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Saturday May 10 2014

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Wow, first on the GM thread. That doesn't happen too often.

Yesterday was pretty ordinary. Work wasn't too bad, and one of the new employees I was helping train helped me out on some of the backlog. Came home, paid bills, and watched "A Might Windy". I find as I've gotten older I like those mockumentary type movies more.

Up early today, going to head to the botanic gardens. Should be fairly nice weather so they'll be lots of people, so I figure better to get an early start. I'm planning to visit the shelter later and talk about some of the cats they recommended too.

Also need to stop at the home improvement store and see if I can find some sort of mirrored or one-way window film, I like natural light but my windows are on the first floor and facing the front yard so I really don't get any privacy. This way I can let the light in but people won't be able to see in.

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Good Morning Joe and all who pop in,


Thanks for kicking us off this morning Joe, hope you enjoy the Botanical Gardens my most fav memories are taking Mum there regularly, just love the place.


Worked 1/2 yesterday, grabbed groceries on the way home then got stuck into the outside work, worked for hours, wore myself out and dragged my hiney to bed for a long snooze. Slept in which is a miracle in itself.


Slurping on my cup of tea right now before we head off and take the boys for their regular hike, we cannot get out of that when there are beautiful brown eyes pleading at you. LOL


Looking forward to a nice weekend, will get my ironing out of the way today so tomorrow will be a day of rest for us.


Hope you all enjoy this glorious weather and get to do something fun for yourselves.


Much love to you this day.

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Good Morning -

Joe - Thanks for starting the thread. Wish you well as you continue on with the cat searching. As for darkening up the windows for privacy, how about getting some light curtains? You can close them which will provide you privacy but still let a certain amount of light in. Can appreciate wanting privacy, having lived in a city (Boston) long, long ago. Good luck with your searches. I used to LOVE walking through parks and gardens when I lived in Boston. It's very calming and of course the scenery is beautiful.

Sabby - Saw your house on FB. It looks lovely. I wish you well as you continue on with your selling and moving plans. Glad to read that you got some extra sleep. Getting a good night's sleep is a WONDERFUL goal for many people! LOL! :)

Just got up myself. Currently "slurping" on First Coffee. (Love your term, "slurping", Sabby.) It's rainy and wet outside, but at least the temperature is nice. It also rained yesterday. AND, it's supposed to rain tomorrow. In the meanwhile, the grass is growing, growing, growing. I'm itching to start the mowing season. My lawn (which is a bear to mow because of the hilly landscape) is growing into a jungle. "First Mowing" is going to be quite the work out.

I purchased a new monitor to replace the old one the burnt out yesterday. Got a 27" (diagonally) monitor, and it was relatively inexpensive! WOW! I'm going to purchase these big monitors more often! It's so easy on the eyes. This particular monitor is found to be good for photo and video editing which is good.

I have no set plans for today. Will probably do some kind of activity with Amy. (Hmmmm. . . that didn't sound good. LOL!) Will check out the movies and see what's playing and maybe do a "dinner and a movie" thing. :)

Boy, it's rainy wet outside! And the grass is growing, the leaving are coming out on the trees and the flowers are peaking up from the ground and showing their buds. I LOVE spring-time! :)

Peace, folks! :)


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Morning folks :wavey:

Slurping on my second cup of coffee.

It is a gloriously sunny day with no clouds. Spidey has two baseball games today. And . . . . . .my granddaughter is here! :inlove: Oh, and my son and daughter-in-law.

Last time I saw my granddaughter was in March. She is so funny and cute. Of course she spend a lot of time in my arms.

Yesterday we all attended the ceremony for the two volunteer baseball coaches who have turned around our failing baseball program from the high school to Little League. These two men do not want publicity and it was pretty funny to see them pulled out onto the baseball field with former players and current players waiting to thank them. My oldest son came down specifically for this. And Spidey was out there too. Got some photos but haven't downloaded them yet.

Joe - we've had blinds that help control light/heat/cold on our windows. We got them at HomeDepot and installed them ourselves. They fit inside the windows and don't cover up the beautiful crown molding. We had them for 10 years but finally took them down because we chose white and we have a wood stove . . . .. which turns white gray after a while. For now I have a soft lace insert in all the living room windows until we decide on what to do for the future. The money we got from that hailstorm for my car ended up going to the IRS and we are not even completely finished paying them off. Don't get me started there . .. :sour:

Going to go get my granddaughter - I hear them stirring. :up:

Have a great Saturday everyone.

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Good morning.

Joe, enjoy the botanical gardens. Hope you find a cat that you will enjoy as a little furbuddy. :cat:

Sabby, glad to hear you were able to get out 1/2 day yesterday. But leave it to our dear friend Sabby to go straight home and work away. But I know you enjoy it. :)

Spidey's Mom, enjoy your time with your grandsweetie (and family). The ceremony with the coaches sounds like it was a good time. Glad your son was able to come down for it too.

'Morning Ted. Good to hear you replaced your monitor quickly and for a decent price. Enjoy your dinner movie date with Amy.

I think I want to go to the movies today too. We have been watching so much Netflix and Amazon Prime lately when we get home at night (to unwind), I feel like we haven't needed to go to the movies. But it is fun to get out to the big screen once in a while.

I really need to start studying (again) for the eye nurse certification I want to take in the fall. It will be here before I know it. The text book I am using also has end of chapter tests that I can take for CEUs. I am due to turn in CEUs in November so it works out two fold.

Nothing else really going on. I had the stomach flu last weekend and barely ate much until last Wednesday. Since then I want to eat EVERYTHING. lol. I think I ate out for lunch 3 days in a row because I craved cheeseburgers and chicken bowls and burritos and...

Plan to do the laundry this afternoon. Otherwise not much planned. We will see what my hubby and son want to do today. Oh, I need to figure out what we are doing for Mother's day tomorrow. This will be the first Mother's day for my MIL without my FIL. We are still in the year of firsts. Father's day and his birthday (both the same month) will be tough too. We will try to make it a day of fond memories and funny stories. Any prayers would be appreciated for my MIL tomorrow. Also for my mom as one of my brothers has been missing for years (his decision).

Prayers and hugs go out to those whose Moms are no longer with us. :hug: Didn't mean to get sentimental on the thread today but you know how it goes.

Wishing all a wonderful Saturday. :wavey:

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Sabby: My teabag is still in the water. I want ALL the caffeine today.

Ted and Joe: When we lived on a highway in the country my Mom made sure curtains were closed as soon as it was dark She said, "i don't want anyone taking a pot shot at you.

Before i was born a woman was killed by someone driving by and shooting into a window very near where we lived.

NFeyenurse: Glad you are enjoying food again!. We will celebrate Mother's Day minus my daughter-in-law's step grandmother this year. Recenly I hugged DIL's grandfather and he started to cry. He told me, "It's been months since I hugged a woman."

Steph: I know you are enjoying your family. I know you LOVE LOVE LOVE your granddaughter!

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