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Saturday, March 9

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No, Stars, I don't drive a dually. That is part of the dream, along with the six-horse trailer, with live-in quarters.

Work isn't too bad.

Two of my patients said they missed me, and we're glad to see me back.

One hadn't had his daily dressings changed in two days.

The response I got from NM regarding the rude, sleeping tech was: Thanks for the information.

That was it!

The tech made a big show, of making sure I heard her say: NM called me and we talked for 40 minutes. She told me I am doing such a good job.

I have a picture of her sleeping on the job tonight.

Believe me, you don't want to work here, Stars.

Nantucket trip is coming together, BC.

Looks like I will fly into Albany, spent the night with my friends, and the next morning we all drive to Hyannisport. Then hop ferry to Nantucket.

Stay three days, then I take a bus to Logan airport, and fly back to KY.

Can't wait.

My Nantucket friend is who I visited Boston with, last summer.

Wow, you had a great trip, Dianah!!!

All that music.

Is Catalina Island nice?

Hope all are well.

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Morning Nell, it's too bad that the NM won't take action against the sleeping tech.  Perhaps they're afraid it will increase what is likely an already high turnover rate

Work was good yesterday.  Decided to apply for a position a former manager forwarded to me.  Not sure I have the qualifications but we'll see

A recruiter emailed me and said he wanted to talk about my resume yesterday afternoon.  After a long delay he replied to my email and suggested 4pm.  4pm came and went and no call.  Not sure if I'm going to hear from this person again, but not sure I want to work with them if they're this unreliable 

Had dinner with J at one of our usual places.  Also got some laundry done

Today I have the in person meeting with the enviromental group at the library.  I'm assisting with setup so I have to get there early and also provide snacks..  Going to meet with dad after that. 

BIL is out of the hospital, apparently his afib will be managed with medication.  BIL's mother is still uncertain as to when the memorial service for his father will be.

Nothing else to do today except some exercise and some cleaning.  Weather will be in the 40s today

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I called out from work yesterday. I had some GI upset that started in the night, and I reasoned if kids have to stay out of school for 24 hours, then I should too. I slept until 11 (between trips to the bathroom) and felt fine after that. Something I ate perhaps. I did some yard clean up outside because it was so nice, and then some declutter inside, sorting through papers to discard. I met dh at a Thai restaurant and I had some wonderful Pad Thai with tofu. And then an early bedtime. 

We are starting to look at a quick trip to Sonoma in August. Eldest ds with be riding in a fundraiser for the Juvenile Diabetes Foundation and he asked us to volunteer to help the support team. This may be in lieu of our usual LV trip when we combine dh's job and me coming along to enjoy some sun.  

Today we are definitely going to MIL's house to prune her apple trees and roses. Somehow, it just kept getting put off, between weather and dh's sniffly cold. No more excuses, Carpe diem!


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Good day this Saturday. Have the best day possible!

Sunny and, YES Dianah, it is in the 40s going to nearly 60, if it is like yesterday. Is it colder where you are.

It has been years since we visited Catalina. My Dad was playing a jazz festival. I believe it was the last public performance by singer Anita O'Day ( http://www.anitaodaydoc.com/ ). I saw her wandering and helped her to the bathroom. She didn't know she was on the island. When she got to the microphone she did a good show and sang well too. She was in her eighties.

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Temps are in the low 60's here.  It was 37 yesterday at Oak Glen, quite chilly!  Clouds swirled around the mountaintops, and there were still patches of snow on the ground.  Breath came out in puffs of clouds. 🙂

Catalina Island is interesting, it's cool to be off the mainland and on a real island!  There are two ferries providing shuttle service from Long Beach and San Pedro, multiple trips every day.  If one registers online, the ferries will provide a free trip (both ways!) on one's birthday!  There are hotels and little shops and lots of golf carts to rent.  Not too many cars on the island, ppl use the golf carts.  One of the ferries goes to Avalon, the main town near the golf course.  The other lets ppl off at Two Harbors, a little isthmus with not much there (well, probably some restaurants and one hotel).  A lot of hikers and campers launch at Two Harbors.  Check out the history here:  https://www.catalinachamber.com/island-info/island-history/

I hear tell there are wild boars still roaming the island.  There is some kind of marine research station, and I have seen photos ppl have taken while scuba diving near the island.  I think there is even a long long zip line!!

Went to church this morning, and dh and I are meeting youngest and his wife for lunch, Mexican food at El Torito.  It is ds's 28th birthday today. 🙂  He already has gifts from us.  His wife is hosting a party for his friends.  

nurseJ22, good your illness was short-lived.  But agree: stay home!  Best way to get over anything!

Joe, good luck applying for the new position!  Fingers crossed.

Have a good day!


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You all aren't doing a great job of hushing Nannie up! In the past 10 minutes she has told me 6x about having 2 BM's during the night. Well, I suppose that is good news, because there are so many "almost 90's" who are more constipated than...whatever appropriate metaphor you can think of. The ones I thought of would have TOS kicking me off the site! 🤐 < that's a zipped lip; there wasn't one for typing fingers....which in my case is the index finger and thumbs of both hands.

Um, Nel, I was only going to cover for you ONE weekend! Just long enough to make them realize what a good employee they have in you. Never mind that I'd probably be arrested for impersonating an RN. Since I would be a temporary temp, my 'rep' wouldn't matter. I could wreak more havoc than they ever dreamed about dealing with.

By the way, your dream dually can't be driven into a standard car wash, so that's more cleaning for you to do. Just sayin'...

I can't believe how your co-worker left a dsg change for 2 days without a change! Did s/he document it as being done? Did s/he document a wound description/assessment? That right there is falsification.

My favorite assessment word was the one describing a wet wound :  (I am not sure any more about the spelling, though) grummous. I had a whole list of descriptive words I used to use. I measured exactly, and documented the wound from center to periphery including the various colors and textures, the whole nine yards. Never got ANY of my charting back with a sticky-note attached.

The worst wound I've seen was one in the coccyx area of a paraplegic patient who had been under the 'care' of another agency. I saw him on a Saturday when he still hadn't had an opening assessment by our RN. The dgt had called the office and said the wound STUNK! I was dispatched and from his deep abyss of a wound, I pulled out fifteen unattached pieces of gauze packing, and each were twelve inch long, saturated with pus and blood. GADS! It was appalling! I called the office to report it, and they found an RN to do his assessment post-haste. I saved her the pieces of packing gauze I'd pulled out...a souvenier, I told her. 

So, once again we are cloud covered; it rained most of the night, which made hubby happy because of all the stuff he put down to repair the bald spots in the lawn. Now it/they will soak in and make the ground MIGHTY for this spring. 

Last night I went out onto the front porch where hubby was smoking his pipe (trying to cut down on cigts, he says) Anyway, as I walked out the door he said, "No stars..." I sez, "HUH?" He doesn't know my sobriquet for this site, so it did startle me a tad. Then he said, pointing up at the sky, "No stars tonight." then he added, "I guess Orion took off his belt, and now he's in the shower." 

I made supper last night! Uh, well, to be truthful I warmed up prepared items; but even though hubby is a good cook, I am a trifle tired of rice-rice-rice. So when I was shopping, I got 3 chicken potpies 'home-made' at the stores' deli, broccoli, stewed  apples; just needed a change. I have GOT to find out where the HFS/grocers are located here. I especially like all the foods they make at the deli of Earth Fare. We had 2 of those stores in (Gn)Asheville, and I shopped there for my lunches and suppers to eat while I was working 8 AM to 8 PM. It used to be called, way long time ago, Dinner For The Earth, and we all called it Dinner For The Rich.

 Thursday next, I go for my follow-up w/ the spine surgeon. The incision is healed. The sciatic pain is gone.  🤸‍♀️   w00t!

But don't let the emoji fool you; I have never ever been able to accomplish a cartwheel!!!

Okie-dokie, guess I've blathered on long enough for now.

Greetings to and blessings upon all the unaddressed posters here. Oh, okay, and those  🕵️‍♂️  silent, lurking readers as well.

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I was feeling sad when Alex Trabek announce he was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer.  As I was praying I interrupted myself remembering an afternoon a while back watching Jeopardy. Contestants were high school students. I knew questions because of two songs. No contestant got them correct.

One was, "On this date Amelia Earhart's plane went down. Answer was, What is July second?"

The other was, "On this date the great Dust Storm hit the United States." Answer was, "What was April 14, 1935?" 

I think maybe Alex would be OK with me remembering his show.

Anyone from Texas, or been there and heard Kinky? He ran for governor. He is a real Texas character.


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Thanks herring!  I'm familiar with both...

I remember the first time I heard there was a band named Kinky Friedman and The Texas Jewboys.....I stood there, stunned, eyebrows raised, jaw dropped down, mouth opened...then I snorted with a laugh. It tickled the beejeebers  out of me that a Southern man in Texas had the b*lls to call his Country band that. Starting out, he must've been thick-skinned as well. 

My older brother had some Woody Guthrie records when I was a preteen; also Buffy St. Marie. Her song "When the Buffalo's Gone" was the first or second song I learned to play on the guitar. 

Tonight I decided that if Nannie was a private duty patient of mine, I'd ask off the case ASAP.  😜

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