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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - July 18th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Ted, loved the video, how fun!

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Whew, I am about done in. I helped with COVID testing at the drive-up and it was warm. I was in full PPE: gown, gloves, bonnet, N95 mask and face shield, and by the time I took a break at the 5 hour mark, my scrub top was soaked with perspiration, my hands were prune-y. Ate my yogurt, drank a bottle of water and then did it again. I should have weighed myself to see if I sweated off any pounds, 😂. 

So, the staff at the dental office did something I found odd yesterday. Dh had to call in when he got there, they asked him if anything had changed on his COVID screen, and then came out to take his temp and then took him in. I came in later and they asked me to sign his COVID screen acknowledging that he answered the 12 questions because he had Valium on board.  I pointed out he only answered one question this morning, and she said "yeah well, we asked them all 2 days ago and he knows what they are." Apparently, he was too drugged to sign the screening form, but not so drugged he could remember the 12 questions. So really, I was answering the questions for him. I asked him a couple of the questions later and he said why would they ask that? 

Stars, that sounds like a rip snorter of a storm!


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Herring, I was saddened by the passing of Congressman Lewis.  He truly was an ICON.  That he went on to be Trump foe is a legacy that I truly admire.  

Thanks for the prayers. Covid continues to rear it's ugly head in my area with more younger people getting real sick, but the bulk. of the death from people over 65.   

I survived Week #1 of 8 overtime weeks.  I did get the good news that in order for me not to lose my Memorial Day holiday I can take  after the first four weeks, so I get a break in between four week blocks.

Night shift was going 7:1 tonight.  No help and no one would come in.  I had six patients as the charge nurse today.

Bumped into my doctor who was seeing a patient on my unit and he had my labs in his pocket that I had done last week.  He said my A1C was a very good 5 and my bilirubin dropped from 1.5 to 1.1 and that he had no further concerns and would see me at my annual visit in December.  Was quite happy to hear that.  I'm so happy I can eat fruit, pasta and lots of carbs and lose weight and have a normal A1C.  

I'm off tomorrow and back to work on Monday.  

Have a great evening.

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