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Saturday May 22 2021

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NJ22 12 days off sounds like, glad you found a good dog sitter

Ted getting ready for a new puppy seems fairly involved.  Hope all goes smoothly

Stars I hope you can get the phone straightened out

Dianah having fewer (or one) password does save a lot of time and confusion

Was a good day at work yesterday, not too busy and got done a bit early.  A good way to end the week

After work ran to the laundromat and exercised.  Also my new binoculars came in, hope they're better than the old ones

Woke up a bit early today, might have been going to bed early or the fact that the room was warm.  Am just getting used to using air conditioning again

Today have the usual trip out for coffee and birdwatching.  Might do some chopping in preparation for cooking tomorrow

Svengoolie has the Japanese monster movie King Kong Escapes, not sure if that is any good.  Will give it a try, along with some of the Three Stooges before it

Starting to make plans to see my dad and J in the coming week, since I will have full immunity.  Also seeing conventions starting up again

Weather will be quite warm here, in the upper 80s




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Good Morning

We’re sitting outside on the front porch of a lovely B&B, in the town of Thompson, Connecticut. The weather is perfect for drinking early morning coffee.

Had a lovely dinner with our niece and nephew at a very fancy-shmancy (and expensive!) restaurant. The food?!? Delicious! The bill?!!? Wow! It was our treat, of course. It was worth it.

In two hours we pick up Sedona, the wonder puppy! 😊

Hope all have a pleasant day today. 🙂


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Good morning!
Ted, enjoy the new dog.  

Slept in today. Nothing going on.  

Hope everyone has a good day.

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I've been a little blue, and haven't felt like posting.  There's family drama going on between my 2 sisters, and I'm really saddened by it.  My younger sister is being a total jerk to my older sister, and I'm appalled by it.  Of course, it's about money.  I'm trying not to get in the middle of it, but truth be told, I'm supporting my older sister.  I hope they can work things out without any permanent damage to the relationship.  On a better note, my older sister's DH has responded well to radiation and now can eat soft foods.  

Anyhoo, it's been summer-like here today, with temps reaching 89.  It's supposed to be in the 90s tomorrow.  We'll be making our first official beach trip of the year.  Tonight we are meeting some fully vaccinated friends for dinner in Boston.  It's been a long time since we've been in the city.  It's nice to have a bit of normalcy.

Joe-I hope you enjoy your binoculars.  

Ted-Sedona is adorable!  I loved the video on FB.  Enjoy her!

Tweety-A nothing going on day is not a bad thing.  No pressure.

Hope everyone else is well.  It was nice to see Herring posting.  I hope she's able to come back here soon!




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Ooh, Ted, I saw your video of Sedona on Facebook. Sooo cute! And she is bigger than I had imagined. She will have you worn out in no time, lol. 

I got a nice, 5 mile run in early this morning. I had to leave my jacket on for about a half a mile until I got warm. Normally I run in a tank top and shorts. Now I'm taking a break from weeding. I do need to wash laundry. 

Consolidated  passwords sounds like a great idea. I have to sign on to many entities that don't interface: CDC, state department of health (actually this takes 3 different ones)  , local hospital EMR, the lab, imaging, our EMR, my computer, our internet, etc. And now they are starting to require a second verification where they send you a code each time. Argh. 

Have a nice afternoon, evening all. 

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Didn't get the phone attended to today. 😞

Hubby had to repair the riding-lawn-moaner and then mow the front and back yards. He was bummed out because today would have been his daddy's 94th birthday. His dad died about a dozen years ago. // He is also worried re his dgt's mess...she, of course, loves her frequently drunk, belligerent husband and is lonely because he isn't there. Her teen dgt stays in her room a lot of the time and she and her sister despise their dad. // Fortunately hubby is NOT drinking and has been working very hard to pull himself together. But also, he's quite tired of our being tethered to the house most of the time. We tell ourselves "This too shall pass."   

Spent the day as a domestic drudge...vacuumed the den, Nannie's room and bathroom, vacuumed the 15 carpeted steps, the kitchen the front hall, and upstairs hall and bathroom. Cleaned the 'terlets' (Archie Bunker's version), did two loads of laundry, trimmed Nannie's cut flowers and put them in fresh water, and then STOPPED her from watering her other plants....3x today alone! 

Dearly hope to take it easy tomorrow!

Ted, Exciting news about the puppy! Hope to see a photo here soon!

Joe, are you going to go to the furry conventions again soon?

BCg, I feel ya about the family drama stuff! // We are heading into "a record setting heat wave", or so said the newspaper's front right- upper-page column headline. Oh happy frabjus' day!  🙄 (not a fan of high temps and humidity!)

Hey amoLu, herring, dianah, Tweety and all the other usual suspects...



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