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Saturday March 23, 2018

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Good Morning!

Herring, the weather there sounds similar to here.  Cool to warm with bright sunny skies.

Hope things work out for the husband J22.  If it's some sort of arterial blow flow thing or even a clot then Aspirin might not be a bad choice.  Too bad about the pain hope he gets answers and something that can help.

NSIME, sounds like a productive day.  Glad Nannie didn't hurt herself.  We had a 80 something dementia payment that kept crying for long dead relatives especially her Grammie.  So sad.

Nel, hope work is kind and people stay awake.  It could happen.  

Ted, such a sweet and loving tribute for your loving father.  

I had a productive and good day alone yesterday.  Cooked some good ethic food  Shakshouka, a middle eastern dish we've discussed here before.  Instead of eggs, the recipe used chickpeas and polenta.  Also made mapo tofu which is a Szechuan dish I believe and very spicy.

Didn't sleep all that well.  Had a dream with Ted.  We were at his an Amy's house and I think it was a post-funeral gathering and was nice.  Ted piled his plate very unusually high with food.   

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Good morning-

Tweety-Just read your FB post.  I'm so sorry.  

Woke up to snow this AM.  Hopefully the temperature will rise and it won't stick around too long.  We went to a Peruvian restaurant for dinner last night.  The food was really good and I loved the atmosphere.  It's a very busy place and I made reservations over a week ago to ensure we would get in.  I fell off the wagon a bit because they had a passionfruit-coconut cheesecake for dessert.  I just couldn't say no.  I'll be doing my penance at the gym in a little while.

Herring-I have that RBG t-shirt.  I will wear it to the gym today.

J22-how did DH make out at his appointment yesterday?  i hope he's ok.

Ted-I loved your composition.  What a beautiful tribute to your father.

NSIME-Glad Nannie fell on a soft surface, and you didn't have to deal with any injuries.

Nel-hope your night a work was good.

Joe-glad the weight  loss is going well.

Hi Dianah and Spidey's Mom.  Hope all is well with you.

Time to get moving.  Hope all have a good day.

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Good Morning -

Tweety - Interesting. I had a dream that I gained about 30 pounds from eating too much food. 🤣 L O L! 

Tweety - (((Hugs))) to you. Was just on Facebook and read your post. Gotta believe that Billy is running free and enjoying the doggy pleasures of the Great Beyond. (((Hugs))) I wonder what happened?? 😞

The weather. . . It snowed. A good 4+ inches. I thought it was spring! Yes? No? 

Yesterday. . . I finished that composition. Afterward, I showered. It had been a few days. L O L! Also. . . I've been on the phone A LOT this week. Lots of people calling. Been having long and good conversations with friends and family, many of whom I haven't talked to in decades. One person in particular was a cousin I haven't seen since high-school years (if not longer). She reminded me that she used to change my diapers when I was a baby! 😄 She was going to come to our place to and stay the week-end to attend my Father's funeral on Monday. Last night, she called again and said that she has "cold feet". She didn't want to travel the 7+ hours trip while the snow storm was taking place. Her decision not to come is certainly understandable. We got about 4" of snow. Places to the north and west of us got much, much more. She'd be traveling from that direction. The golden gift, though, was that we re-connected.  Our plans is to get together this late spring or summer for a larger family get-together.

Don't know what we're going to do today. Going out in the snow seems uninviting. Sure do wish that spring with its warmer weather would make itself known!

Hope all are going well. Peace! 🙂


Edited to Add: BCgradnurse - I see you just posted before me. Seems like you had a nice dinner yesterday! Nice! Sorry to read that you got snow, too. Where is that Spring?!? Enjoy doing your penance at the gym! L O L!

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I am gathering from various posts that Billy has passed away, Tweety.

I am very, very, sorry.

Wally and Biggie send big hugs, and some slobber. Heart felt, slobber.

Everyone did stay awake. A miracle!!!

But work sucked.

I had eight patients. Six with dressing changes, and one getting two units of blood.

One of my dressing changes takes 30-40 minutes, if you are alone; 20 minutes with two people.

The blood transfusion guy has stage 4 bladder cancer, and is HIGHLY neurotic.

Nothing with him is easy. 

More than half way through second bag of blood, his IV starts weeping blood; not infiltrated, but weeping.

Probably from blood thinners.

Loved your musical tribute to your dad, Ted. You are a loving son.

Yummy dessert, BC!!!!!

I think Tweety should cook for all of us at Ted's house.

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Tweety sorry to hear about Billy, always hard when a pet dies.  Take some time, that's something I didn't do after last time I lost a pet and it was a mistake

Morning BC

Ted I've also found that death can draw us together.  A former pastor and his wife had separated after they left our church and rarely spoke.  But at my mom's funeral they actually interacted, something they hadn't done in a long time

Nel sorry the shift was another bad one

Work was fine for me, got someone to actually answer the phone and agree to case management.  Feel I'm doing a much better job now, but still low in terms of numbers.  Not sure what's going to happen or how to correct this.  Guess I'll stick to my job search unless things settle down.  

Still don't know when/where the Tuesday interview is supposed to be

Met J for dinner at one of our usual places.  J called the PCP of his elderly friend to tell them of her worsening edema.  They couldn't tell him anything as he's not on her HIPAA form.  Hopefully they heed his words

Was not going to attend furry bowling last night, but then found an NPR photographer from Chicago was going to be there, so I went.  Was glad I did, was fun and hopefully the picture he took of me will show up in the feature

As a result I have had limited sleep, but have managed to get the cooking done for the week anyway.  Will see dad today at one of our usual places.  Not much else planned.  Skipping Svengoolie, Dr Cyclops is a movie I've found dull

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Joe - Good that you went furry bowling yesterday evening. If/when a photo was take, please share!!! Hope the whole job situation works in your favor. 

Lil Nel - Seems like work was not-fun, last night. Weeping IV sites can cause much anxiety, especially if the patient is a hard stick and/or the patient is neurotic. Ugh!

Just chillin' here. I look out the window and just shake my head. The snow is NOT a pretty sight. Still, hope it melts SLOOOOOWLY! We've been having major problems with the 2+ mile dirt road which is a major part of our 32+ member (with 32+ property owners and 32+ homes) HOA community. I can't even imagine what this road will look like should all of this snow melt in a short amount of time. Ugh! Where, on earth, is spring?!? Blech!

Oh well. . . 

All this talk about food has made me hungry! L O L! 🙂

Hope everyone's weekend is restful and/or uneventful.

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We see snow so rarely (unless we specifically drive up to view it), that it would be cool (no pun intended!) to get out in it.  But I KNOW I would not appreciate dealing with it every winter.  Spring IS on the way, Ted!   And, very cool that you re-connected with your cousin!  Hope you can all get together later on this year for a family reunion!

Lil Nel, hello to Biggie and Tallie!  Shift is DONE.  Only two more to go and then you are OFF!  Perhaps things will be different/better tonight?

(((((((((((((((( Tweety ))))))))))))  So sorry about Billy.  Can you take a little time off?  For you, for re-grounding, for processing.

Joe, cool about the reporter being at furry bowling!  Would love to see his article/photos!

Man, I slept IN today!  Woke up at 5:45, thought "I have one more hour to sleep" (I had wanted to get up at 7 to go to early church -- but I guess I didn't want to go enough to set an alarm, 😂!) .  I had gotten to bed a little after midnight, so was tired, I guess.  Just finished breaky and tea and taking meds.  Listening to streaming Sabbath School.  Dh and I are having a quiet morning, each on our own computer. 😄

Will meet up with oldest ds tomorrow sometime.  He says he's been busy.  Dh went to a band practice last night (Felonious Plunk), then stopped by ds's work (he's a bartender) to say hi.  Dh said it was very busy (a Friday night, of course!) but at least got to see ds.  🙂

Have a good day!



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Got notified while I was sleeping that my Southwest flight from Baltimore to Providence is cancelled.

I am now leaving Louisville at 540a, traveling to Chicago, then to DC, then to Providence.

A more direct flight, had me getting into Providence too late for theatre.

Looks like I will be traveling half the country, in a day.

This is all because of Boeing debacle.

I guess it is better than being on a Max 8 that crashes!

Was there an NPR reporter doing a piece on furries, Joe, or a local public radio reporter?

Do you know when story will air?

J is a good neighbor.

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Oh no, Nel!  What a roundabout travel schedule!  So sorry!  And what can ya do??  Bring snacks and reading material and take note where the bathrooms are!

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Oh, Tweety! So sorry to hear about Billy! Wasn't Slo-Bro the dog you got to keep Billy company after your previous dog passed? It's so awful to lose a long-time buddy. I hope there are dogs in people-heaven because there are 3 dogs in particular who I still miss something fierce all these years later.

Nannie is like mega-confused and her so-called conversation she is attempting to have with me as I am on-line here, well, my head is spinning. Sounds like she's making things up in her head, and it makes NO sense! She said she was out in the yard with my hubby, talking with our newest neighbors and she said they wanted to cut down another neighbor's trees because they didn't have a view. Well, first of all, Nannie's still in her pj's (5 PM) and she is a woman who dresses, puts on jewelry and fixes her hair for a 4 minute ride to the hairdressers. No way she'd be out in her front yard with her neighbors, still in her pj's. So, right there I knew she was winging it. And anywho, there is no view to be had even if the trees were to be cut down.

THEN! Hubby came through the room and Nannie thanked him for cleaning the house today, and said "Honey, I am so lucky I married  you!" He said "Momma, you DIDN'T marry me, you gave birth to me." And she looked confused and then said "Oh. ... That's right." 

She also gave me a mixed up history of former neighbors and some lady who went in to another person's house and laid down on the living room floor with just her bathrobe on ... because she was trying seduce the husband.

I think it's time for me to go outdoors and drink some coffee; I need some fresh air!


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Jeez-Beez-Louise! I stand corrected. I was telling hubby about the fabrication Nannie was telling about previous neighbors.

BUT, it turns out, IT WAS TRUE!

There once was a lady living 2 houses away who had mental  problems ... but SHE didn't think she had a problem!  She just wanted to "get her some."

So, apparently it was "normal" for this woman to go into the neighbor's house, and wearing ONLY her bathrobe, lay on the living room floor, so when the man came home from work, she'd spread the robe open and say"Come on, ____, I want to make some babies."

🙄 O.M.G.

Edited by No Stars In My Eyes

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Uh-huh, and the man, who was married, took her up on her offer! Hubby said the guy would take her in his bedroom and lock the door. They may have practiced a lot, however, no babies were made, thank goodness. 

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