward to the yearly rectal exam to check the prostate. However, the celebratory post-graduation lunch out together should be fun! Both Amy and I were somewhat impressed (and honored) to be asked to attend his graduation ceremony. I guess this nephew whom we see about twice a year likes us! LOL! Oh well. It will be nice visiting with extended family.

Just looked outside to see if I can see any meteor shower. Nope.

Take care, folks. I'm gonna try to squeeze in a few more "ZZZZZs" before we get ready for the happy-happy 8:30 in the freakin' morning graduation ceremony! LOL!

Peace. . .


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Good Morning Ted and all who slide in to say hi,


Ted you made me giggle about getting up for the 8:30 graduation, that is rather early though and I am sure you will have fun and the post grad get together but I laughed out loud over your analogy of the graduation versus rectal exam. LOL


Your night sounded awesome and what a woman to give birth naturally to twins for another couple a gift indeed.


Davey I also giggled yesterday at merging Stephanie and my own meds LOL Too freaking funny. Kinda cute they were holding hands though.


Had a busy time at work, first patient turned in to a 3 hour long visit trying to get symptoms under control which I did but I was not confident how long things would remain calm. Dreadful terminal agitation is so pitiful but I pray the patient remained calmer. Family did not call me back so I am guessing patient settled.


Finished off my other visits before popping briefly into the office to gather supplies etc for next week. It was nice to see my colleagues who thought I had shot through because they have not seen me. LOL


Hubby has an interview this coming Thursday for a new position for a new job, he is very excited and looking forward to the 'jobs' they want to offer him. He applied for a position but they said they have several they would like to speak to him about.


Going to get ready very soon and head out hiking with hubby and the dogs, looking forward to a lovely 3 day weekend full of great hikes and time spent with hubby is always a blessing, we chat about all sorts of stuff as we slog along! LOL


Hope you all have a most excellent and fun day.


Much love to you all.

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Sounds like a very interesting night Ted! So much for the "Q" word lol..

Sabby HAPPY BIRTHDAY chickie!! :angrybird3: hope you have a great w/e!!! xoxo

I am doing some church stuff, hopefully a nap, then work at 5. The sky looks kind of iffy out there! 53* so far at 7:30 am

You all have a great day!!


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Ted it sounds like you had an interesting night

Good luck to Joey on his interview

Morning Liddle

Busy day yesterday, on the phone a lot, one person wanted to vent at length the other had a problem with dialysis. In the past this would have frustrated me, the disruption to my planned schedule. But now I just came up with a plan to address the dialysis issue and concluded the venting person just needed to talk. And shifted some stuff from today to next week and stuff from next week to the week after. I don't let the disruptions bother me as much, and if people have to wait to hear back from me then they just have to wait...

Ran over to dad's place last night to fill the birdfeeders while he's away, watched "Best in Show", didn't really like it nearly as much as the director's other movies.

Not sure what I'll be doing today. Svengoolie is showing a movie I've never seen previously, but other than that my schedule is pretty open. Could do some biking, the weather should be warmer later in the day although it's cool now. I'll have to see, I'm out of shape and still a little sore from the biking I did on Thurs.

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Good morning.

I planned to sleep in a little this morning but my hubby's phone buzzed when he got an email or something and now I am awake. Our phones are new and we are still getting them set up the way we want. I will take care of that little buzz later for sure.

Nothing much going on here. I see berry pie and coffee (maybe tea) in my near future. Otherwise nothing really planned. We will go to the movies finally. We have been trying to see Spider-Man all week. I want to check out some local gyms too. I want to join the gym again soon. It's time to start exercising again.

Ted, wishing the ceremony goes quickly for you and you have a nice time at the celebration afterwards.

Sabby, enjoy your hike. Also wishing Joey good luck on the interview. Will be praying for you both for this and the house.

Joe, glad to hear Marge and your other cat are starting to get along. Have a good weekend.

Hi Liddle N. :wavey:

Well, going to catch up on some threads here then maybe do a little reading while everyone else is still asleep. See ya later. :)

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Hi all!

Here I am at my friend's home being treated like a queen. We've already been on our walk and had a good breakfast. They are taking me out to a new Afghan restaurant tonight.

I made an appointment at the "Genius Bar" at the Apple store where I bought my computer. New help with the Maverick download.

Sounds like you all are having a good day. Hope it continues.

See ya!:wavey:

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Good evening, finally.

Returned quickly from my short trip. Well, the trip back was long and a bit on the frustrating side. Cut the visit with family short as my friend was not feeling well. had planned to leave very late and hope to avoid some of the traffic. Instead took a different route to avoid roads I knew would be filled beyond capacity. My friend has DM and was suffering with a very high BS. No testing equipment, no insulin. Got back and he went to hospital and was found to have a BS of 720. He is poor, from a state that did not embrace ACA, so no real care for his DM.

I am not his nurse, nor his spouse. He is independent and I really know little about his DM status. I just had him puking and not peeing for almost 300 miles. Scared the **** out of me. It is different when you have the resources to deal with emergencies.

The grass fed ground beef I brought home melted on the trip so had to be cooked. I did that last night, made chili this am and went to work for a full day. Busy day! Came home and ate ice cream for dinner as I am too tired to do anything else.

I am about ready to go to bed as I am working early shift tomorrow.

I am to go to my grand nieces HS graduation next month. My boss agreed to it. His little presents of non-homogenized milk, rhubarb and 2 rib eye steaks did not hurt the request for more time off. I actually was not going to ask but he opened the door when he said that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. In his case it is the opportunity to play with food is the way to get almost anything he can do. He is a very fair and great boss.

I may tell more about the trip tomorrow. Now I just need some zzzzs.

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I may tell more about the trip tomorrow. Now I just need some zzzzs.

I'm sorry the trip back was so ugh :( so sorry. Hope he is ok. That's awesome you were able to bribe... I mean ask your boss for time to go see your grandniece graduate! :)


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