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Saturday January 8, 2022

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Good morning!

Dianah, glad to hear your patient is doing better, but what an awful time.

J22, that slush sounds miserable.  

Stars, I just realized I have the third load of laundry still in the dryer from yesterday.  Opps...just some t-shirts and undies.  They can wait.  

Other than laundry not much accomplished yesterday.  But it was nice to be off and home.

Yep, like the rest of you, covid is still alive and well here.  The stat is that 1 in 10 infections are here in Florida.  The nurse that was scheduled to work with me today an tomorrow texted me that she too has covid.  But another coworker stepped up to pick up overtime.

Have a great day.

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Tweety glad a coworker was able to fill in

NJ22 hope you can get that MRI scheduled soon

Hi Amo

Stars that was nice of your neighbor

Dianah I'm hoping the same

Work was rather busy yesterday, helping cover a coworker who was out and still helping cover cases for someone who left.  Bit of a mad dash until lunch, when  things calmed down.  Had a meeting regarding a new referral process, will be helping out with that going forward, don't think it should take too much time

Rest of the day was quiet, tried to exercise but my legs were too tired.  J and I are waiting until Sunday to get together since we're seeing the musical then

Will be busy today, have an online vestry meeting later this morning.  Going to see if I can fit in some bird watching beforehand, I think I can.  Have lunch with dad and cooking to do as well

Svengoolie has Frogs which is a 70s horror movie, doesn't look too good but I'll give it a chance

Think it will get up to the 20s today at least, might get a touch of freezing drizzle later in the day



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Ha, I tried to go for a run, but there seems to be a layer of ice on everything! I drove to the park, got out and nearly fell doing just that. And I watched a woman go by, also trying to run, but she nearly fell twice. So back home, maybe I'll try later if and when it warms up. I got our dried up, crispy Christmas tree out to the road so the Boy Scouts could pick it up. They do this every year for a donation. No plans for today, I would do laundry but dh usually commanders the washer/dryer for the weekend. And he usually leaves stuff in, and I end up finishing it anyway, mostly so I can use the machines. I could go to the grocery and pharmacy, if the ice melts off. 

Yes, Dianah, I have heard about using vaccine for long COVID, but I think it is still experimental. I think I saw it mentioned on 60 minutes.

Our neighbors on one side are great. We try to help each other out, and their little boy is adorable. Neighbors on the other side just moved in, and so far I'm not impressed. They seem to come at go at night in very large, noisy trucks, and they have a big dog that barks a lot. I think don't think our city allows any animals other than cats, dogs, and fowl. And any chickens have to be hens. 

I've been double masking when I go out now, even at work. Work supplies surgical masks and I have lots of cloth masks. I have N95s that I've been fit tested for to use with active TB patients, but its so bloody tight I can't stand it for more than 1/2 hour at a time. 

I've been looking at an online birding course through Cornell University. Seems more educational that watching Netflix. 




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