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Saturday June 8

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Nel, he won a Golden Globe this year for his work in Bodyguard, "Best Actor in TV Drama".  He was good, but one of his final scenes in the series was stunning.  I agree he is eye candy. 

Stars, hope the private space gives you some reprieve.  

My sister's ex-husband put on FB that they had to euthanize their old Italian Greyhound dog.  He loved that dog but it had inoperable cancer affecting his airway.  So sad.  

Just reading that our May was the hottest and driest May in over 125 years.  We basically have been in the 90's every day for weeks on end.  They are still hoping the rainy season starts soon.  Areas have been getting patches of rain here and there but nothing much.  Just when my electric bills were going down the air conditioner has been cranking up.  

Made a nice red lentil dish that was a fusion of Indian style and Thai red curry.  Very good.  


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58 minutes ago, herring_RN said:

What a big job! Are just two young men are taking that down?

They are taking down dry wall, flooring, ruined wood, and starting on the roof from inside the atttic, etc.  We will need help with a lot, especially that chimney. 

I'll try another photo of Spidey coming out of the roof from the attic.  He had tossed a board into the air and I didn't realize I caught that in the photo.  


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Guess who fell again last night. Yesssss, SURPRISE! It was Nannie. Her 'fall' was that she slid off the edge of her bed onto her bottom, while trying to get up to go to the bathroom. She was not wearing her non-skid socks, naturally, Said she sat on the floor for HOURS and could not figure out how to get up.


I asked her why she didn't yell for us, and she started to say she didn't want to bother us. (!) but instead she said she couldn't yell. I told her she could talk plenty loud when she was on the phone and when she was trying to get my hubby's attention; her voice can get VERY sharp and loud.

 I told her that hubby and I could have a baby monitor installed in her room, and take turns sleeping on the sofa in the den, just outside her room. Truth be known this 'fall' and particularly the telling of the incident of the"fall" was more for attention and pity. When we asked her questions for clarification on HOW the fall happened, and what did she do, how did she get up? ...she actually played the Dementia Card!!! 'You know I get mixed up and can't remember things."

So. this woman with sore shoulders and elbows and wrists, an extremely large set of hips and a bottom,  told us that she (supposedly) scooted on her bottom, all the way out to the den and to her recliner, where she rested enough so that she could get up into her recliner to rest, and then she walked back in those slippery little socks, and no walker...

We did look for a baby monitor a while back, but could not locate any , especially where you'd certainly think you could find one. This time I will call every probability in the yellow pages. (We have no credit cards, and I have this aversion to adding to the coffers of Amazon, anyway.) and  even search the area on-line for somewhere I can drive to, to get one.

We had another 15 minute downpour tonight, but no thunder or lightening.

I think I will go sit on the front porch to decompress before I go to sleep. You know how they say the electronics we play with interfere with, well, SOMETHING!



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