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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - March 13th, 2021 - Good Morning!

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Good Early Morning -

It's 3:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world.  I thought I'd start today's Good Morning thread before I forgot to post here. Again. 

It was a BEAUTIFUL day outside, yesterday. The temperature was in the mid-60s and the sun was shining in a clear sky. As someone mentioned in yesterday's GM thread, yesterday was "Early Spring" in our part of the world. Spent a good portion of the afternoon just "soaking in the sun", which felt good. Hopefully the leaves will start showing themselves on the trees so that the landscape will turn green.

Of course, with warm weather comes muddy dirt roads. We live on a dirt road that's roughly 2 1/2 miles long in length. (We don't need to travel that far to get on the main road.) There are roughly 30+ properties on this private road. Together, we have a HOA which sole purpose is to ensure the road is "maintained" throughout the year. (For reasons beyond anyone's sense of fairness, the town Will Not take over the care of this road. This is very frustrating!) Anyway, each spring our dirt road get ruts on certain spots which makes for a challenge to drive on it. This year is no different. Yet one of the HOA members decided to email the entire membership stating that he reported the HOA "and its trustees" to the police, and that he's filing "criminal charges". What an idiot!!! First there are no "trustees". Second, he doesn't seem to realize that, as a HOA member, HE is just as responsible to the upkeep of this road as anyone else. (So, he "reported" himself.) Third, he's behind in paying the yearly dues (which is really quite cheap compared to other HOAs). I'm the secretary to this HOA. Needless to say I was not happy to read this fool's email. I was going to respond to his email but was told NOT to respond. Apparently this guy as a volatile personality, with significant anger issues. A response will be made. But it'll be carefully written after the HOA "officers" get together this coming Sunday to discuss this matter.  I was so freakin' angry after reading his email. It was after reading his fool's email that I decided to go outside and soak in the sun to try to calm down and relax.

Another surreal thing happened yesterday. Amy had "A Moment" with her job. During her lunch break of her new "at home job", she stormed out of her "office area" (which is currently her bedroom), swearing like a sailor. Apparently, she hit a very frustrating moment with her new job, which had to do with (drum roll, please) Charting! (Ugh!) Apparently this frustration has been building up for Amy as she learns the job's expectations and charting requirements. Coincidentally, she received a phone call from her OR Manager (from her hospital job) saying that the furlough is over and that Amy's expertise was sorely missed. This helped calm down the Angry Amy. So, long story short, Amy might quit her "stay-at-home" job and go back to being a Per Diem OR Nurse. (Amy is expert in her nursing specialty.) I told her that I'd support whatever decision she'd make. I suspect that she'll quit the new job, though.

So, yesterday was weird. Just freakin' weird.

But. . . I managed to work more on my composition!! It's about 1/3 of the way sequenced (recorded). So far it sounds nice to my ears. After I'm done typing here, I'm going to sequence (record) more of this original composition.

FYI, "Sequencing" is the process of "recording" each instrument of a music production using a special software program that "houses" all of the "Virtual Instruments" (VIs). So, when I sequence a composition, I use a MIDI Keyboard (that looks like a piano) to in-put the notes to each of the VIs. I record the piano track, then I record the bass track, then I record the drum track, then I record the saxophone track, etc., etc., etc.. It's done one instrument at a time. Needless to say, it's quite the process. But, hopefully in the end, it will sound like real musicians are playing the music.

Well. . . On to sequencing!

Hope all are peacefully sleeping, and getting well-deserved rest! 🙂




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Ted that was an unusual day.  Best not to directly engage with that crazy HOA member.  Charting is often a big headache for me with all of the recent jobs I had.

Stars glad your dizziness has abated

NJ22 that's impressive that he can sleep through all that noise

Amo I've used the Terro ant baits too, my aunt swears by them.  Haven't worked as well for me, though I use the self-contained traps.  Have had more success with the Raid ant baits

Work was not bad yesterday, had time to get started on the overtime work during the workday.  Will spend some time Sunday on that as well.  

Plumbers are making progress, less disruptive and loud than it was on Thursday.  They will come again Monday and then all the various issues I have..low pressure, leaking faucets...should be fixed

After work was the usual cross stitch and exercise

Slept pretty good, got up for a few minutes to read, though it turned out it was just before my alarm rang.  I need to be better about getting up to read and not lying in bed too long if I'm awake

Today have to get outside this morning and then spend some time chopping in preparation for cooking tomorrow.  Might bake cookies, but only if I have time.  Will have less time tomorrow as I want to put in 2 hours of overtime then

Feeling a tad anxious about doing the overtime, which I haven't done before.  Should be doable, just new for me.  After the last few weekends being busy I was looking forward to a normal weekend, but I guess not for the next week or two

Dad is still trying to schedule his Covid shot, J has his first one Tuesday

Weather will be fairly nice today, almost up to 60


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It's back to the cold today.  We had high winds all night, which woke me several times.  There's more branches down, but no damage and no loss of electricity, so it's all good.

I had my annual physical yesterday.  My doctor wanted to check my Covid antibody levels post vaccine.  I checked the patient portal last night and almost had a fit when I saw that my levels were non-detectable.  I read further and learned that this test only detects nucleocapsid (N) antibodies and not the spike (S) antibodies that are produced from the vaccine.  Whew!  I'm pretty certain I responded to the vaccine, given how I felt after the second one.

The group I've been volunteering with to run community vaccine clinics was just informed we've been swallowed up by a larger group, but that also means we will be getting more vaccine allocations.  I was able to recruit more volunteer vaccinators via my town's FB page.  There's lots of nurses in town, and there was even an MD who signed up.  It makes me feel hopeful.

Ted-I'm sorry both you and Amy have had frustrations lately.  I'd steer clear of that volatile HOA member.  There's no telling what people will do.  I hope Amy comes to a decision that makes her happy re: work.

Joe-I hope all the plumbing issues are resolved Monday.  I hope you get outside today.

Hope all have a good day.

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Good morning!

Ted, I'm glad I don't live in an association or condo.  Seems like there's always one.  There's a crazy guy living in BF's condo that's causing havoc.  Sometimes it does take some time away to realize the grass may not be greener on the other side.  That happened to me when I left bedside nursing about 10 years ago.  Of course the grass doesn't seem to be green on either side to me.  LOL

Joe hope the overtime doesn't cause too much stress and disruption.  Sounds doable though.  

Slept in today and reasonable well with just melatonin but I think it was more fatigue than anything.  I think I've recovered from my overtime.  I am looking at all that money being wiped away and then some with vet bills should the vet and I decide to fix Waffle's eyes.  I will find out Monday.  

Covid vaccination continues to go well here.  Monday they are dropping the age to 60 finally as our significant over 65 population are finishing up.    Young people have always been relaxed but I think us older folks are relaxing and getting out more. With good weather the beaches are crowded.  The annual Strawberry Festival which usually attracts about 500,000 is underway and people are showing up but not in the usual droves and there are precautions in place.   The State Fair has been bumped to next month but is still going on.

Not much going on today.  Will get out for a walk and yoga class this afternoon.  

Hope everyone has a great day.




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Overcast, mid 60's. We have daffodils, dandelions, some budding leaves on small trees, and little, tiny light purple/blue flowers across the lawn, and even smaller tiny white flowers, too. There are bluebirds, goldfinches, robins, cardinals and the whole nine yards. It's, like, SPRING, man, and tonight we turn the clock ahead so tomorrow afternoon will be light longer.

A good number of years ago, it snowed on April 4th, about 8 inches. Didn't stay more than a day, but it was a surprise to wake up to.

Ted, I know you aren't in Vermont, but they have Summer, Fall, Winter and Mud Season. You could be near enough to their latitude to experience Mud Season regularly. / When we lived in the mountains, our road was off of another road ...we were the (Road's Name-)Circle. We had no HOA, and weren't claimed by Town, City, County, or State. We were just an orphaned afterthought sort of neighborhood. We paid all our taxes, were on City sewerage, received City trash services, but could not expect ANY repairs or paving. They wanted all of US to pay for the pot-hole and rut-filling and paving. HA! Once in a while someone knew someone who had some extra mixed cement or tar that they were willing to pour into a few of the potholes. 

Then, some city dept came through replacing some underground pipes. When they got through, they raised all the man-hole covers and paved HALF, as in one side (not one end or the other)of the street, before they were told we do not belong to any local community government, per se (as, in "It's not MY road", said the Little Local-Town-City-County-State Governments) so instead of finishing it, they then LOWERED the man-hole covers --at what expense, I wonder?-- and left us partially paved, but still with potholes big enough that could swallow a school-bus. Numerous neighbors on that street at various times over the 28 years we lived there, got lawyers, the TV and news-paper reporters to cover the problem, ALAS! To no avail! No one wanted us and we were mostly blue-collar workers and unable to pitch in the thousands of dollars it would have costed us to fix it.

It is still the same, like a rough, tatty old quilt.

Saw a few minutes of a replay of an earlier-in-the-day exhibition/spring-training  baseball game late last night, The Atlanta Braves vs. The Minnesota Twins. At the top of the third inning Atlanta was ahead  3-0. I thought there might be a game on today, but can't locate one so far. 

Just so you can get over blowing your top before The Season begins officially, amoLu, there were fans in the stands and families and groups on the grassy hill, and it didn't appear anyone was masking or distancing that I noticed. (Now I am scrunching down and ducking my head, so when you blow> 😠😡🤯 I won't be in the way of any shrapnel pieces!)

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Good afternoon. Today is a good day! I took MIL to get her J&J shot, and then we went through a drive-thru for coffee and had a nice visit. She is really looking forward to hugging her great-grand kids. Apparently, her youngest dtr and SIL have gone full on Q crazy and didn't think MIL should get a vaccine. But ishe is a very independent, bright woman and makes her own decisions. It looks like dh will qualify for vaccine next Wednesday, so I will work on that.

After I dropped MIL off at her home, I went for one of my best runs ever down around the harbor. There were lots of families out walking and I went past a pump track, a sort of obstacle course for bikes were lots of little kids were zooming up and around the course.  

Temp is mild, around 60, and the tree buds are swelling. And my sinuses are aching. I've never been allergy tested, but every spring about this time I get some congestion and aching. Likely cedar pollen. Time for steroid nasal spray and Claritin. 

I was awake for 2 hours in the middle of the night and channel surfed for a while. I saw an old Batman episode that was hilarious, and then watch 2 episodes of Hill Street Blues. Both of those were favorites when they first broadcast. 

We feel pretty lucky to have very nice, reasonable neighbors, at least for now. The house that abuts ours in the back is a rental and sometimes they are loud.

Charting, ugh. the bane of all nurses, I think.  

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stars - it's just a disappointment that I don't follow sports like I used to. I still resent what I believe to be undeserved privilege and entitlement given to sports players and all their surrounding entourages. The disparity in health care access is way too lopsided for me and it's all because of money, I believe.

So, I defer my attn. I do miss it though.

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Yeah, I know; I was jest elbowing you in the ribcage. I agree about it being money-related. I certainly wouldn't take the chance of going out in a crowd with a bunch of those clueless, maskless people. But, I confess I am but a weak hooman-beeling, so I simply can't resist watching it if it's on TV, most specifically if it is The Atlanta Braves playing.

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