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Ted Ted, BSN (Member) Nurse

Saturday - January 4th, 2020 - Good Morning!

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Good Morning!

It's a cloudy, damp morning in this part of the world. Apparently, it's supposed to rain, on again and off again, throughout the day.

Had a nice day, yesterday. Amy and I went out for a "dinner" and a movie. We had "dinner" at around 2:00 PM in the afternoon, at one of our favorite Chinese restaurants. It was yummy, as usual. As for the movie?!? We finally saw, "Knives Out". It was really a great "Who Done It" movie with humor and an interesting plot-twist in the end. Highly recommend it, if you haven't seen it already. After the movie, we went to Home Depot and (finally) purchased a new kitchen sink faucet to replace our broken one.

Don't have any plans for today. Well, (finally) replacing the broken kitchen sink faucet is most probably one plan for the day. L O L! Hopefully, the new faucet will fit the fixtures. There're some left-over Christmas decorations that need to be put away, too.

Tomorrow is the usual church choir rehearsal and church service. Again, no solid plans for tomorrow afternoon. 

Next week will be busy. I picked up TWO extra shifts as Shift Director. Although next week's paycheck will be mighty pretty, I'm not looking forward to going to work for two extra days. These extra shifts are 8-hour evening shifts. I'm not a real fan in working the evening shift. The ER tends to be the busiest during this time. Oh well. I'll make sure my running shoes are on as I give the ER another pair of helping hands. 

Hope all have a pleasant day today! 🙂


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Good morning!

Ted, good for you in picking up extra shifts.  I certainly can relate to the dread of impending overtime but happiness with the paycheck.  I had to call a plumber to install my faucet, but I did pick out the right one.  

Herring, hope you're feeling better today.  

J22, glad you got the "good brother" but sorry you're having trouble with your eyes.

BC, glad your friend had a good visit today and hope it continues to go well for her.  I love a good marinara.  

I had a decent day yesterday but busy with a lot of distractions.   Got a PACU patient the final hour that threw me off towards the end.   I wound up staying late because I answered the phone and got involved with a mess that a coworker left.  No need for me to get into it but I clocked out at nearly 9pm and was hangry to the max.  The night nurse was so thankful and appreciative, but I'm not one to pass on something that should have already been taken care of.  

I came home and relaxed a bit and let the day melt off me.  My BP was a surprisingly low-for-me 116/72 before bedtime.   Insomnia seems to be returning in that I wake up three and four times a night rather than sleep through.  

Scale is still kind.  There was still cookies and cakes at work this week.  I resisted.  

Off for four days and not much of an agenda.  I'm thinking of using some of my saved travel money since my trip was canceled and I still have that money to go to Fort Lauderdale next month during a stretch of days off.  Just want to feel like I'm getting away and it's only a four hour drive away.

Nothing much to do today.  

Have a great weekend!


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Morning Ted and Tweety

Good day at work, not too busy

After work I exercised and relaxed.  Had rum and soda, was surprisingly good

Today going to my sister's to open presents.  Will be back home in the afternoon, which is good as I have some cooking to do

Tomorrow have choir and church and a meeting of the gay group.  Might meet up with J, depending on how he feels. He returns from CA today

Some more snow on the ground, should be on the 30s and 40s

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In other news.  I had a jaw dropping moment followed by much laughter when I feel backwards in my chair in the nurses station...I mean heels over head backward.  Landed mostly on the cushioned part of the chair and didn't feel a thing but my ego was really bruised.  Coworkers were "OMG!!!" but I assured them I was fine and we got a good laugh.

Not sure how it happened but I've had other moments of near misses because I think I'm restless when I sit and I move from the computer to the phones to another part of the station and am all over the place.  


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Morning Ted, Joe, and Tweety.

Glad you are OK Tweety.

Hope next week isn't too tiring Ted.

Enjoy Church and the meeting tomorrow Joe.

I am itching less. Hope the itchy places heal soon.

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Woke up this morning with this (partial) TV theme song for an OLD show, playing in my head. [who needs blue-tube?]

"Want you to meet the family / Known as the real McCoys / Here's Grandpappy Amos / The Head of the Clan, / He roars like a lion /but is gentle as a lamb. / And now here's Luke who beams with joy / since he made Kate Mrs. Luke McCoy./ From West Virginny / they came to stay / in sunny Californ-i-a....."

Can't remember the rest of it right now, introducing Hassie (Kate's sister), and "Little Luke". Not sure if the old neighbors, George and (?) Martha are part of the introduction or not. Used to enjoy watching that show, though I didn't especially like crabby ol' Grandpa, who was nuthin' like a gentle lamb, IMHO. This was a way pre-Beverly Hillbillies program, for you youngsters who might be reading this and have no clue what I'm going on about.

Tweety, Here in the South, your fall would've been called "A$$ over teakettle." Glad you weren't hurt.

Ted, SOME DAY my hubby and I will go out to dinner and, if I can get over the horrendous cost per ticket of seeing a movie in a theater these days, we may go see a movie. Many movies we'd LIKE to see aren't even in theaters any more.

Joe, have a Merry (delayed) Christmas!

herring, last night after reading you post about 'The Itch", 2 songs went 'round in my head: "Poison Ivy", and "That Itchy-Twitchy Feelin'." I certainly hope your skin has calmed down! When my sister and I shared a room, way-long-time-ago, I remember that after we turned out the lights, she would say to me in an irritated tone, "STOP SCRATCHING!" I didn't have a rash or allergy, I apparently just enjoyed scratching what itched.

Nanny thinks we are in her grandmother's boarding house again. This is a class called Intro to Orientation #3,048,752,001,343. She came up the stairs to the kitchen, groused about 'people' leaving an icetray, a sippy-cup and a straw on the counter by the sink. A mere 3 seconds before, I had gone to the pantry to get a bottle of water. Then she picked up a bottle of Arthritis-Strength generic Tylenol and asked "How many of these am I supposed to take?" When I removed the bottle from her hands, saying it was not her medicine,  she said,  "You don't have to be so hateful about it."  Can't win for losing.

By the way, once again I did not win Publishers Clearinghouse Sweepstakes again (on 12/30). There are two stories in the paper about men who bought a scratch-off ticket on a whim, and won BIG thousands....well, one guy won a million dollars but upon choosing the lump sum, ended up with LESS than half a million. The government taxes sure are greedy and unfair. But, I still would've taken the $474,000 anyway IF any whim I purchased a ticket on actually paid off. Which, so far, has been never. 

I DID win tickets to a drive-in movie theater when the drugstore opened in my home town when I was six years old. Yup, I did! Whoopdeedoooo! We saw "Trapeze" and "Night of the Hunter". It took me a long time to get over fearing/hating Robert Mitchum!

H'lo to j22, BCg, amoLu, the 'new' FranEM, Grumpy, dianah, and the usual suspects I can't think of at this moment (sorry). I am trying to wake up. Hubby went up to lay down and 'see if I can get rid of this headache." I believer the 'headache' he wants to get away from is  his mom. She's being her usual self. Even Ozzie won't stay in the den if hubby or I aren't there also. He more frequently than not, stays up in my room, and who can blame him. I wish I'd had a camera this morning when Nannie started doing her high-pitched baby-talk to him ... he slowly turned his head and looked at me with the most "Good Grief" expression I've ever seen him make.

Saturday...and nothing is planned. Tomorrow, hubby said he is going to some expo nearby, I don't know if it is a jumbo indoor flea market or what, but he says he is not sure how long it will take him to go through all of it, coupla HOURS, prolly. UGH. I am jealous. But let's not tell me I need time off and away from Nannie, because no one knows that better than I do. 

Eeenywayz, have a lovely weekend, y'all.

PS: Last night Nannie was eating a piece of pizza with a SPOON, and said, "This fish is pretty tough! I can hardly cut it!" I instructed her to pick up the piece by the crust, stick her index and middle finger under the pointed end, and guide it to her mouth. She said it was a hamburger, and also a hot dog, as well. And I made it 'a lot easier to eat' by telling her we weren't observing fancy table manners: "It's finger-food, Nannie!" This morning she complained about the "two rude waitresses" that were serving supper last night. I told you she still thinks I am two people! Maybe I am, and so am I!!!


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I just decided to post a bit of history about the Folk Process. First is a recording from around  1924. It is from a Negro church:


The Carter family learned it when patriarch AP Carter learned it on the porch of a farmer musician. They recorded it in 1928:


In 1940 Woody Guthrie took the tune for my favorite song. In 1955 when Pete Seeger complied with a subpoena testifying under oath to Congress my Daddy told us, "I believe some day he will sing for the President of the United States."



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Early evening greetings all.

Tweety - I  had a similar accident. Went to sit down to do some charting and the chair just SHOT OUT from under me.  I plopped flat on my butt and the chair up-ended over my head. Staff had to pull the chair off me, but I was fine. I doubt it could EVER happen again in a million years.

All the talk of food here makes me want to cook. I have this hankering for SOUP. It's difficult for me to cook though. My endurance & stamina to stand is very limited so I like to just dump things so soup is easy. And I absol HAVE TO continue to clear out my itty-bitty freezer and pantry.

I find I make like grids/graphs/manual spreadsheets where I list ingredients to mix and match. Right now, beans, pasta shapes, frozen veggies, maybe some canned soups, some kind of protein. I don't think I could ever make the same soup twice. But boy, are they good. 

Doing the grids also for baked goods. But has to be easy though.

Gotta go make something right now. Will be back.



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Soup to Nuts? 🤣

I haven't made any soup in forever. Last time I made soup (here), hubby came along behind me and sneakily added ... yes, the omnipresent bacon bits and extra-sharp shredded cheddar, and some tomato something (paste? sauce?) It sure wasn't MY soup when it got around to suppertime. I was NOT thrilled. Maybe I'll make a small pot of soup for myself, lotsa veggies, esp the ones he doesn't care for. So There!

There was another 3 & 1/2 Nannie-Fit this afternoon. She went around the den packing photos, knick-knacks, and a bunch of stuff that could just as well been tossed and she would never miss any of it. Everything, she said, was hers. Well, ALL of it is hers and we really don't care for too much of any of it. She wanted us to call (name of a town) but could give us no name, no address, no phone number, because she has "a house there, and an apartment. "(neither).

Hubby shadowed her because if he hadn't been there she would've fallen 7 times. Each time he kept her from falling, she whipped her arms around and screamed, "Don't you touch me! I'll call the police!" He handed her a phone and she threw it at him. Several times she beat on him with her fists, and called him cuss-words I never knew she knew. Other than keeping her from falling, he just let her run her energy out while she was packing and making piles of stuff. She slowed down and actually took her meds w/o any fuss, ate part of her supper, and went to bed at 7:10 PM.

Blessed peace!

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I had a quiet, almost too quiet day. Dh told me the Seahawks game was on today, so I planned to watch it and work on a new jigsaw puzzle while he went to yet another movie. But he had the day wrong, proceeded to park his rear in the living room and snored in front of the tv. He has sort of been on vacation for 2 weeks and beginning to be underfoot and grating on my nerves. I really appreciate my alone time at home. I will have Monday and Tuesday to myself to clean and sort through things to toss without judgement. I did a jog in this morning, was able to go a full 15 minutes which felt pretty good. My dumb knee is still inflamed from my tumble at the beach. I’ve been watching it close for cellulitis. 
Back to my book...

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