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Saturday June 20 2020

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Was a slow day at work.  Which was good as it gave me time to do other things

Things are opening up in Wisconsin, so I rescheduled my Madison trip for September.  Already have time off scheduled then, just need to make sure the cat sitter is available 

Got the title to my car, all payments are done.  Had a difficult time with the state website, trying to figure out how to get the title updated.  Finally called, after being on hold for a while found out what I need to do.  I'll stop by one of the offices on Monday

Got my new safety razor.  It's supposed to provide a better cut with much less expensive blades than my cartridge razor. Will take some getting used to

Today off for a hike and to watch some birds before the storms move in.  Might watch Svengoolie tonight, we'll see what he has on

Slightly cooler than yesterday but still quite hot

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Good Morning!

Joe, hope the new razor works out.  It took over six months to get my title in the mail.  I wasn't expected it as I thought it was being kept electronically, but it's nice to have a hard copy.  Have a good day.

Amo, glad you're getting a CT angio.  Something just isn't right.  I heard the NE has flattened the curve.  The SE not so much.

Herring, growing up the South, I don't remember being taught about Juneteenth and we well into adulthood here in Florida when I learned about it. That's kind of sad.  I like the attention it seems to be getting this year.  Tamale pie sounds good but full of fat, might have to look up a veganized version because it sounds so good.

I clocked out at 9:20.  It was just one of those busy days of discharging and admitting that I could not chart.  Good thing my nurse manager never says anything about staying late.  I worry that if a new manager after she retires is strict about getting out on time I'll get written up or fired, but no need worrying about things not happening.

Going to mow the grass today and get a walk in outside.  Going to skip public activities for a few days or weeks.  Been reading some grim predictions about Tampa Bay and Florida becoming the new epicenter for Covid.  Not sure if that's just hype. but the area and the state saw record number of Covid cases yesterday after setting records the days prior.  

Have a great day!

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Good Morning -

Hi Joe - Congrats on making the final payments to your car. Now you have more $$$ to spend on other (fun!) stuff! 😄 

Hi Tweety - I see that you JUST share your post here for today. L O L! (There's a little pop-up window thingy that indicates when people share their posts here.)

It's supposed to be a hot and humid day, today. It is the first day of summer, after all. (Now the days will begin to get shorter and shorter. Soon it'll be the cold of winter again. 😛 )

Don't have any real plans for today. After I'm done typing here, Amy and I are going for a power-walk before it gets too hot and humid. Amy has some more video-recording ideas. Don't know if she's ready to do any video-recording today, though.

Yesterday was a day of rest. Although I slept well last night, I did not sleep well for the two previous days. Thank goodness work was relatively "Q" Thursday night. All I did was monitor one telemetry patient and help reposition a couple of other patients on the Med/Surg floor. 

I can't believe that it's summer already. Time is flying by quickly, it seems. Gotta appreciate the days as they pass us by. . . . . 

Hope all have a pleasant day today. Peace, folks! 🙂


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Good morning and happy 1st day of summer-

It's going to be a hot one today.  We're heading to the beach in a bit for a few hours.  I hope the water has warmed up a bit since we went last week.  

I got my new kitten last night.  She is so tiny! She's 9 weeks old and her name is Poppy.  Niko is unsure about her.  I'm keeping Poppy in the spare bedroom for about a week, so they can get used to the smells and sounds of each other.  

I never learned about Juneteenth as a child in school.  I first heard about it several years ago.  It's an important day in our history, and one all students should learn about.

Joe-Congrats on paying off your car loan.  It should be nice to have some extra money.

Tweety-I'm horrified about what's going on in FL and some other states.  We have flattened the curve in NE, but people are starting to get lax about wearing masks here, too.  I anticipate an uptick in our cases over the next several weeks.  I think you're wise to back off from some public activities.

Ted-Did you have to talk about winter???  😂.  Have a good walk with Amy.  I can't wait to see your next video.

J22-I'm glad you got the CT angio ordered.  I hope your counselor understands and is open to listen to you.

Hope all are well and have a great day!


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Joe: Enjoy hiking and bird watching! It sounds like a good day.

Tweety: Grandma made her tamale pie with ground beef. I used her idea of dicing veggies to match corn kernels, but substituted kidney, black beans, pinto beans or all three for the meat. Lots of diced tomatoes, zucchini, various peppers, onions, celery, and garlic. It would be juicy, but the masa soaked up the juice and became tasty. Grandma liked it too. (She lived with us the last nine years of her life giving my kids great memories.)

Nursej22; I hop the test results is a treatment. It is a shame this has gone on so long.

BCgradnurseL A new kitten! Enjoy.

Regarding Junteenth, when we sang "The Eyes of Texas" we sang "When Daddy Blows his Horn, replacing the Angel Gabriel with OUR trumpet playing father. We had no idea that long ago University of Texas students sang it in "blackface". 

Yesterday I walked across the street from the park where they had a Junteenth celebration watching through the chain link fence. A group of kids were dancing and rapping on the baseball field. A pretty and small young White girl took her turn rapping, "STOP THE VIOLENCE" and "I'M BLACK AND I'M PROUD". 

I waved at friends, but didn't go in because, although wearing masks, they were standing shoulder to shoulder. 

Then the group of old men, who sit at a picnic table most days playing cards or dominoes and sipping Vodka from a water bottle, saw me, waved, and one stood and yelled, "Hey Pearl! Where is your dog?" I just yelled, "No dog today" Husband and I had a laugh that he called be by my dog's name. Daughter laughed too.

     Duke and Pearl:101_1205%201_zpsd1hrj00z.jpg      Pearlie Girl Dog: 101_1207%201_zps6jhxiua3.jpg

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Joe, congrats on paying off your car. I paid mine off last month. I am making a real effort to get all debts paid down for retirement, in about 2 years. Next, I am tackling Dh's credit charges for his dental implants. 

Ugh, I hadn't even noticed that summer solstice was upon us! It is gray and gloomy here. I went for a bike ride, and got rained on. Good thing I cut the front grass yesterday. 

BCg, your kitty sounds adorable. Hopefully she and Niko will become fast friends. Enjoy the beach!

Herring, Pearl has such a sweet face. Yeah, I would avoid shoulder to shoulder contact, too. 

I wasn't aware of Juneteenth until last year, when I saw it on a calendar. I blame growing up in such a white community. I have been doing lots of reading on it and the Tulsa massacre. 

No plans for today, dh says he is going to the office to work. I suppose I should tackle Mt. Washmore (laundry). It never seems to end. I saw an ad on the local facebook page advertising locally made masks, so I may walk down and check them out. 

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