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Saturday March 6th 2021

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Hi Dianah

NJ22 that is difficult, with both the quarantine and the limited vacation

Stars that is good news

Ted hope this shift doesn't prove too difficult

BC I do, and I'll have to work around then

Thankfully work was fairly easy yesterday, and the plumber came during a dull meeting to do his work so it was good timing.  They'll be back next week, will have to try and adjust my schedule to work around them.  Thankfully water will only be off a few hours.  And when the repairs are done a leaking faucet will be fixed and the flow of hot water should be much better

After work did laundry, went for a walk, exercised, worked on cross stitch, and watched a bit of The Andy Griffith Show.  Did some reading too, have been working on a biograhy of John Adams

Had a weird dream that I was living at home still and everyone except my sister had their car stolen.  I very rarely remember my dreams.  Was a little restless last night, perhaps that was the cause of the dream

Today will be going out to look for birds, given that most of the snow has melted.  Not much else planned

Tonight will watch Stooges and Svengoolie has The Thing that Wouldn't Die

Will be in the 40s today but will be 50s and 60s the rest of the week




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Hey? ... HEY? ... HEY Y'ALL!!!!!

So weird to post at 2:45 PM and only one of us has posted so far!

Joe, Weird dream. I haven't remembered many dreams lately, except that many of them take place in a campus that's part college and part hospital, and I move (walk/drive) in a combo of areas of 4 cities in which I have previously lived. 

I kept thinking this morning was Monday morning and I missed seeing Oprah's interview with Harry and Meghan on Sunday evening. 

Not much going on, thankfully. Nannie is in her room rummaging thru her big storage boxes; she talks about "the woman who was here before me" and the things she'd stored and the way she stored them. I said, 'Nannie, "SHE" is YOU! and all that stuff is YOUR stuff!' Nannie said, "Well, that's right. I'm glad I can't remember who I used to be, because her boxes are a mess!" (YOUR boxes, Nannie!)

I have stuff I could and/or need to do, but I'm not sure if I'm going to do anything at all or maybe some of it. How's that for being focused and decisive?!!

herring, looking forward to the time when you start singing that reggae song, "I can see clearly now, the time has come, ... and: "gone are the dark clouds' ... [etc]   Looking forward to your next "bright (bright) bright sun-shiny day"      ((((((herrring)))))

Hello to everyone else who stops by!


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Good Evening

At work, and have a few minutes to say a quick but warm hello!

So far, work is a nice steady busy. Nothing crazy going on, thankfully.  Presently, my one patient is safely sleeping with her heart a-beatin'. (NSR in the 90s.) 

Amy is enjoying her day off from work. When possible, she hopes to change from working five 8-hour shifts per week to doing three 12-hour shifts. That'll be a while, though, before she can make such a request. Apparently, though, they do have 12-hour shifts, and might accommodate her request. 

Off from work Sunday and Monday nights. However, I told tonight's Shift Director that if she needed tomorrow night off, I'd be happy to work for her. She's thinking about it, however she says that she feels good so far. (She's the one who needs the kidney transplant.)

herring_RN - Please know that you are warmly held for continued Healing and Comfort. (((Hugs)))

Hope all have a good night's sleep tonight! Peace! 🙂


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Good evening. Variable weather today. Sprinkles, gusty winds, sunshine, more wind, and now it's raining. I got out for a run, and found myself annoyed at the groups of people I passed who were taking up the whole path. I can't fault people for wanting to walk in the sunshine, but it would just seem courteous to share the path. And I got a few weird looks for pulling up my mask when I got near to people. I need to just let other people's actions just go. When did I get so judge-y? When I got home from the park we listened to "Wait, Wait, Don't Tell Me" on the radio. Then did some garden work. I started pruning roses, and there is lots of twiggy branches and cones to pick up.

I am getting ready to watch Netflix. Coworker recommended "Bending the Arc", which is about Partners in Health, an organization that helps to treat TB and HIV in developing countries. 

Yes, herring, we are thinking of you and sending healing your way. 


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