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Saturday May 18, 2019

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Good morning!

Working this weekend which I don't mind as weekends tend to be just a tad less stressful unless the ER is busy.  

Had a nice day off.  George made me shrimp scampi (I'm not a huge fan of seafood so it's odd he made this, but shrimp is the only seafood I eat) and a nice strawberry pie for dessert.  I emptied his trash and did a couple of loads of laundry.  

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Morning  Tweety

Productive day yesterday.  Left work early to do a drug test for my new job.  Managed to get laundry and vacuuming done.

Thanks to some new construction both J and I were a half hour late for dinner.  Thankfully we both arrived at the same time, so neither one of us had to wait for the other

Heading out for a hike, run a few errands, then meet dad for lunch

Will probably skip Svengoolie tonight, he has Abbbot and Costello Meet Frankenstein, which is great but I've seen it many times before

Day is going to start in the 40s but end up in the 80s.  Thankfully the rain has stopped but it will start again tomorrow

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Yesterday was the usual Friday madness at work.  We're short staffed with both front desk and medical assistants.  Good times.

Fiance and I went out last night to celebrate the 5th anniversary of our first date.  We went back to the same restaurant we went to 5 years ago, which is in a hotel in Boston that was once a jail.  It is ironically called the Liberty Hotel.  Traffic was crazy because there was a Red Sox home game.  We were a bit late, but they held our reservation for us.    

It is finally sunny and warm enough to plant.  I will be putting in my vegetable garden today.  I think we're past all danger of frost, but you never know.  The western part of my state had snow last weekend.  I also hope to get a long walk in this afternoon.

Tweety-hope work goes smoothly today.  Strawberry pie sounds good!  I hope BF is healing well.

Joe-Enjoy your hike and the warmer weather.

Hope all have a great day!

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Is that the old Charles Street Jail, BC?


Happy anniversary.

You are a good friend, Tweety.

My nurse friend quit her job Thursday. She finished her shift, decided she had had enough, and after clocking out, went to scheduling office and quit!

She is 62, so she can collect SS, and withdraw from 401k.

Have a great day.

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Yesterday was had an omelet breakfast at "Daisy Dukes" restaurant in the French quarter. Oops, husband is ready for breakfast!

OK. We had the breakfast here at the hotel, Scrambled eggs and an orange for me. Husband also had sausage, bacon and bagel and cream cheese.

Yesterday we saw the levee and the Mississippi. Water is the highest I've seen. On the tour we saw neighborhoods we hadn't seen before. Lots of history. 

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Good morning.

Ok, now I know where herring and her husband are . . . 👍

The Section Championship game for the boys today was rescheduled for Monday and let me tell you folks are not happy about that.  The girls do play today at 10:00 a.m. so we will be going to support them. 

I actually slept last night which was good since I had 3.5 hours of sleep the night before. 

BC - your dinner out sounds wonderful and I googled that hotel to see what it looked like . . . amazing!  

If the rain stays away, after the game I'll be working in the yard.  Lots of stuff to do still although my tomatoes are in and doing well.  

Tweety - hope work is not busy.

Joe . . . a hike sounds good as well.  Maybe I'll add that to my day.

To the rest of you not here yet, good morning and hope everyone has a good day.

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Good morning, 

I left work yesterday early because of a headache that just wouldn't quit. It is gone now. I think maybe it was sinusitis because it was right over one eye. Eldest ds had invited us over to help celebrate his birthday with his friends. He is still good friends with many boys that he grew up with. My husband and I know many of them because he coached them in baseball for several years. 

 I was up early, and out for a walk. It is sunny today, so the lawn will get cut! I am going to try some new, healthier recipes today: some mini-spinach quiches for quick breakfasts, and a coconut chicken dish. Shh, don't tell dh it has curry in it! And it calls for purple rice. All I could find is black rice, so I hope that is close. 

Hope everyone's day is great, 



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Sounds like y'all are having a decent day! I AM TOO!


I got up early-ish (for me) and went out for a few grocery items. When I got back, I came upstairs and started in cleaning out the front bedroom as much as I could. At least you can see the surface of the bed, and a pathway to it and the closet. Right now that closet is for all the winter stuff.

Hubby is eventually going to be moving into that bedroom, and I will be moving into the bedroom he will be vacating. I li ke my little room but it is so small there is no room for a dresser and the closet is too small for any kind of storage. I don't care for the wall color in my 'future' room; dark, but can be lit; it is dark and there is only one window...but at least that window opens! I like fresh air. Eventually I will paint the walls white-ish.

I really REALLY REALLY want to go get the new storage shed and have it set up, so we can start going through packed boxes to see what we can use, and what will continue to be stored. I'm not looking for it to happen any time soon, but when Nannie makes her earthly exit, there's a lot, and I mean a LOT of stuff and doodads and whatnots that we can off-load to make room for US!  Nannie did beautiful needlework, but she also has this thing for fake flowers and frilly curtains and cutsey-poo knick-knacks.

I am allergic to cutsey-poo and frills.

OK, my breaktime is over and I'm getting back to it. Now that the front bedroom is as done as it can be for the moment, I am about to remove everything from my little closet, and re-sort winter/summer, and junk that has accumulated because it had nowhere else to go.

I can't believe I am actually doing something that I said yesterday that I would do today, because usually I don't.

I am pickled tink with my own self!  😜 Yeah, buddy!



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I forgot to add that the DON, reached out to my nurse friend, and wants to meet with her, to discuss the "reasons" why she quit.

She hasn't decided if she will participate, in such a meeting.

Glad you and hubby are having a great time, herring.

When I was involved with horse racing, I went to New Orleans frequently.

Attended Louisiana Derby(s), and traveled there as an excuse to see my beloved equine friends, as some trainers went from Louisville, to New Orleans in winter.

During one trip, I told boyfriend at the time, "after picking up rental car, we are going straight to the race track, to see Whoozie."

She was my FAVORITE, of the horses trained by the trainer I worked for.

One of her win photos hangs in my bedroom.

Haven't been back to NOLA, since I gave horse racing.

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