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Saturday March 21 2020

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Bit of a surprise at work....found out some of my coworkers got laid off.  Not related to coronavirus.  Apparently we've had fewer patients, who are less sick, than expected, so when our group was established we were overstaffed. Glad I'm still there and that no more layoffs planned, although it certainly made it hard to pay attention to work for the rest of the day 

Went out for a walk afterwards and relaxed the rest of the day.  Stopped at the local bakery and bookstore as all nonessential businesses will be closed after today

Today the environmental group is meeting virtually.  Skipping lunch with dad, given his age he wants to stay close to home until things settle down.  Meeting J, he wants to stoop at some home improvement and craft stores before they close

Colder day today, will be in the 30s

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Good morning-

It's cooler here today, too.  I did some yard work yesterday and it was nice to feel the sun on my face. It got up to the mid 60s. Today I will start some veggie seeds indoors.  I have a gro-light and an incubation chamber to keep the seeds warm and hydrated.  I talked to my sick friend this AM and she is hanging in there.  She is no worse, and her fever is down a bit.  I hope she continues in that manner.  I have to admit, I'm feeling guilty about not being on the front lines in a hospital.  I can't imagine what hospital nurses must be going through.  I read about them not having PPE and I am scared for them.  But, I will admit I am grateful I am not there.  I would likely be a hindrance rather than a help in anything other than triage.  My only hospital experience is in post partum, and that was a long time ago.  Meanwhile I'm sitting on my couch doing tele-visits.  Maybe I'm helping to keep people out of the hospital, and thus decreasing the burden on hospital staff.  It's surreal.  I pray for all hospital staff to be safe and well.  Sorry for the vent.

Joe-so you'll be under a shelter in place order soon.  I hope you have everything you need.  I'm glad you were not laid off from your job.  

Take care all.  Please take care of yourselves.


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Our city councilman emailed to let us know that here we CAN take a walk, ride a bike, hike, jog, walk your pets and take them to the veterinarian if necessary, and be in nature for exercise — just keeping at least six feet between yourself and others in the community.

Sister is doing OC. She does complain that her vacation was cancelled, and she can't have her hair or nails done. She is like her BIL, very social.

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I just saw a message on FB:  "Introverts!  Check on your extrovert friends, that they are OK.  They have no idea how to do this!"

Another quiet day at home.  I got a lot accomplished yesterday.  Today will go to a friend's house and pick minneola tangerines, she says her trees are bursting and doesn't want the fruit to go to waste.

It was nice to see oldest ds last night, and know he is OK. 

Thanks for the reminder on getting out to exercise or walk the dog(s), herring. 

BC, I hope your friend continues to improve.  The stats show most ppl will recover. 

Joe, good you still have a job, and can work from home.  Can't help but feel bad for the ones laid off, though.  It is enough to rattle one. 😞

Hope you all have a good day!

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Yep, yep, yep...

So the weather report that said we would "plummet" down to 58 degrees today? WRONG, again. Hot, 78, and sunny right now. Maybe we will 'plummet' later because there are clouds on the horizon. The big storm that went through Texas went North of us and just left us with that wind from its edges yesterday. I guess there are a lot of snowy places that will be doubly out of milk, bread, and TP now. 

Gads, I had to break a rule this morning ... hubby needed his med that they didn't have yesterday when I went out to the pharmacy. They said they would have it today, and I intended to take a drive over there to get it. BUT! When I got up out of bed, I could barely walk. My right knee, thigh, and hip were, I dunno, pinching me and yanking my thigh muscle when I moved and worsely (a Trump word) when I put weight on it. Waited for my meds to kick-in, and they just didn't feel like kicking. I could barely walk the dog without crumpling over in to a leaning over, scrunched position! 

Soooo, reluctantly, I allowed hubby to go to pharmacy to pick them up ...masked + gloved, with orders not to go anywhere else and not to hang around anywhere. He called me, and told me he was at the Subway sandwich shop. Just as I took a breath to tell him "NO!", he told me he got them to agree to bring out his order; he was parked facing their front door. When he came back home, I sent him directly to the sink, ran the hot water, and instructed him to scrub his hands.

He said what gave him the idea to ask the Subway employee to bring the sandwiches out to his car at the front door was --- When he walked in to the WalMart Pharmacy, every single one of the 5 employees there came over to the window to speak with him ( they REALLY like him, there!) to find out how he was doing, and one of them wagged her finger and said, "YOU don't need to be out! You're High Risk! You go RIGHT HOME....NOW!" He told them I could hardly move this AM so that was why I couldn't go there, and he needed to get his medicine because he was out of it. The pharmacist told him if it EVER happened again, he was to call them from the parking lot, and one of them would bring it out to him in the car. And they forbid him from ever coming into their store until this virus-thing was all cleared out and OVER! 

Hubby said he was the only person with a mask on at WalMart. He was not too happy with big groups of families who came swarming in with all their their little kids in tow, and the kids were swarming around the store; and as kids do, they were touching this and that and everything. All he could do was shake his head about how they seemed to be ignoring ANY precautions at all!  

He came in and washed his hands with hot water and Dawn dish detergent, and to show me that he was "really being careful", he sang Happy Birthday THREE times instead of the recommended two times.

Taking a break...will be by later!

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Good afternoon.

Joe, that's too bad about the lay offs.  Glad you survived.

Herring was does "my sister is doing the OC" mean?  

Stars, how can 78 degrees possibly be classified as "hot".  Sorry you're not feeling well.

Dianah, glad the son is improved.

BC, glad your friend is maintaining.

Seemed like a fair amount of traffic when I got off work.  Wonder where everyone was headed.  I do know the grocery stores are still mobbed, like people really don't have their supplies by now?  Huge lines before they even open and they head straight for the toilet paper aisle.  SMH

Soon we're going to hear grocery store workers are getting sick.

Our Covid-19 patient is on the vent and not doing good.  He's much younger than me and had recently been traveling.  Apparently the nurses let his wife FaceTime to see him but she can't come in and she's quarantined.  How horrifying it must be to see him on a vent and sedated and not be there.

The governor suspended elective surgeries are we are now just regular med-surg and telemetry unit.  We had only 11 patients when I left.    Apparently on my day off they admited a r/o Covid patient to our unit but she was moved to the unit where we are trying to keep them all contained (until there's too many).  

We can have no visitors.  One of my patient's daughters tried to tell she could come in because she was her mother's care giver.  I said "you're mother takes care of herself and just broke her leg.  Please stay home.  I will not allow it."  She complied.  She was just a nervous nellie and we had a nice long talk about things.   Most people are being very good and compliant with the rules.

I saw the cutest couple on the parking deck across the street holding up signed "We Love You Dad" "Get Well Soon".  Their father was a patient one floor above us in rehab.  Such a touching moment in these times.  Must be hard not to visit your loved ones in the hospital.

Take care guys.




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No Stars, so sorry you are all scrunched over today!  Hope it wears off quickly.  Good your dh was able to get his meds AND was as careful as he could be!  It was really good of the pharmacy staff to watch out for him!

I picked the minneolas and drove some of them over to a friend's house.  She had lemons waiting for me, outside, in trade.  We chatted (6 feet apart!) for probably 20 min, hadn't seen each other in awhile.  This was a rough year for her and her dh; they lost her mom, his mom, his step-mom, his dad, and two of his uncles. 

When I got home we put the minneolas and the lemons in the fridge.  I walked the dog, and got the mail.  In the mail was something important for ds, so I got back in the car and took it (and some minneolas and lemons) over to his place.  Was nice, again, to see him.  Saw one of his roommates, and met a friend who came by. 

So, I'm now sitting eating dinner. 

Hope you have a good evening!

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Stars, I hope you are feeling better soon. 

Dh and I just returned from MIL's house where we pruned her 2 apple trees. We saw a few people strolling about the neighborhood and said hello to them and some super-cute dogs. My back is a little stiff from bending to pick up all the prunings. This was on top of a 3 mile walk-jog this morning so I am beat. I plan to have leftover mac n cheese for dinner. Dh says he will make himself a sandwich. I heard that the new version of Emma is available on line, so perhaps I will disappear into a period drama tonight. 

I had a bit of a breakdown at work yesterday afternoon after returning from swabbing most of the residents (36) at a care facility and several staff. While we were there we learned that all 3 of the patients we had swabbed Wednesday came back positive. The poor DNS looked like a deer in the headlights and the staff were worried about their families. After I came back to the office I started to think about how many of the people we just saw may die an awful death from respiratory failure without their loved ones close and I just teared up. My boss wants me to take tomorrow off but I signed up and I will fulfill my promise. And even though I had full PPE on, I am to take my temperature twice a day. Ugh. 

A local ED doc caused quite a stir because he made a negative post on Facebook about the one and only hospital in town and the lack of PPE and screening for potential COVID-19 patients. I see that a lot of my former coworkers have come out in support of this doctor. I have mixed feelings about seeding mistrust in the community but I know from personal experience that the hospital and its corporation have issues. 

I trust you will all stay safe and well. 


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