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Saturday July 17 2021

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It's finally cooled down a bit here.  Yesterday was beastly hot and humid, but some thunder storms cleared the air a bit.  I was off yesterday, doing errands and spending some time with my sisters for a pre-birthday/wedding lunch.  They gave us a fire pit for a weeding gift.  We've been wanting to get one, but kept putting it off.  It will be lovely to have on cool Fall evenings when we want to be outdoors.  They also gave us a bag of S'mores fixings!  

Today we are going to a 30th b-day barbecue for DS's GF.  It's at her parent's beach house in RI.  It was nice of them to invite us.  

Tweety-I'm sorry work is just ridiculous.  The lying and BS would get to me too.  It's like that saying, "Don't pee on my leg and tell me it's raining".  The Covid situation doesn't help either.  The willful ignorance is beyond belief.

Joe-Enjoy your time with J's family.  It's nice that you can get together again and see people.

J22-Good for you for pushing through the blahs to get on your bike.

Dianah-I'm glad DH had no issues with the vaccine.

Hi Amo, Stars, Ted, and whoever else stops by.  Hope your day is good one.

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Hi Stars

NJ22 glad to hear your endurance is impoving

Amo I had thought Bastille Day was this week but didn't hear anything about it

Dianah hope you can go to the festival, I sometimes listen to bluegrass

Yesterday was a little busier than expected, with one unplesant caller, but by the afternoon things had settled down and I got done a bit early

J wasn't feeling well, think his allergies are really bad this time of year, so we decided to skip that event his family was having.  To be honest I was a little relieved, was not looking forward to a 34 mile drive through Friday rush hour traffic

Rest of the evening was quiet, exercise and embroidery.  Netflix finally has some new episodes for my queue, the 2nd season of Beastars, which I've begun watching.

Today will stop out for coffee and the farmer's market.  Will skip birdwatching as we have a special meeting of the vestry about the rennovations to the rectory.  Hoping it doesn't last too long

Will meeting dad for lunch and get the cooking started for the week.  Svengoolie has the British version of The Mummy which I don't think I have seen before





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Good Morning!

Sent a request to change the day to Saturday.  🙂

Joe, glad you had a nice evening instead of a frustrating drive but sorry J isn't feeling well.

J22, glad that you're not having any cardiac issues and having improved stamina.  I know I complain about my job and work load all the time and it's probably frustrating to listen to it while I continue to show up year after year and not make changes.  The one time I left the bedside I hated it.  I honestly don't think I'm ready yet to step away and do something away from the bedside again, although I'm probably getting to that age where it might not be a bad idea and am getting close.  In the meantime thanks for listening.

Dianah, I'm glad your husband got the vaccine.  Although California is doing much better with vaccinations than Florida, the unvaccinated people are presenting a problem to people that can't get the vaccine for various medical issues.

Stars, I read about those Burger King employees all quitting.  A lot of places are experiencing staff shortages and how management handles it  and how they pay their employees is going to be a big issue.  Those jobs are a dime a dozen and I notice in our lower paying jobs like the kitchen and housekeeping people quit on a dime because they know they can get another job easily.  

The unvaccinated in Republican lead Florida are an issue as we are leading the country in new infections from the Delta variant with cases on the rise.  The only bright spot is the high rate of vaccination in the elderly and boomer bracket which are the ones most likely to get real sick and die.  The governor who days prior to the figures for the week coming out (he must have known they would be bad) started selling shirts "Don't Fauci My State" which is a new disgusting low for him.  It's a clear message to the people that would look to him to do something.   Obviously this means there will be no effort on his part to mitigate the spread of covid.  Actually I'm happy about that as I don't want to change my life for the ignorant that won't get the "Fauci ouchie" as they call it and would rather risk getting covid.  Let them get covid.  I'm good.

I stalked my coworker on Facebook who posted that she's starting to feel better but was real sick for a few days, but made no mention of covid or regret for not getting vaccinated.

Had another long day.  Started with 5:1 and an ICU transfer that just arrived a few minutes out of ICU.  He's a GI bleed that is "hemodynamically stable" but had an Hgb of 5.7 so I had to immediately transfuse two units of blood.  Granted they didn't know his  Hgb until after just after the transfer, but don't you think if you had a pending Hgb you might wait and see what it is before calling him "hemodynamically stable" and sending him to the floor??  5.7 in a GIB is considered a critical finding in my eye.  Sent him down for a bleeding scan where he lost his IV and I couldn't get him.  Needless to say he's still bleeding some but since his Hgb rose to non-critical  he stayed on the med surg side.    Got one post op at 17:00 when I could have been charting and stayed until 8:45 again charting.  Sheesh.  

My boss said something again about us being a "surgical unit only" starting Monday and wondered what to do with the medical patients like the GI bleed.  I just looked at her and said "really D, surely you know that I can recognize BS (yes I used that unprofessional word) when I hear it.  You and I both know that."  She didn't say a word because she knows I'm right.  Actually I don't care about having a surgical ward or a medical ward, I just want good ratios.

Anyway, off for the weekend and hope to make hot yoga today.  Tomorrow want to do something but having quite decided what.

Hope everyone has a great day.







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Good morning. I just got back from a great run at the park. Even for 8 am it was pretty busy. Lots of folks walking doggos, some runners, people walking with friends, 2 trail bikes. There were not that many birds, mainly swallows swooping over the fields, some gulls near the river, a robin or two. I always take Angus for a walk before I run, and was mildly surprised by eldest ds riding up on his bike to ask if I had a spare water bottle. He was out with a cycling group and forgotten a water bottle. Luckily I had one clean, and once filled, off he zoomed. 

Weather remains mild, should get up to 70 today. We really need some rain, but none is in the forecast. 

Our state COVID rates are slowly rising and vaccine efforts continue. Our local hospitalizations rates are staying low, but not zero. I see California is going back to mandating indoor masking, so we will likely follow. Sigh. Dianah, I am so glad your hubby was able to get his vaccine, and there were no ill effects. I think about him and others for whom vaccine may not be appropriate when I participate in discussions on the yellow side. 

No plans for today, we may go pick up truck shopping. Dh is anxious to get a new truck so we can tow the new trailer we don't have. I heard on the news that used car prices are coming down, which is what I want to wait for. 

I see that BC started another thread for today, so I send a message to have these combined. 

Tweety, you just vent away. I mostly worked on a med/surg floor, with emphasis on medical. I noticed the feel on the strictly surgical floor was different, and they were really set in their routines. I always enjoyed the variety on medical, but I know the patients were and continue to be sicker and needing higher resources, with even less staffing. 


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Good morning all.  I merged the two threads, thanks for the report Tweety!

Joe, too bad the get-together was cancelled, but how miserable it would be for J to have gone, sniffing and sneezing?  Hope he turns a corner soon w/allergies.  Re: bluegrass music:  I would be happy to send you one of our latest CDs of gospel music, done with bluegrass instruments (not necessarily all bluegrass music, though).  Most are hymns or traditional gospel songs/music, done in our style.  PM me the address to send it to, if you are interested. 

Tweety, keep on keepin' on!  Enjoy your weekend off!

BC, getting close to The Big Day!!  Thanks for sharing plans and happenings with us, it's nice to (remotely) be a part of it all!  So excited for you both!  Love the fire pit gift, sounds like you will enjoy it!

Today is oldest ds's birthday, he is 32!  We all went to lunch last weekend when youngest ds and his wife were out visiting.  Oldest ds got his card and some cash in it. 🙂  I texted him a HB greeting for today.

He was a 9# 4oz baby, and I got "almost" 4th degree tears when he came out.  My GP was delivering (at the hospital where I worked at the time), and I remember, after the baby was delivered, him leaning on my abd yelling "fundal pressure!!"  🤨 I think I lost a liter of blood.  He called the OB/Gyn Attending to assist with stitching me up (which took an hour and a half).  Yes I was lightheaded when I got up later!  They tanked me up with NS and discharged me the next day (with iron supplements).  Hgb was apparently just barely above the level required for an infusion.  Obviously, I recovered. 🙂 

I do recall an instance of typical nurse mentality. 😉 An hour after I had been in recovery area, the nurse came in with a wheelchair, to take me to my assigned room.  Nurse: I'm here to take you to your room, come get in the wheelchair.

I sit up and transfer, and just got SO dizzy (didn't know Hgb at the time), I bent over to put my head near my knees.

Nurse: Mrs H, sit up

Me: I can't

Nurse: Mrs H, sit up

Me: I can't, I'll faint!

I hear her roll her eyes (really!!  like, "i don't need this now! [we all know that feeling!!]) and grab another nurse to lift me and plop me back down on the bed.  After they had infused me with some NS, I was able to transfer and made it to the room, which had the TINIEST bathroom: so narrow, it only contained the toilet and a couple inches clearance on each side (sink outside the little room).  HOWEVER, because of all my stitches, it was helpful to have the walls so close.  I could lean on one, then lean on the other for support, taking pressure off the painful sides one at a time, as I sat on the toilet!  I know, I know: TMI!!!  lol! 

Dh is getting dialed into Zoom Sabbath School, I can hear them doing sound checks.  I will finish my tea and take my vitamins and medications.

Y'all have a good day!

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Hello nurseJ22, we must have posted at the same time.  Appreciated reading your update!  What kind of trailer are you interested in getting?  We started with a 28-ft trailer (bunk bed area, walk-around bed area, nice couch and kitchen), and since have changed to a Class C, 24 ft total ("house" is 21 feet, just big enough for us two, our instruments, and the pupper).  We have not traveled much (mainly only in California, for bluegrass festivals).  That may change after I retire (depending on how we can arrange pet care when we're gone).

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Yup, so no change in the weather pattern. Although about 20 minutes ago, we did have 3-4 rolls of thunder as the clouds passed over on their way North-East. We are back to being sunny, hot and humid, now, and most of the sky is bright blue with just a few high thin clouds.

We did have a ballgame last night, and Atlanta lost to Tampa in the 10th inning. Nannie had gone to bed earlier, but came out twice to peek at the screen and check the score. Then, after hubby had gone upstairs, she came out again and sat on the bottom steps for about 20 minutes, until the game ended. 

Joe, I wanted to try a few of the movies you mentioned that have been or will be on Svengoolie lately, but Nannie's baseball trumps everything. I haven't even been able to watch America's Got Talent. I've always enjoyed talent shows, even when I was a kid. Big Brother Bob Emory in Boston used to have a Sunday night talent show on a local TV station.There was a Brother/Sister tap-dancing team from our home town that appeared on that show and I remember being amazed, as I had no clue and never knew their mother had forced them to take tap lessons from an early age. They certainly never mentioned it, that I can recall.

BCg, Hubby would like a firepit, but there are other things we really need, first. I don't 'feature' sitting outside around a firepit in the evenings because this backyard is Mosquito Central. Guess there are a lot of options to take care of that. But maybe in the Fall, it would be nice to have a firepit. -----And then Nannie can worry about a possible fire getting started and ~~~"Burning Down the House!" (Without the tremendous bass and drum pounding emphases, as from The Talking Head's song by the same name.)

j22, I'd rather buy the trailer FIRST and then look for a suitable truck. At least we could go out to the trailer and pretend we are somewhere else, when being home gets on our nerves.

Oh Lordie-Lord. Hubby has told me of a friend who "got COVID from taking the vaccine shot." adding, "He really did!" All I could do was smh, lift my eyebrows, and shrug. Also, he said he isn't convinced he'd take a booster vaccine if one was called for, and he kind of regrets having the J&J shot in the first place. And him with COPD, Diabetes, and whatever that other respiratory condition/disease is that I can't think of the name of right now... Might as well go out in a lightning storm holding up a metal rod in each hand. I mean, for cryin' out loud! However, fortunately it's a moot point, as he DID get the vaccine!

He gets on his smart- phone (Facebook and other sites) in the evenings, and reads posts from those who are convinced that the vaccine has some kind of tracker in it. (I did not say, as I did the first time he brought this up....'What makes you think you are important enough or such a threat, for the government to feel it needs to track you?' ) The ones he reads on his phone are of the opinion that "they are going to come after our guns". I don't feel up to arguing about the misinformation that comes from that source. I say things like, "Maybe we'll be lucky and be 'gone' by the time all that stuff happens." Can't just whack him up-side the head and yell, "SNAP OUT OF IT !!!!" It disappoints me that he has fallen under the Misinformation Bus, but I know I didn't push him there!

dianah, Your post about the 9 lb childbirth and the call for "Fundal Pressure!" really re-inforced my former wish to never have children! Actually, looking at my Mom's OB/GYN textbook from her RN  education at the Columbia- Presbyterian Hospital Nursing School was a real eye opener for me at ...age 9 or 10?....Whoo! Some of the pictures....EGADS! URP! 🤢

Now just after 4 PM, Nannie is dozing in and out of this world, Ozzie is doing the same up in the entrance hall; not sure if hubby is stretched out on his bed with his ceiling fan on high, or outside on the porch.

I got a book from my friend in Florida (I used to work with her at the Museum in Nashville) it is titled DOWNWARD DOG with the subtitle: Very Serious Haiku from a Very Serious Dog. It is written in Haiku form, and It is sort of cute, yet very sad. (SPOILER ALERT! In the end of the book, the dog dies of lymphoma.)

Okay, all for now. Hope the weekend is good to everyone!

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