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Saturday June 28th

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What? No Good Morning Thread yet? Well let me get it started!

Y'all must be sleeping-in on this fine Saturday morning!

Actually I don't have time to say much (and they all sighed with relief :wavey:.)

Have to get dressed and pack my breakfast-lunch-supper for my twelve with my little lady.

Hope everyone has a Superb Saturday, and that all is well on your individual home-fronts!

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Good Morning -

Thanks for starting the "Good Morning" thread, No Stars In My Eye! :) I don't mind reading long posts if/when you type them! :)

I see "The Do" down there. Wonder if Dave is going to type something. Sometimes he does. Sometimes he doesn't. It's a crap-shoot! LOL!

It's a lovely day outside, today! Gonna do some mowing, finally. Been avoiding it for the past couple of days. Nothing much else planned for today. Amy is off from work as well. We might see a show at a near-by theater tonight.

Sabby_NC - Keeping your hubby and you in thoughts and prayers.

Peace, folks! :)


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Morning Stars Ted Davey

Got to remember to turn the a/c on, forgot last night and was too warm to sleep, woke up frequently.

Yesterday went pretty well, took a break for lunch and got everything done.

Today going to get outside before it gets too hot, not sure where I'll go yet. Going to do some vacuuming and cleaning this afternoon. Svengoolie has a rerun so I'll skip tonight's show.

Tomorrow going to my sister's place, getting together with her family and my dad and his SO. Going to be a hot day so hopefully we won't be spending a lot of time outside.

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Morning to you all.

Davey, you can post cartoons till the cows come home, and we will udderly adore them.

I agree, Joe, it is hard to sleep when too warm!

NSIME, hope your day goes well!

Ted, hope you are able to mow today, so you can check it off the list and so the place looks neat and trim!

I woke up with a cough and a low, hoarse voice.

Dh woke up sneezing.

We then bowed out of helping with music, as we didn't want to expose others to whatever we have.

Hope it goes away soon, work is busy.

June gloom has struck this morning -- finally!

Usually all June mornings are gloomy, the stuff burning off around noon.

Here we are at the very end of June and this is one of only two days we have had it.

I do not think summer will be mild, and none of us is looking forward to many days of 110+ temps.

Time will tell.

and this too shall pass.

Y'all have a good one

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Have a good weekend!

Nice June Gloom. Windows all open last night for the first time. Near the beach we had a high of 80F and low of 64F.

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:cheeky: Good Afternoon to you all,


LOL Loved Davey's mootoon, very funny.


Just a little post as we have to get out of the house, the couple that came through last Sunday want to come back with her parents so did a little spring clean and all looks fahhhbulous darlings.


Hubby is in SR but so exhausted I guess because he was so tachy for days as well as so ruddy hypotensive. Systolic was in the 80's when I got him to the ED then with Cardizem he dipped into the 50's but with IV boluses he came back up into the 90's. So I think this has all taken its toll on him so he has been sleeping and just taking it easy.


We did do a nice gentle walk with the dogs on the greenway and that was very pleasant.


He did mention something about weed eating- I almost beat the snot out of him. LOL Then called a friend who rushed over and got it done before that darling man of mine did something silly. hehehe more ways than one to skin a cat eh?


Hope you all have a wonderful weekend.

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Well, good evening. Here I am again with another 'little old ladies say the darndest things'.

She was watching me write in the caregiver's log/notebook, and said "To WHOM are you writing?" I just told her I was writing a letter to a friend. She watched for another minute or so and then came out with, "I hope you realize you may be signing your own DEATH WARRANT!"...........Whaaaa? She's spouting dialog??? I thought 'too much tv, lady, too much tv.'

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Good evening - only 59 minutes of Saturday left but thought I'd check in.

Spent the day in San Francisco where the weather was splendid. Walked along Lands End Park where Sutro Baths and the Cliff House are. Just finished reading up on the history. Fascinating.

Had dinner at a small French bistro and it was delicious. We had a plate of three cheeses with figs and crackers. And an arugula salad with strawberries and almonds. Then our entrees . . I had salmon on a bed of spinach with potato fingerlings all cooked together in parchment. My friend had corn cakes. Her daughter had mussels and mac and cheese. We all tried tasting of each other's meal. The wine was excellent as well.

Walked back and spent some time at my friend's daughter's apartment and then drove home to Sacramento.

All in all a very splendid day.

Sabby - dh is home? Glad to read that.

Hi everyone!

I'll check in tomorrow - I will be heading home.

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