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Saturday - July 31st, 2021 - Good Morning

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Good (Early) Morning - 

It's 3:00 AM (EST) in this part of the world. I'm at work, doing the Shift Director thing. Currently, it's "Q" after a somewhat busy couple of hours in the ER. The last patient in the ER just left. Gratefully, no patients are registering to come in to be seen (at the moment). (Let's see how long this will last.)

I'm fending off some anxiety and a bit of depression. Earlier, I read a memo from the Chief of Medicine for our larger healthcare system. Basically, the memo is informing us that the Covid-19 Delta variant is making its way to our area. The northern part of the county is seeing it the most, at the moment. But it's expected that the Delta variant will be making its way towards the southern part of the county, where my teeny-tiny hospital is found. The Chief of Medicine strongly encourages that employees get vaccinated, and that all employees remain vigilant and wear masks out in public. (We're still wearing them in the hospital.) In addition to this, the local TV news stations are echoing the same news.  Amy and I started wearing our masks out in public places again. We're both vaccinated. However, we're concern about the efficacy of the vaccine that we received, especially against this Delta variant. It's been over 6 months since we got the shots. (We're seriously entertaining the idea of getting "booster" shots.)

I know that I'm not the only one who is working to fend off the anxiety and the "emotional dark cloud".  

It infuriates me that a significant percentage of the population are not taking this seriously, and are making deliberate decisions NOT to get vaccinated.

My anxiety isn't with just this freakin' virus. Starting this new position as "full time" Shift Director is causing me some concern. It is a small cut in pay - - with more potential headaches, with additional responsibilities.  Also. . . the puppy.

The puppy. Although she's growing up, and slowly "mellowing out", she still zooms around  (usually in the later afternoon/early evening time) and nips with sharp teeth. We continue on with Puppy Training, and slowly we see improvement.

Still, dealing with this pandemic is just exhausting.

I've read the past few days of "Daily Diary" postings. 

Peace, folks. . . 


Edited to Add:
I just re-read my post. It's a bit of a downer. So, I decided to add this composition. I was meaning to share it here halfway through the month of July. But, I got "distracted". Here's a piece that I composed several years ago. (Yep. . . I still consider myself a composer. I just need to compose music more often.) The title of this piece is "Summer in Mid-July". Hope it helps uplift downer spirits.


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Ted thanks for sharing the composition.  I know a lot of us are down about the pandemic, and you have a new position and new puppy on top of it

BC I'm starting to wear masks again indoors too

NJ22 I've taken a bit of a break from my diet too, I've found long term periodic deviations make little difference

Stars it's good that you're encouraging your dh to be more careful about his health

Amo I heard about the tornadoes too, unsual for that area

Tweety glad the new grad was helping you

Was a bit down at work yesterday, at least in the morning, got somewhat more work than was expected a bit later than I usually do, and was dealing with pandemic news too.  But once I got started things went well, and I did get done on time easily.

J wasn't feeling well, so we're going to try to get together tonight instead.  I think it's stress, he's behind on his packing and leaves Sunday morning

Was a quiet night, exercised and watched The Andy Griffith Show and relaxed

Today going to run and get coffee as usual before birdwatching.  Will pick up some stuff at the farmers' market then meet dad for lunch.  Will do some prep work for crock pot chili then go to dinner with J if he's feeling better

Will have time to watch Three Stooges but will miss at least part of Svengoolie.  It's one I haven't seen before, The Creation of the Humanoids, some low budget scifi from the 60s.  Does not look promising so I won't be missing much

Will get up to the low 80s today, which is a nice break from the last week or two






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Ted, thanks for the nice tune.  We got a similar email from our CEO urging us to get vaccinated and the variant is taking out coworkers that are unvaccinated.  I hope you're area is spared the worst of it.  

Joe hope you have a good day and get together with J.

I will definitely be getting the booster vaccine but only when it's approved to do so.  No second thoughts about that.  Apparently 35,000 vaccinated people get infected with symptoms.  Not a lot out of 160 million and they aren't getting as sick, so still good odds to be vaccinated.  

Much of my frustration with covid anxiety revolves about people and their ignorance.  Looking at the above odds 35,000 people out of 160 million and I had to hear from someone "I'm not getting the vaccine because even people with the vaccine are getting sick".  They don't have the critical thinking to take it to the next step, or understand that 99% of deaths are unvaccinated or that the unvaccinated are getting really sick compared to the vaccinated.

Covid has really decided our country.  We're having to endure our leaders bicker over having to wear masks again.  The anger of the vaccinated against the unvaccinated is palpable.  

I've said it many times the last few years "the dumbing down of America has begun".  

Off today and tomorrow.  I don't even know where to begin with this house.  I just cleaned the kitchen and started some laundry.  Between the computer classes and me being lazy this week things look a little messy.  You'd never known I was raised by a German.


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So nice the weekend is here.  Hi to all.

Last week we got a memo that vaccine is mandated for all frontline workers, organization-wide (it's a large organization).  As the posts above reveal, this is such a divisive and frustrating issue.  Moving on.

Quiet weekend, no plans.  It has been 100 degrees every day.  Storms in the mountains have triggered mudslides across post-fire areas.  I think highway closures were only in effect for 24 hours, then mud was cleared away.  It is usual to have mountain summer thunderstorms.

I must have slept wrong, I woke up with extreme muscle pain left posterior neck, at the base of the skull.  Took 800 Ibuprofen and it is tolerable now.  Dunno what happened, will be watching this. 

Cats and dog are doing well. 

Have a nice day!

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Hi-ho-hi-ho----Ain't got no CMO! 😛 (sorry, couldn't resist!)

Yeah, me too, me too... I also am hovering in a limbo of fluctuating depression, boredom, and funk.

I absolutely do not understand why someone working at a health care facility wouldn't get the vaccine. They certainly can't say they are 'waiting to see what happens...' Seems to me there's PLENTY of evidence that has been seen, over a LONG period of time now. I hate to think of "front-line workers" as being stupid as the rest of the non-vaxxers, but really! Are they ten-foot-tall-and-bullet-proof? Impervious to all diseases and common sense, too? I know the very minute they say that boosters are available, I will be there with my sleeve rolled up!

Our Governor has now issued a mandate for masks in schools. The letters to the editor in the newspaper ... jeez ... what a fracas!

Hubby said he feels much better today than he did yesterday or the day before. I said that he can tell the difference because he didn't stay outdoors all day, didn't exert himself in this heat, annnnnd...ta-da-dee-DAH: he says he only smoked 14 cigarettes yesterday. I wasn't counting, but if that's true he has cut back considerably from his 1 & 1/2 to 2 packs a day. Hope he can keep it up. 

Today's weather is not QUITE as mean as yesterdays', but that still doesn't mean it is good; air quality still sucks. It is BREATHLESS outside. Nary a breeze in sight. Blick, Eck, Uhnnnn, WHEW! Supposedly a 'cold front' (HA!) is going to be down here from North of us on Tuesday, which means that the temps will be in the mid-80's. At least it will be nice not to feel suffocated. 

Ted, I  feel for you; I know how rambunctious a puppy can be, and work sounds like things may be picking up for you. Maybe you will decide like Amy did, that a new position just isn't cutting it? Can you do that if you feel that way or has that door shut behind you? I hope and pray it all works out for you. And Amy. And Sedona. (Enjoyed your music composition, and Nannie did too!)

Today, hubby and I had to do a partial grooming for Ozzie. He is really needing a haircut, but the groomer can't see him until the 11th. Hubby is especially good about cleaning the gunkies out of Ozzie's eyes and getting his face and chin washed. I am The Butt Shaver! Nannie tells me I need to trim his face around his eyes, and then she added, "There's a certain way to do that, you know." Yup, I do know. I can trim what's falling in his eyes, but I am no dog groomer!

Joe, I want to watch "The Creation of the Humanoids", but won't be able to unless it comes on here later than the ball game. Sometimes I enjoy a good bad-movie. 

Speaking of which, I'll have to turn the TV on shortly so we can watch the Pre-Game Show (at 6:30) and explain again to Nannie that the actual ballgame begins with the first pitch around 7:20 PM. They will show bits and snippets of other games, and she can't discern which is occurring and which has already occurred in a previous game, never mind which ball club we will be playing, and who has on which uniform, and also the 'new' players they traded into the team day before yesterday. 

Hubby has been given permission by MOI to drive to Buddy's and pick up our supper: Seafood Combo, which Nannie and I will split, and he will get his usual cheeseburger with chili on it, and fries. He's adventurous that way. Yuh, Uh-huh.

So I did 5 loads of laundry, including bed linens and comforters AND pillows! Hubby had asked me if I could put his pillow and comforter in the dryer with some dryer sheets, because they were "getting a little stinky." I declined and he asked "Why not?" Because, I told him, if they are stinky, they need to be WASHED. He said, "Can you DO that?" (well, DUH!!!)

An hour and half has gone by since I typed that last paragraph. The seafood supper was meh, but only because of where I grew up and what I was used to eating, ie: much MUCH better seafood up on ol' Cape Ann and the North Shore. BCg can testify about that!

OK, I'm going to click on 'Submit Reply' now!!!!


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The weather is weird today. It is sort of a weird overcast and the air is very still.  The air quality index is good, but humidity is 61% so I guess this is like a light fog? And the temp is a moderate 66. Little spits of rain are coming down, but not enough to really wet the ground. I ran 6.2 miles this morning, the equivalent of a 10 K. And now my knees are complaining about it, lol. I ate left over yellow curry with brown rice. It's almost better the second day. I didn't plan anything for dinner, so we will like pick up hamburgers. I worked in my garden, pulling weeds and trimming trees. And washed up a bunch of masks for the coming week. 

Yeah, the whole covid thing just sucks. My work place (a local health department) has been fully vaccinated since May and we've been allowed to go mask-free because we are closed to the public. I peeked at work email (I'm not supposed to on my day off) and as I surmised, we have to wear masks in the office again, unless we are alone in our private offices. That is tough as very nice co-worker likes to just burst in without giving me mask up time. Sigh. I keep saying I'm going to lock my door, but she would probably break her nose or wrist. 

I don't eat seafood, but according to dh (who does), one should never have seafood if you are more that 30 minutes from the salt water. 

Dianah, I do hope your neck straightens itself out! I at least have a reason for stiffness. 

Yum, home made chili sounds good. I found a great recipe several years ago and I should dig it out. I love it with corn bread. 

Ted, thank you for the joyful music. I wish I had words of wisdom for the pup but I got nuthin' except this too shall pass. Terriers, man. Not so large but in charge!

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Yes, my mom said the same thing about eating seafood, but the problem is that I have lived inland since 1977, and I don't feel like keeping on shunning fish, etc after all this time.  I hear that the price of clams is skyrocketing, and they already were quite high enough. I draw the line a "clamstrips", though. They are a travesty! Tough, Rubbery and Tasteless!!!

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