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Saturday July 24, 2021

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Good morning!

Amo, so sorry to hear about your troubles with transport.  It remember my Atlanta years in my younger days having to depend on public transportation.  It really makes a big difference having to depend on others.

Working this weekend.  Hopefully the trend of not having 6:1 continues.  It really makes a difference in how my days starts out.  

Had a meh day off.  Did three loads of laundry, one of which is still in the dryer I realize, oh well.  Went to the gym and cooked.  

Hope everyone has a great day.

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Tweety hoping you have a better ratio at work today

Amo it seems a lot of people have issues with medical transportation not being reliable

Stars they finally put in the new washers and driers.  Which should save me both time and money

NJ22 happy birthday to your grandson

Was unexpectedly busy in the morning at work, but quieted down again by the afternoon

Aftewards met J for dinner at our usual place

Sleep is still a little off, taking a bit longer to fall asleep and waking up a bit more often during the night.  J has been having some sleep issues too.  Maybe the weather?

Today should be a fairly ordinary day.  Out each for coffee and birdwatching.  Then stop at the farmer's market then lunch with dad.  

Svengoolie was The Black Cat, which I've seen before and is fairly good

Going to be a warm one today, humid too with possible storms this evening





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Finally, a sunny day here.  We'll be heading to the beach in a bit, and probably stay late and have dinner in the area.  I did a little yard clean up this AM, with a lot more to do.  I picked some cucumbers, tomatoes, and zucchini from my garden.  I made some double chocolate zucchini bread yesterday.  DS stayed over last night as he played in a golf tournament nearby.  His GF is coming down later and they're going to a clam bake tonight, so they'll stay with us tonight.  I love it when they do that.  I'm glad my kids are off the payroll and independent, but I still love having them around.  DS just helped me set up my new fire pit.  I want to have a fire tonight when we get back from the beach.  It's a Solo Stove, which is supposedly smokeless.  DS has one and loves it.  

Tweety-I hope you have decent ratios today, and no admits at the end of your shift.

Joe-We are having issues in my area with birds dying from some kind of virus.  We've been advised to take birdfeeders down so they don't congregate and spread it.  Have you heard anything about that in your area?  How interesting that a bird pandemic is mirroring a human one.

Amo-Sorry to hear about the transport issues.  What a pain!

NSIME-I hope issues with your DIL have settles down.  No one needs that drama.

J22-Are you having air quality issues from the fires?

Hi Ted, Dianah, Herring, and anyone else who stops by.  Have a great day!

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Once again, it is afternoon, and "the sleepers" are all in their places: Ozzie on the other end of the sofa from me, hubby in OLD recliner, and Nannie in her 'new' (used) recliner which her other DiL brought over yesterday. The sun is going in and out, and we have the usual pastabillatee of thundershowers "in spots". (We were not in one of those 'spots' yesterday, so no rain, just heavy air).

I did the errands, which involved getting a LOT of paper products like Nannie's pull-ups, long night-time pads; also paper towels, and two different kinds of TP because Nannie doesn't like our brand preference 🙄 and hubby doesn't like her brand preference 🙄.We were also about out of everything we drink, like milk, soda, water, Nannie's icky-ol' no-caf zero-sugar Mtn Dew, Pepsi Zero, 'normal' Pepsi, three brands of Coffee pods,  CranApple juice, and coffee.

Before they all fell asleep and hubby was talking to Nannie, well, hubby talks so LOUD(ly) that even after I had asked him to lower his volume, I ended up just removing my hearing aids. I think HE needs hearing aids, too.

Nannie and I just finished our lunch an hour and 1/2 ago and now hubby wants to know what we want to eat for supper so he can go out to get it. I said I wasn't hungry and he dramatically rolled his eyes, threw his arms out to the side, and flopped back in the chair, as if I asked him to go to New Yawk and pick me up some organic Lithuanian 14-layer pizza or something. I don't understand why it upsets him that if I eat a late lunch, I don't want supper only a few hours later. I suppose he may have had a few snorts of tequila this afternoon, which lets him ~~really, really~~ exaggerate as in: "Well, I can't go out to get supper at 10 PM!"  Nobody expects him to have to do so. There is plenty to eat here if I get hungry later, and if he wants to get something for himself and Nannie, have no problem with that....so. why. does. he. ??? When I offered to go out to pick up their supper for them, that didn't go over well, and hubby said, "That doesn't make any sense if YOU aren't going to eat!" But, I was just tryin' to be nice!!! I give up.

Step-Daughter's husband went over the their house to pick up some more of his clothes, and he and his dad did their laundry over there, and then went back to his dad's house. So, I dunno what is what up there...and I don't much care, either.

Well, there is a pregame show at 6:30 PM and the first pitch is at 7:10 PM, so there is something to look forward to tonight, anyway. Unless the Braves lose don't do well, and then both Nannie and my hubby grouse at  and insult the players on TV; that's always fun. (HUH.)

Okay, I better stop here before I blow a gasket.


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